Increase views on Instagram

Increase views on Instagram

Post views

In order to increase the number of views on Instagram on your own, relying solely on the algorithms of the social network, it is necessary to adhere to certain post design and publication rules. The recommendations given below should be adapted to oneself, since in each individual case, many details may differ.

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Choose the right time

Because the Instagram feed predominantly shows fresh posts, you need to choose the right time to post content. As a general rule, the greatest effectiveness is achieved by creating posts during the day without taking into account time zones.

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The best solution is to study your followers, for example, with the help of statistics, and publish posts at convenient times. That said, if you're not interested in the reach of specific posts, it's also possible to post on a scheduled basis throughout a day so that posts reach subscribers anyway.

Content design.

When posting to your feed, it's best to stick to a specific topic to get the most views and new interested subscribers. Only after obtaining more or less satisfactory statistics can the content be diluted with something new, which attracts new users but does not drive away old ones.

The material must be presented clearly and with a minimum amount of text, since Instagram is mainly aimed at displaying multimedia content. If you are the owner of a third-party resource and you want to attract the user outside the social network, it is better that you limit yourself to a link in the description.

Add tags

Various types of tags have a significant impact on increasing views below Instagram posts. In most cases, this refers to hashtags added in the description field and allowing the post to be automatically promoted to interested people.

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In addition to attracting the audience with the help of the tags, you can put geolocation tags that can promote the posts among the people of a particular region or city. This should be combined with hashtags to get maximum user engagement.

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Another type of tagging similar to hashtags are mentions, which allow you to tag a specific person with the subsequent sending of a notification. And while this solution can increase visits by tagging popular users, you shouldn't tag links for no reason, as a partial block will likely occur.

Realization of events.

Contests are a fairly effective way to attract new users, not only to gain visits to a related post, but also to get new subscribers. This, in turn, will lead to a natural stat boost, even if some people later unsubscribe.

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During events, it is important to consider the value of the awards, the interest of the public, and many technical issues such as the presentation of the awards. It is best to explore this topic in detail by following the relevant instructions on the website.

Promotion tools

The last, and perhaps the most effective, way of getting visits through standard means comes down to the use of promotional tools. With a business account linked to a Facebook profile and promotions, ads can be created to entice users to view the account and sign up.

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The only partial drawback of the solution is the need to pay for the ads. However, at the same time, the cost is directly related to the scope, which allows you to tailor the advertising campaign to your individual possibilities.

Video views

Although videos are published in the feed in a similar way to images, there are some nuances to take into account when publishing them. First of all, this refers to the proper choice of the video cover, which should ideally be done in excellent quality, briefly convey the essence of the content, and at the same time familiarize the potential viewer with the version. complete content.

If you intend to naturally gather a large number of views, for example to sell advertising in the future, be sure to keep an eye on the quality. This refers not only to the resolution of the video, but also to the aspect ratio, which is mobile friendly and limited to 9:16.

Reviews of the story.

Stories on Instagram, despite being posts, require a personalized approach in terms of increasing views due to the peculiarities of this format and for a few other reasons. In particular, content limited to an image or a short video plays an important role, through which the maximum information must be transmitted and thus attract the viewer on a regular basis.

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Auxiliary tools.

For a more effective promotion of content, if possible, you can count on the help of promoted users who earn millions of visits daily. A few "likes" or comments on your publications will cause a spectacular increase in the audience that, if you publish interesting and quality content, it can stay permanently.

As a similar solution, you can also take advantage of special online services that offer a recruitment service for a fee. We will not consider any individual option, but we will point out that preference should be given to payment options with the possibility of slow contracting and only at the beginning of the development, so that your account is not blocked.

In addition to the above, self-help groups are very popular on Instagram as they represent people who join together in order to rate the opinions of others. Finding or creating such a community is problematic due to the large number of spammers in social media extensions, but if you are lucky, this option can give more results than any other auxiliary solution.

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