How to use Sony Vegas

Many users do not immediately know how to use Sony Vegas, so in this article we have decided to make a great collection of tutorials on this popular video editor. Let's look at the most frequently asked questions on the Internet.

Installing the program

Installation is not complicated at all: first, go to the official website of the program and download it. The standard installation process will then begin, in which you will have to accept the license agreement and select the publisher location. That is the installation.

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Save Videos

Curiously, the process of saving the videos is the one that raises the most doubts: many users do not know the difference of the element "Save project…" de "To export…". If you want to save the video to be able to see it in the player, you need the button "To export…". In the window that opens, select the video format and resolution. A more confident user can go into the settings and experiment with the bit rate, size and frame rate and other parameters. Saving the project involves another process, and you can read more details about the subtleties of this topic in the article at the link below.

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Video Trim and Split

To perform either operation, move the carriage to the place where you want to cut. You can divide a video by pressing only a specific key, and "Delete".if one of the received fragments needs to be removed (ie the video needs to be trimmed). For more details, see the link below.

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Add effects

Any quality edit involves adding some effect. Therefore, consider how to add effects in Sony Vegas. First of all, select the fragment to which you want to apply a special effect and click the button Button «Special effects of the event».. In the window that opens you will find a wide variety of options. Choose your option. More details on effect overlay:

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Create a smooth transition

A smooth transition between clips is needed for the final video result to appear coherent and connected. It's easy to do: on the timeline, overlap one edge of one fragment onto one edge of another. You can do the same with images. You can add effects to transitions by simply going to the option "Transitions" tab. and drag the effect you like to the intersection of the videos.

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Rotating videos

The editor allows you to control the degree of rotation as desired. You can rotate and flip in one of two modes: automatic (selecting a specific angle) or manual (using the rotate function with the mouse). Also, the clip can be mirrored. How to do all of this is described in the short material at the link below.

More information: How to rotate a video in Sony Vegas

Changing the video speed and reverse playback

Speeding up and slowing down a clip is not difficult at all. It can be done using just the timeline, the file properties section, or a special menu item designed to fine-tune and adjust the playback speed. Furthermore, the program allows you to invert the audio track and the clip itself, which is also useful for non-standard processing.

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Title creation and text insertion

Another option is to add a nice text. Not only can you write a few words, but you can add effects and animations to the overall style of the video. They can always be changed if necessary. Keep in mind that any text must be on a separate video track, so don't forget to create it before you start.

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Create a freeze frame

Freeze Frame is an interesting effect in which recording appears to be on pause. It is often used to focus on a specific moment in the video. It is not difficult to create, although there is no separate tool in the editor for this purpose. With a little trick, any user can add a frame to their video, and our tutorial at the link below will help you to do so.

How to freeze a video in Sony Vegas

Zoom in on a video or a segment of a video

Like the freeze frame, when you want to draw attention to a portion of the recording, it is enlarged and displayed in full screen. This effect is caused by the built-in function «Pan y Trim Events ...». Read more about how to use it correctly below.

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Stretch the video

Typically, users want to stretch a video to remove the black bars at the edges of the video. To do this, you need to use the same tool «Pan y Trim Events ...». Depending on the side of the strip, the removal process will be different. We have considered both in a separate article.

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Reduce video size

In fact, you can significantly reduce the size of the video only at the expense of quality or by using strange programs. The publisher's own media can only change the encoding mode so that the video card is not used during rendering.

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Rendering acceleration

Acceleration of rendering can only be achieved through recording quality or computer enhancement. One way to speed up rendering is to lower the bit rate and change the frame rate. You can also process the video with the video card by shifting part of the load to it.

More information: How to speed up rendering in Sony Vegas

How to remove chrome

Removing the green background (that is, the chroma) from a video recording is not difficult. There is a special effect in Sony Vegas called Chroma Key.. You just have to apply the effect to the recording and specify what color you want to remove.

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Remove noise from audio

No matter how hard you try to silence all strange sounds when recording a video, strange noises are often found in audio recording. To remove them, there is a special audio effect in Sony Vegas, which is called "Noise reduction".. Apply it to an audio recording that you want to special edit until you are satisfied with the sound.

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Delete the audio track

If you need to remove the sound from your video, remove the audio track entirely or simply mute it. Depending on your needs, the method of accomplishing this will vary, but in any case it will take less than a minute.

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Change voice in video

The voice can be changed with an effect that works with pitch and overlaps the audio track. Once you open it, experiment with the settings for a more interesting variation.

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Video stabilization

Chances are, if you didn't use special equipment when shooting, there will be side jerks, shakes, and shakes in the video. To fix this, there is a special effect in the editor: "Stabilization". Apply it to your recording and adjust the effect using ready-made presets or manually.

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Add multiple videos to a single frame

Some clip formats require complex processing, in particular adding multiple videos to a single frame to increase the information. Sony Vegas not only allows you to do this, but also to manually control the frame size in relation to the recording itself. After selecting the optimal size, arrange the frame as needed and add more videos to it.

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Creating the fading effect of video or sound

The fading of the sound or video is necessary to accentuate the viewer's attention at certain times. In the editor at hand it is easy to create this effect. The smooth appearance and disappearance of the video looks nice and pleasant, and changing the volume of the Sound Bands will adjust it to the style of the image and help you focus on specific moments, such as dialogue. Read how to do it in the two articles in the links below.

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Color correction

Even well-shot images may need some color correction. There are several tools for this in Sony Vegas. For example, you can use the effect "Color curves".to lighten, darken or apply other colors, or effects such as "White balance", "Color corrector"., "Color tone". to achieve the intended result. And the article in the link below will make this process easier for beginners.

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Add music to video

When working with multiple projects, you need to add music to the track with the image. Sony Vegas helps you do it in a few clicks by applying advanced settings that will bring maximum harmony between these two components. The functions present in the program will automatically adjust the sound and video, the user only has to configure the settings.

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Plug-in installation

When basic Sony Vegas tools aren't enough, install additional plugins. It's easy to do: if the downloaded plugin has an EXE extension, just specify the installation path, if it's a file - unzip it in a special folder in the editor. All installed plug-ins are found in the tab "Video Effects" tab.. Read more about where to put plugins:

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One of the most popular plugins for Sony Vegas and other video editors is Magic Bullet Looks. Although this add-on is paid, it is worth it. With its help you can significantly expand your file processing capabilities.

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Create an introduction

The introduction is the presentation video, which is something like your signature. The first thing that viewers will see is the introduction, and only after the video itself. Read about how to create an introduction in the following article.

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Error correction

From time to time, users of the program experience various types of errors that make further work difficult. Each of them can be eliminated in different ways, and now we will analyze the main problems and provide the variants of their solution.

Error: "Unhandled Exception".

It is often not easy to determine the cause of the error "Unhandled exception"So there are many ways to fix it. The problem is most likely caused by incompatible or missing video card drivers. Try updating the drivers manually or with a special program.

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Some files needed to run the program may have been corrupted. To know all the ways to solve this problem, follow the link below.

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Sony Vegas won't open AVI

Sony Vegas is a picky editor, so don't be surprised if it refuses to open recordings of some formats. The easiest way to solve these problems is to convert your video to a format that is definitely open in this program. If you want to understand and fix the error, you will most likely have to install additional software (codec pack) and work with libraries. Read below how to do it.

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Error opening codec

Many users encounter an error when opening the plugins. The problem is probably that the codec pack is not installed on your PC or you have an outdated version installed. In this case, you need to install or update the codecs manually. If for some reason installing the codecs doesn't help, just convert the video to another format that will definitely open in Sony Vegas.

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We hope these tutorials help you learn Sony Vegas video editor and editing.

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