How to use Google Play Market in Crimea

How to use Google Play Market in Crimea

Method 1: VPN

Due to penalties, Play Market is not available in Crimea, but a VPN can help get around this restriction. It can be activated both on the router (by entering the required server username and password) and on an Android mobile phone, and in the latter case, there are also free applications, and it is not necessary to buy a VDS for such purposes. Everything you need to connect to a virtual private network from a mobile device has been previously discussed on

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Method 2: Proxy

Android's default proxy support is not declared by Google, which requires the use of third-party applications, one of which is ProxyDroid. It can be downloaded from a third-party source, but the safety of installation and use cannot be guaranteed in this case, so you do so at your own risk.

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Important! The software requires root rights, without which its functionality will be limited to viewing the connection settings.

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    1. When the download and installation are complete, open the app. The data required to connect to the proxy can be found on the Internet by searching "Free proxy IP". or something similar.
    2. Press "Address"..

    1. Enter the IP of the proxy server.
    2. Proceed to specify the port.
    3. Enter the desired value.
    4. Set the parameter "Type of proxy server".

    1. Check the appropriate option. The best option is to use "SOCKS4". o "SOCKS5"Read also: How to fix the "Not available in your country" error in the Play Store
    2. Flip the toggle switch «On / Off» on the right to connect to the proxy.

The use of a proxy with login and password authorization is also supported.

Method 3: Google Play Store Analogs

In addition to the Play Market, there are a host of other application directories that have been the subject of various articles on our website. The offer of these resources is less than that of the official store, but they contain everything that the average user needs. There are also services that retrieve APK installers from Google Play (eg APK-Dl).

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