How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password

Important! This article covers how to remove iPhone screen lock (password), not how to recover forgotten Apple ID password. If you are interested in solving this particular problem, please refer to the following material on our website.

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Method 1: Unlock iPhone using Find My

If you have more than one iPhone / iPad / iPod touch, which has the function activated and configured «Locator» and, therefore, open access to the location, the easiest way to solve the problem is through the app of the same name on your device. following with the help of resetting settings. Before proceeding with the implementation of the instructions, it should be noted that all data on the locked device will be deleted.

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    1. Open Search my and go to la flange Devices .
    2. Find the iPhone you want to unlock on the list and tap on its name.
    3. Scroll down the screen, touch «Delete this device»and confirm this action (the button "Continue" in the pop-up window).

How to reset a password on an iPhone

Please wait while the reboot procedure is performed on the iPhone, after which you can set it as a new one by logging into the Apple ID. You can also restore data from a backup or transfer it from another device.

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Method 2: remove password on iPhone screen using 4uKey

The most effective way to unlock your iPhone is to use specialized third-party software. In the following example, one of the representatives of this segment, which has established itself well among users, will be considered - a Tenorshare product.

Important! This method, like the previous one, involves the deletion of all data. Also, to start implementing it, you need to make sure the device is loaded.

How to unlock an iPhone

Download Tenorshare 4uKey from the official website

    1. Download and install the program on your computer, then launch it. Use the button Start Unlock on the main screen.
    2. Connect your iPhone to your PC using the supplied cable and wait for it to be detected. Click on "Comenzar" .

      Note! If the device is not detected for some reason, not only will the corresponding notification appear on the program interface, but also step-by-step suggestions on what to do in this case. Following them, put your iPhone in recovery mode on your own or, if necessary, in DFU, or use the "Other methods" .

    3. The 4uKey software will ask you to download the latest iPhone firmware. Specify the desired location to save it on your computer and confirm your wish to «Download it» .
  1. Wait for the procedure started in the previous step to complete.
  2. As soon as the required software is loaded, it will be possible to unlock the screen. To do this, you must click the button "Start deletion" .
  3. Wait for the procedure to complete (this usually takes a few minutes), as a result of which the device will be reset to factory status and all data on it will be deleted. A corresponding notification will appear on the program interface.
  4. Set your iPhone as new by logging into your Apple ID account, entering a new passcode, and restoring data from backup if necessary.

Method 3: Reset iPhone via

A more convenient and, more importantly, universal alternative to the first method would be to use el the service Locator , which is built into iCloud cloud storage. You can use it through any browser, but first you need to take into account the following nuances:

  • All settings and data on the device will be deleted;
  • You need to know your iCloud login information: username and password.

Note! If you have two-factor authentication installed, this method will work only if the SIM card with the number associated with the Apple ID is currently being used in another phone, or if you have another Apple device at your disposal with the login in the same account. .

ICloud login page

    1. Using any browser on a PC, follow the link above and sign in to your Apple account, first specifying the login and then the password. Optionally, check the box "Stay connected" and click the login button.
    2. Select Find my iPhone from the list of web services available in iCloud.
    3. Expand the list All devices In the top panel, find and select the iPhone you want to unlock.
    4. In the menu that appears in the upper left corner of the screen, select the option "Erase iPhone"and confirm your decision by clicking "Delete" in the popup.
    5. Please wait while the factory reset procedure is done which as already mentioned will remove all data including the screen lock password. Once completed, you can set your iPhone as new.

What to do if you forgot your iPhone password

Method 4: go to an Apple repair shop

If none of the above solutions helped to unlock the iPhone, there is some additional problem in its operation, or it simply does not start, the only thing left is to visit the official Apple service center.

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