How to unlock companions in Hades. During the adventure Zagreo must explore the five territories, on this journey you will meet various companions by establishing a friendship with them you will get rewards in the form of Memories, that will grant you additional abilities that will give you advantages to cross the underworld. Next, we explain everything about how to unlock companions in Hades.

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How to unlock companions in Hades, full list

In Hades there are a total of six companions that after giving 5 to 6 nectars to the right character will give you a companionTo improve his level of affection, you must offer him ambrosia. You can use these companions in your fight against Hades, we will tell you how to unlock each of the companions:

  • Battie (Megaera)

To unlock Battie you must give Megaera 5 nectar, you will find it in Zagreo's room casually. To win the favor of Megaera Zagreus must defeat sisters of the Fury, once this challenge is achieved, offer Megaera ambrosia. Now you can use Battie and summon Megaera during the battle, remember that can deal 2500 in damage, although you will not be able to use it against Fury or Hades.

  • Antos (Achilles)

To obtain Antos you must give Achilles six bottles of nectarIn return, he will ask you to help him meet Patroclus in Elysium, this will cost you five diamonds to be able to change the pact with Hades and carry out this mission. After this you must offer Achilles up to ten of ambrosia. With this you will have already unlocked Antos who will help you attack two nearby enemies. Deals 1500 damage and cannot be used against Hades.

  • Fidi (Dusa)

You can get Fidi if you win favor with Dusa. You must first give six of nectarIn this way, Dusa will entrust you with the following mission to renovate the contractor's room in Hades's abode: For example, add a carpet or clean what Cerberus has made dirty. After doing this, give ambrosia to Dusa to get Fidi. From now on you can summon Dusa through Fidi to help you, during combat Deals 70 damage to enemies and paralyzes them for 30 seconds. This companion cannot be used against Hades.

  • Shady (Sisyphus)

Getting Shady is a slightly more complicated task that involves several tasks, first you need to give 6 nectar to Sisyphus, talk to Megaera about the sentence of Sisyphus, once this is done you have to buy the item "Knave - King's Sentence" at the contractor's house for 10 diamonds to unlock the administrative chamber of Hades and talk to Nyx. Finally, offer Sisyphus ambrosia and you will get Shady as a new partner. East will deal 1000 damage to your enemies get in your way.

Unlock Hades Companions

  • Rib (Bones)

Bones will give you Rib as a companion, after offering him 6 nectars and 3 ambrosias, in addition to completing a curious request. He will ask you to kill him with the Stygian Sword. Once you have completed everything, you will have Rib as a partner who will summon Skelly. This will help you during combat acting as a decoy in front of your enemies, you cannot use it against Charon, a secret boss.

  • Mort (Thanatos)

To get Mort you simply have to give Thanatos god of death six of nectar, and start a conversation with him in the underworld, after this offer him ambrosia as usual to obtain Mort, by invoking him will deal 3500 damage during battle.

get Hades companions

We hope this guide on how to unlock companions in Hades, which will grant you additional abilities to progress in your adventure with Zagreo.

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