How to update Viber on an Android phone or iPhone

How to update Viber on an Android phone or iPhone


As you know, the regular update of the version of any software is a prerequisite for the uninterrupted operation of almost all modern applications and services, regardless of the device and operating system used as the hardware platform. Let's take a look at how to update the popular Viber Messenger on an Android or iOS phone.

In addition to eliminating errors and bugs discovered during the operation of Viber client applications by millions of users of the service, developers often bring new functions to updated versions of the messenger, so you should not refuse to update.

How to update Viber

The same process of installing a new Viber assembly is different for different mobile operating systems. Below are two options for actions that, once their execution is complete, will receive the current version of the messenger on phones: for Android device owners and iPhone users.


Option 1: Android

Users who want to know how to update Viber on Android, in most cases, do not have to resort to any "tricks" or complex manipulations to get the most current version of the messenger on their smartphone or tablet. Updating an already installed client is done in the same way as for other software tools developed for this mobile operating system.

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Method 1: Play Store

The Viber program for Android is available on the Google Play Market, and to update it, you need to perform the following actions, generally standard:

  1. We launch the Play Store and call the main menu of the store by tapping the image of three dashes in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. We select the first element of the list of options: «My applications and games» and immediately we go to the section «Updates» . The list that appears on the screen contains the names of all the programs that can be updated at this time. Scroll through the list and find the item "Viber: calls and messages" .
  3. You can immediately start the update process of the Viber Android client by clicking the button "To update" located next to the messenger's name, or approach the question more carefully and find out in advance what innovations the developer has introduced into the new assembly. - tap the Viber icon in the list.
  4. On the open page of the messenger in Play Market, there is a «NEWS» area . For information about new features and other information about the update that is being installed, touch the specified area. After knowing all the data, we return to the Viber page in the Google store by clicking on the cross at the top of the screen on the left.
  5. We press "UPGRADE" and we wait for the download of the components to be completed, and then install them.
  6. Once the button appears "TO OPEN" On the messaging page in the Play Store, the update procedure for Viber for Android is considered complete. We launch the tool by clicking the indicated button or using the icon on the Android desktop, and we can use the latest version of the popular tool to exchange information! 

Method 2: APK file

If updating Viber on an Android device using the built-in tools of the Google app store for some reason is not feasible, you can resort to the apk file , a kind of distribution kit for the mobile operating system.

  1. The first thing to do is to find and download the latest version of the Viber apk file in the vastness of the Global Web, and then place the resulting package in the memory of the Android device.

    Do not forget the need to contact only known and trusted resources to download files in order to avoid infection of the device with viruses!

  2. Open any file manager for Android, for example ES Explorer and follow the path where the Viber apk file downloaded above is located. Touch the package name to open a window requesting additional actions with the file. We select "Install" .
  3. When a warning appears about the presence on the device of blocking the installation of applications not received from the Play Store, tap "Settings" and then allow the installation of packages from unknown sources by activating the switch or setting a check box next to the corresponding item. .
  4. After granting the permission, go back to the apk file and reopen it.
  5. As we are updating the messenger that is already present in the system, the apk file can be installed on top with the preservation of all the application data, which will be said in the notification that appears. Click on "INSTALL" and wait for the installation process to complete.
  6. After the notification appears "App installed" , you can open Messenger and make sure your version is up to date. To get information about the installed Viber assembly, you need to go to the application along the path: "Menu" - «Description and support» .

In case of any problems working with the Viber apk file, we turn to the articles on our website, which describe the general principles and suggest various ways to open such packages and install them on Android devices.

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Option 2: iOS

Apple device owners using Viber for iPhone can update Messenger in three ways. It is preferable to use the first of the methods described below due to its simplicity and the minimum time spent on the procedure at the end. The second and third options to perform the operation are used if difficulties or errors arise in the process of updating the version of the application.

The following methods to update the version of Viber for iOS are exclusively applicable to Apple devices running iOS 9.0 and higher. Users of devices with an older version of the operating system and a messenger installed will have to use an outdated version of the application in question or update the operating system of their device.

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Method 1: App Store

The Apple brand app store, called App Store And pre-installed on the device of each manufacturer, it has in its arsenal not only tools to find and install programs, but also to update their versions. You can get an updated Viber on your iPhone in just a few steps.

  1. Open the App Store and go to the section «Updates» tapping the corresponding icon at the bottom of the screen. We find "Viber Messenger" in the list of software tools for which new versions have been released and we touch the application logo.
  2. After reviewing the assembly innovations available for installation, click "To update" .
  3. We are waiting for the download of the components and then the installation of the update. (You don't have to wait, but minimize the App Store and continue using the iPhone, important for slow internet users.)
  4. After the Viber update procedure is finished, the button appears "TO OPEN" on the messaging page of the App Store. Press it or launch the updated information sharing tool by tapping the program icon on the iPhone desktop and start using all the functions of the updated Viber for iOS.

Method 2: iTunes

The iTunes software package, offered by Apple to perform various operations on self-produced devices, allows, among other things, to perform the update process for the applications installed on the iPhone, and the Viber messenger among them.


Since new versions of iTunes have removed the ability to access the app store, to properly apply the instructions below, you will need to install the version that is not the most current of the combination of media: 12.6.3 . The issue of installing iTunes of the specified version has already been discussed in the material on our website, available at the link below, where you can also download the distribution kit of the application.

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  1. Launch iTunes, connect iPhone to PC. See also: How to use iTunes
  2. In the application sections menu, select the item «Programs» .
  3. In the  «Multimedia library», among other programs, we find "Viber Messenger" . If there is a more updated version than the one previously installed through iTunes, the messaging icon will be marked as "To update" .
  4. Go to the tab «Updates» and click "Update all programs" .
  5. We are waiting which the notification appears "All programs are up to date" in the iTunes window. Next, open the Apple device control section by clicking the button with the smartphone image.
  6. Go to section «Programs» .
  7. Find instant messenger in the list of installed applications and click the button «Update» that it is next to your name.
  8. Click on "Apply" to start transferring data to your smartphone.
  9. We are waiting for the synchronization process to complete. If, during the data exchange procedure between iTunes and iPhone, you see the Viber icon on the smartphone screen, you can visually make sure that the update procedure is taking place .


  10. After all the necessary manipulations to install the update are completed, the name of the button in the iTunes window next to the name of the messenger in the list of applications will change from "Will be updated" a "Remove" . Disconnect the iPhone from the computer.
  11. The update is complete, you can use all the functions of the updated version of the Viber messenger. The first launch of the application after the above procedure will take a little longer than usual: the messaging components should be automatically optimized beforehand.

Method 3: IPA file

You can also get a newer version of Viber for iOS than the one installed on the device using files *.ipa . By installing a newer version of the package with the application, using the capabilities of specialized Windows programs, the user actually reinstalls the messaging client on their device, replacing the previous assembly with the current solution.


To manipulate ipa files, you can use the aforementioned iTunes, but it is much easier and more effective to resort to the functionality of a third-party developer tool - iTools. It is this software tool that is used in the following example.

  1. First, we find out the version of Viber that is already installed on the iPhone at the moment. To do this, start the application, open the menu by tapping the image of three dots with the inscription "More" in the lower right corner of the screen. Then select the last item in the list on the screen that opens - «Description and support» - and get information about the version of the messenger.
  2. We found on the Internet and downloaded the Viber ipa file of a more recent version than the one installed on the device. You can also use the files obtained through iTunes during the operation of the latter - the packages downloaded by the media combination are found on the PC disk along the path:C:Usersимя_пользователяMusiciTunesiTunes MediaMobile Applications
  3. We connect the iPhone to the PC with a cable and open iTools. Also read: How to use the iTools program
  4. Go to section "Applications" by clicking on the tab of the same name on the right side of the iTools window.
  5. Click on the icon "+" located near the inscription "Install" at the top of the program window. Also, in the Explorer window that opens, specify the path to the location of the ipa file, select it with one click, and click "Open" .
  6. The procedures for transferring a file to a device, checking a package and installing it are carried out automatically. You just need to wait a bit while the progress bars are completed and, as a result, the version number of the installed Viber, indicated in the list of applications in the iTools window, it will change to the current one.
  7. This completes the update, you can start the messenger, wait a bit for the application optimization process to complete, and use all its features, including those introduced by the developer in the updated assembly. It is worth noting that all data from the client application remain intact after the above manipulations. 

Therefore, we can say that updating the Viber service application client is a completely simple procedure. The developers organize the regular receipt of messaging updates by Android and iPhone smartphone users at a high level, which certainly increases the end-user comfort and security level of this software product.