Increase your Steam experience

Increase your Steam experience

Steam is a whole social network for gamers, where in addition to the main task - buying games - many other actions can be carried out. In particular, users are offered to develop their personal page in all possible ways, for example by increasing their level. However, not everyone knows how to do it correctly and competently.

Increase your profile on Steam

It's worth mentioning right away: leveling up your account without spending real or internal currency on Steam is quite troublesome and requires a lot of time, effort, and desire. If you are not willing to part with money for a high level, you will have to resort to active communication with other Steam users.

Before getting into the main topic, it is important to understand what the user level is based on. It directly depends on the number of badges created and / or upgraded. You decide how you want to create them, and that depends entirely on your financial capacity and the amount of free time you have.

Steam icon creation

The main way to level up is to create (also called crafting) badges on Steam. A badge is an icon associated with a certain event: collect all the cards in the game, participate in sales, celebrations. As you have already understood, without having the entire set of cards necessary to get a badge, you will not be able to create a Go. In our other article we cover in detail how to get cards on Steam, and we invite you to check it out: it is the efficiency of this process that determines your maximum profile level.

More information: How to get Stim dashboards

Now that you know how to get the necessary element for the creation of badges, let's go to see all the available options related to obtaining a badge.

All badges are displayed on the main page of your profile. Their number and the individual level of each badge determine the level of the profile:

If you click on the link "Insignia"., you will be taken to a page with advanced level information, which consists of:

    • Profile level;
    • The number of units of experience received;
    • Progress bar with the number of units of experience obtained and remaining for the next level;

  • The number of cards collected for each game.

As you can see, receiving each badge gives you 100 experience units.

Each earned game badge can be upgraded up to 4 times. In the screenshot below you can see an example of a badge upgraded 4 times (ie to level 5) with a total of 500 expa earned.

This means that each subsequent upgrade to the badge gives you another 100 experience units.

It is not necessary to improve the same badge, it is much more interesting to collect the cards of different games, this option is more suitable in situations where, for example, you can get the cards of friends in the game, a badge of the that you have, but it is not profitable to sell them due to the low cost. Or you just especially like a game and want to highlight it.

Note to me:

  • Each new level obtained requires more units before obtaining the next one. Therefore, it will not be difficult to level up at first (1-10 levels), but then you will have to try harder and harder.
  • If you want to make a badge with metallic cards (rare), keep in mind that for them you will also get 100 exp, but it will be impossible to improve it. They are good to decorate (any of them can be placed on your home page) but when you want to level up, foil badges are useless and cost more than ordinary badges.
  • Sometimes he gives and improves the badges himself. This applies to Stim badges for the date of registration (years of service) and for the number of games purchased (for 50+, for 100+, etc.).
  • Actively participate in Stim events, which are usually sales. They are held 4 times a year and they usually allow the cards to be received even by those users who are not going to buy anything during this period. They can also be used to craft and enhance a sales badge. Above we have already provided a link to an article with all the ins and outs of obtaining cards in different ways: check it out.

The Steam Sale Badge can be upgraded any number of times. If your goal is to get a high profile on Steam without owning a lot of games, take this opportunity. The prices of the sale cards in the Market are quite low, but they are sold there until they are exhausted in the users' inventory.

Buy games

You will also receive experience for each game you buy. The amount of experience in this case does not depend on the game. Consequently, it is best to buy a bunch of cheap indie games. However, the pump for the acquisition is very slow, because for a purchased game only 1 unit of experience is given. The only point in favor here is that you will receive cards that you can use for the previous way of leveling up on Steam. How to find cheap card games in the Steam store is described in the article at the link we gave at the beginning of the article.

What Steam Levels Give You

Some users looking to get a higher Steam profile figure are not aware of the additional benefits that this entails. The value of these features is debatable, but someone will find it useful.

  • New view of the badge. Every 10 levels you get a new type of icon. At first, they will only change color, but later on, the shape of the icon will also change.
  • Increase the number of slots to add to your friends. The size of the friend list is limited by default, and each level opens 5 additional slots.
  • New showcase. Starting at level 10, users will discover an innovation "Showcase".The «Showcase» can be decorated in any of the available ways. For every 10 new levels an additional showcase opens.
  • Increases the chance of a card game falling. As some users already know, Steam randomly gives away sets of cards for the games that the user has purchased. To increase the chances of falling, you not only have to enter your profile once a week, but you have to have the highest possible level. The probability increases every 10 levels:
    • Level 10: + 20% chance of card being dropped;
    • Level 20: + 40% chance of card drop;
    • Level 30: + 60% chance of card drop;
    • Level 40: + 80% chance of card drop;
    • Level 50: + 100% chance of the card falling (this does not mean that you have a 100% drop guarantee - the chance of falling has been increased by 2 times).
  • Put on your friends list. The player with a high level will appear in the list of the 6 friends shown in the profiles of other users (as long as there are not 6 users with higher levels in their friends list), and this can be useful for self-promotion to develop, for example, your streamer or trader activity.
  • Obtaining new items and discounts. When creating a new badge you get 3 elements: a background, a smiley face and a discount on a game.

Now you know the most useful information to level up on Steam. By the way, to see the ranking of the leaders by level, as well as their place in the list of this table, you can on a special site -

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