How to update Play Market on Android

How to update Play Market on Android

On most Android OS devices, there is a built-in Play Market application store. There is a large number of software, music, movies and books of different categories available to the user. There are cases in which you cannot install an application or get a new version of an application. One of the reasons for the problem may be an outdated version of the Google Play service.

Update the Play Store on your Android mobile phone

There are two methods to update an outdated version of Play Market, and we will look at each of them in detail below.

Method 1: Automatic update

If the Play Store was originally installed on your device, you can forget about manual updates. There are no settings to enable or disable this feature, when a new version appears from the store, it installs it itself. All you have to do is periodically watch for the app icon to change and the store interface to change.

Method 2: Manual update

If you are using a device that does not have Google services and you have installed them yourself, the Play Market will not update automatically. To view information about the current version of the application or to perform an update, it is necessary to perform the following steps:

    1. Go to Play Market and click "Menu"., located in the upper left corner.
    2. Then go to "Settings"..

  1. Scroll down the list and find the column «Play Store version».The update information will be displayed on your device screen when you press it.
  2. If the window indicates that there is a new version of the application, press "AGREE". and wait for the unit to install the updates.

Play Market does not require much user intervention in its work, if the device has a constant and stable Internet connection, and its current version is installed automatically. Cases of incorrect operation of the application, in most cases, have other reasons, depending more on the gadget.

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