Invite participants to the Zoom conference

Option 1: Computer

When using the desktop version of Zoom, new participants can be added to the conference in three ways at once, each of which will be relevant in individual cases. It is also important to clarify in advance that, regardless of the solution variant, the user must manually confirm the connection to the session, otherwise the connection cannot be established.

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Method 1: Conference Setup

The easiest method to invite new participants to a group call boils down to using a separate messaging feature right during an active session. Ideally, the users to invite are in the personal contact list of the account in the corresponding tab.

    1. To get started, after you start the conference, on the bottom toolbar, click the button "Participants". or select a similar item from the list "Additional features". Here, in turn, you must use the option "Invite". at the bottom left of the right column and wait for the invitation settings window to open.

    1. While inside the window “Invite people to join the conference”click on the tab "Contacts". and select from the list of available contacts the users you want to add, optionally using the field "Enter to filter".. After this, it will usually suffice to touch the "Invite". and wait for the selected people to connect. Alternatively, if, for example, there are no people in the account's contact list, you can use the button "Copy invite link."which is automatically added to the clipboard and can be sent to other people in the most convenient way. Clicking on this type of link will automatically connect the user, even if they are using a web browser and not signed in to Zoom.
    2. Another option available within the window in question in any of the tabs is to use the option "Copy invitation".. In addition to the link itself, this will copy key data from the conference, including ID. и "Access code"that the recipient can enter when using the "Get in". on the home page of the program or on the official website of the messenger.

    1. In the additional tab "Email" it is possible to create and send an invitation letter by email using one of the presented services, we will not examine each of them, but keep in mind that Windows uses by default the client set in the operating system settings. For this reason, the process of handling the resulting email may vary considerably, but this does not apply to the content. The text of the letter will initially contain the same data that can be retrieved by pressing the key "Copy Invitation" buttonincluding the link, ID. и "Access code". At the same time, you can edit the content at your discretion by adding or deleting the necessary elements before sending it.

The methods presented will be relevant in the Windows application and in the browser version of the messenger and currently have no other alternatives. Additionally, these solutions can be used as a way to invite users to a personal contact list for faster access in the future.

Method 2: Personal Video Conference

While in the first method considered you can only send an invitation after you have created and set up a conference, making a personal call will allow you to automatically add two or more contacts. In this case it is only important that the desired user is present in the messenger's contact list, which we have described in a separate manual on how to add them.

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    1. To invite a specific user directly, open the main window of the software, select the tab "Contacts" tab. and select the desired person from the list presented in the left column. When a profile card with basic information appears, tap "Conference". below the image and wait for the connection.
    2. If the user has been invited successfully, information about the user will appear in the corresponding section or on the main screen. Also, please note that due to some Zoom settings, the addition may not be done immediately, but only after the request has been personally approved by the organizer using the "To accept"..If the user declines the invitation, they will receive a special notification from the program in the lower right corner. This does not limit in any way the possibility of re-inviting in the previously mentioned way, because the conference has already been created.
    3. In addition to an individual call to a specific person, channels can be used to make a similar call to all participants in a group chat. To do this, go to the tab Chat tab., expand the category "Channels", select the desired option from the list and press the button with the camera image at the top. The start of the group call must be confirmed in the pop-up window using the button "Yes" and wait for the connection. As in the previous case, each user who does not connect will be marked with a separate notification, while those who connect successfully will automatically be available to chat or will be in "Waiting room". awaiting your personal approval.

One relevant note for both options is that the channel admin can restrict group calls to specific users, so if you can't see the button, you can't make the call. The chat administrator has no control over already started conferences as they are assigned to a specific user and a part-time host.

Option 3: Schedule a conference

The last method of invitation does not differ much from the first in the instructions, but it is directly related to the possibility of having a pending meeting, which any approved user can attend even if there is no meeting organizer. Please refer to the other instructions on the website to learn how to organize such a meeting.

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    1. The first thing to do is use the button "Schedule". en "Principal". page of the messenger in question and make changes to the settings of the future conference, which applies in particular to items "Start" и "Duration".. Then press the "Save".to go to the standard email client to send invitations.
    2. The default option is Microsoft Outlook, where the recipients are specified with a semicolon in the following text box "Name". and edit the content of the letter appropriately. When you're done, use the button "Send".Unfortunately, there is no way to know the delivery status of the message.
    3. If you don't like using email clients or if this type of sending is not enough, go to the tab "Conferences". in Zoom, select the desired chat room and tap "Copy invitation".. Similar to the first solution, this will add the text of the previous email to the clipboard, which you can then send in any way you like.

To connect yourself to the meeting in progress, use the button "Start". in the same section. In addition, the session data can be edited or deleted, but without corresponding changes in the invitations already sent.

Option 2: Mobile device

On iOS and Android devices, Zoom can also create conferences and invite users in three ways at once, depending on the outcome requirements and the type of chat. Each of the following solutions is similar to the desktop version, so requests can be sent and received on all available platforms.

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Method 1: Conference Setup

If you're already in a meeting, the easiest way to do this is to send invitations using a separate messaging feature. The following steps will generally be identical for different mobile platforms, but there may be minor differences.

    1. Using the bottom bar of the app, open the category "Members". and in the lower left corner press the button "Invite".. By default, there will be four options available for sending an invitation, each of which is suitable for special occasions.
    2. You must start by selecting "Invite contacts"that allows you to send notifications directly to external and cloud contacts previously added in Zoom. To send a notification, touch each user on the page and use the link "Invite". on the right side of the top bar.
    3. If there are no contacts in your Messenger address book, or for any other reason, you can use the option “Send email” option. in order to transmit the basic data of the conference to the right people. Here you have to fill in the field in the standard email client "For", edit the content and hit the submit button.
    4. A fairly similar solution, for which there is no counterpart on the computer, is the option "Send Message".The "Send text message" field allows you to send a text message to a phone number. In this case it is necessary to edit the content, if necessary, and in the field "For" specify the contacts to be sent, even by selecting options from the phonebook.
    5. This last option only allows "Copy invite link" to send to other users through any convenient means. Only the link is copied to the clipboard, without any additional information, so the recipient can join only after clicking on it.

On the other hand, you can also manually pass an ID and access code to the appropriate person, which will allow them to join using the "Login". on the home page of the app. You can get this type of information by clicking on the block "Zoom" in the top panel of the messenger in question.

Method 2: Personal Video Conference

When making a one-to-one call within an internal chat room, one or more participants can be automatically invited. In this case, as in all others, it is the potential organizers who decide whether to join or not.

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    1. To call a specific Zoom user, you must first add the address to your contacts in one way or another, following the relevant instructions on the website. Then, using the lower panel, go to the tab "Contacts".tap the desired user and in the profile, tap "Video Meeting". o "Audio Meeting".You cannot start a session without the consent of the selected person, so you will have to wait for a response or a rejection anyway. If the contact accepts the call, they will be taken to the main interface of the conference in the role of host, while a completely different notification will be displayed if they reject it.
    2. If you're a member of a group channel, you can send an instant meeting invite to all your contacts at once. To do this, go to the page "Contacts".open category "Channels" in the top bar, select the desired dialog and use the button with the camera image in the upper right corner of the screen. Confirm the start of a group video chat using the pop-up window and wait for other users to accept the call . If the person connects or declines, you will be notified one way or another by a message in the notification area of ​​the app.

Unlike a personal call, a group call allows you to start a conference call immediately, even if other participants decline the invitation. However, due to the privacy settings of the channel, it is not always possible to make the call.

Method 3: Schedule a conference

Sending an invitation to schedule is almost identical to the email solution discussed in the first section of the instructions. In addition, you will still be able to get the details of the connection, which you can pass on to someone else.

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    1. From the app's home screen, tap the button "Schedule" and schedule your future appointment as described in the separate instructions. The mobile device's standard email client will open automatically with the invitation template ready.
    2. Fill in the required field "TO". depending on the addresses of the recipients, at your discretion you can edit the main message in the corresponding block and press the send button. If you don't want to use email, you can safely tap the link "Cancel"as it will not affect the creation of the meeting.
    3. If you want to retrieve data from scheduled sessions separately from mail, in the application, select the tab "Conferences" tabselect the desired call in the general list and press "Add guests". Here you can turn "Send Message". by phone number, "Send an e-mail" o "Copy to buffer" complete data set.

Please note that any change or deletion of a scheduled conference will automatically reset the invitation. In the first case, however, problems can be avoided if the ID and access code are not changed.

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