How to use Google Play Store

How to use Google Play Store

The Android operating system, under which most modern mobile phones and tablets run, contains in its basic arsenal only standard tools and the minimum necessary, but not always sufficient, applications. The rest is installed through the Google Play Store, which is obvious to any more or less experienced user of mobile devices. But our article today is dedicated to those who are new to the Android operating system and its built-in store.

Installation on non-certified devices

Although the Google Play Store is the heart of the Android operating system, it is missing from some mobile devices. All mobile phones and tablets intended for sale in China are endowed with such an unpleasant defect. Also, most custom firmware is missing the brand's app store, which for many devices is the only option for a functional OS upgrade or upgrade. Fortunately, in each of these cases the problem has an easy solution. How to do this is described in other articles on our website.

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Authorize, register and add an account

To start using the Play Store directly, you have to access your Google account. You can do it in the settings of the Android operating system or directly in the application store. We have previously talked about how to create and access an account.

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Access your Google account on your Android device

Sometimes two or more people use the same mobile phone or tablet, so it is not uncommon for them to have to use two accounts on the same device, such as personal and work. In each of these cases, the best solution is to connect a second account to the application store, and thus be able to switch between them literally with a touch on the screen.

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The Play Store is ready to use as soon as it is started and the Google account is accessed, but to control its operation, it is worth carrying out a previous configuration. Generally, this procedure involves choosing a variant for updating apps and games, adding a payment method, setting up family access, setting a password, setting parental control options, and more. Not all of these actions are mandatory, but we've already covered all of them.

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Account modification

It also happens that instead of adding a second account, you have to change the main account that is used not only in the Play Store, but also in the entire mobile operating system environment. This procedure does not cause any particular difficulties and is carried out not in the application, but in the Android settings. When doing so, it is worth considering one important nuance - the account closure will be done in all Google applications and services, and this in some cases is not allowed. Even so, if you are determined to replace one user profile and its associated data with another, check out the following content.

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Region change

In addition to changing the account, it is sometimes necessary to change the country in which the Google Play Store is used. This need arises not only when you move, but also due to regional restrictions: some applications are not available for installation in one country, even though they are freely distributed in another. This is not the easiest task and requires a comprehensive approach that combines the use of a VPN client and a change in the Google account settings. We have also described how to do it before.

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Find and install apps and games

Actually, that's the main goal of the Google Play Store. You can significantly expand the functionality of any Android device by installing an application on it, or liven up your leisure time with one of the many mobile games. The general search and install algorithm is as follows:

    1. Launch Google Play Market using its shortcut on the home screen or in the menu.
    2. Check the list of rubrics available on the home page and select the one that presumably contains the content you are interested in.
      It's especially convenient to search for apps by category, subject titles, or overall rating.

      On the other hand, if you know the name of the program you are looking for or the scope of the application (for example, listening to music), you just have to type your query in the search box.

    3. Once you have determined what you want to install on your mobile phone or tablet, touch the name of that item to go to its page in the store.

      See interface screenshots and detailed descriptions, as well as user ratings and reviews, if you like.

      Click the button to the right of the application icon and name "Install". and wait for the download to complete,
      and then you can "Opens". and use.

Any other program or game is installed in the same way.

If you want to be up to date with the news of Google Play Market or simply know which of its featured applications are the most demanded by users, you just have to go to the home page from time to time and browse the contents of the tabs that there they are presented.

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Movies, books and music

In addition to applications and games, Google Play Market also offers multimedia content: movies and music, as well as e-books. They are essentially separate stores within the main one - there is a separate app for each of them, although they can also be accessed through the Google Play menu. Let's briefly look at the characteristics of each of these three sales sites.

Google Play Movies.
Films featured here can be purchased or rented. If you prefer to consume content legally, this application is sure to cover most of your needs. However, the films here are almost always presented in their original language and do not always contain even Russian subtitles.

Google Play Music
A streaming service to listen to music, which works by subscription. However, it will soon be replaced by YouTube Music, which is gaining popularity, and of which we have already told you about its characteristics. However, Google Music surpasses it and, in addition to the player, it is also a store, where you can buy albums of favorite artists and individual compositions.

Google Play Books
A two-in-one application that combines a reader and an e-book store in which you are sure to find something to read: its library is really huge. Most of the books are paid (that's what the store is for), but there are also some free. In general, however, the prices are very democratic. Speaking directly of the reader, it is impossible not to highlight its pleasant minimalist interface, the availability of the night mode and the voice reading function.

Use of promotional codes

As in any store, in Google Play there are usually various discounts and promotions, and in most cases they are initiated by mobile developers, not at all by the "Good Corporation." From time to time, instead of a direct 'everyone' discount, they offer individual promo codes that allow you to purchase a digital product much cheaper than its full price, or even free. All you have to do is activate a promotion code by accessing the special menu of your Android mobile phone or tablet or using the web version of the Market. In another article we talk about both options.

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Delete a payment method

The article on Google Play Store setup, the link for which we have provided above, talks about adding a payment method: linking a bank card or account number to your account. This procedure does not usually cause any difficulties, but when it comes to doing the reverse operation, that is, erasing, many users run into a number of problems. Most of the time it is due to simple inattention or active subscriptions, but there are other reasons as well. If you're not sure how to unlink your Google account or card either, take a look at our step-by-step guide.

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Google is actively developing all its products, qualitatively improving their functionality, fixing bugs, redesigning the look, and doing many more things that are not at first glance. In mobile apps, all of these changes occur through updates. It is quite logical that PlayMarket also receives them. Updates usually "arrive" in the background, without the user noticing, but sometimes they do not, and in rare cases errors can occur. To ensure that your mobile device has the latest version of the Google Play Store and receives regular updates, please refer to the following article.

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Solution of possible problems

If you use a more or less up-to-date mobile phone or tablet and you have not interfered with its operating system, for example by installing a third-party firmware, it is unlikely that you will encounter problems in the work of the Google Play Store and related services. And yet, sometimes they do occur, manifesting themselves in the form of various errors, each of which has its own code and description. The latter, by the way, is hardly ever informative to the average user. Depending on the cause of the problem, troubleshooting can be done differently: sometimes you need to press a couple of buttons in "Settings", and sometimes a factory reset doesn't help either. We suggest that you read our detailed material on this topic and sincerely hope that the situation where you need the suggested recommendations will never arise.

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Using the Google Play Store on your computer

In addition to mobile phones and tablets with Android operating system, it is possible to use Google Play Market on any computer or laptop. One of the possible options involves a trivial visit to the official site of the application store, the second is the installation of an emulator program. In the first case, if you use the same Google account as your mobile device to visit the Market in your browser, you can remotely install an application or a game on it. In the second, specialized software recreates the Android operating system environment, allowing it to be used in Windows. We have already talked about these two methods before:

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Now you not only know all the nuances of using the Google Play Store on Android, but you also have an idea of ​​how to get rid of possible problems and errors in its operation.

We are glad that we were able to help you resolve the issue.

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