Checking the originality of the iPhone 7

Method 1: Basic Tips

There are a large number of ways to check the originality of your iPhone, the vast majority of which have nothing to do with a specific model and will be relevant in any case. Therefore, we will limit ourselves to referring to more complete instructions on the subject, which should be consulted both before buying a second-hand mobile phone and when there is a high risk of purchasing a refurbished device.

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Special attention should be paid to checking the serial number and matching the information obtained on a special website with the actual mobile phone when investigating the seven. It's also a good idea to check your operating system, as many counterfeits, not counting remanufactured ones, don't guarantee full compatibility with all apple-branded features.

Do not forget about the appearance of the device: the screen of the original iPhone and all the elements of the case usually stand out strongly against counterfeits. In particular, the Retina HD screen has a high definition and the shoulder buttons and other cutouts are arranged symmetrically.

Method 2: Check settings

The original range of the iPhone 7 includes only six colors, and some of them are not available for the old "More" Models. Thus, the mobile phone must have one of the following body colors: black, shiny black, silver, gold, pink and red with a special signature.

iPhone 7 Specs Page

Aside from color, storage capacity is limited to just three options: 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The only exceptions are the iPhone 7 in glossy red and black, which have 128GB or 256GB of storage by default.

If your device has a color that is not specified, or has a drive of a different capacity, it is probably a counterfeit. That said, keep in mind that it's not uncommon for the casing to be changed on remanufactured models, which may have all of the original "padding".

Method 3: Fingerprint scanner check

A rather complicated part of the button iPhones, including the XNUMX, is the fingerprint scanner or Touch ID, which is directly tied to the CPU and cannot be replaced without special equipment from the manufacturer. It is this sensor that should be checked first if the IMEI and settings match the original range.

To verify operation, open the system "Settings"., expand section "Touch ID and access code" and enter the password assigned by the owner. Then press the button "Add fingerprint". and follow the recommendations of the operating system.

If the fingerprint is added successfully, please try to unlock the device several times. If you are not successful at any time, it is better to refuse to buy the model at once, since repairs are very expensive, and without Touch ID you will not be able to use the iPhone to its full extent.

Method 4: 3D Touch check

One of the unique features of some older iPhone models is 3D Touch, which allows you to perform certain actions by forcefully tapping. On later devices, this feature has changed in favor of tap duration rather than force, so you have to keep an eye on every second during the test.

  1. Like almost any option, 3D Touch on the iPhone can be adjusted or turned off completely. Therefore, the first thing to do is open the system "Settings"., select "Universal access"Go to category "Touching". and expand the parameters «3D touch and haptic touch».
  2. Activate the parameter "3D Touch" at the top of the screen and edit the sensitivity level to your liking. Within this category of settings, it is also possible to perform an immediate test using the image that appears at the bottom of the page.
  3. To check if 3D Touch works, press the interface element with a medium force and look at the response speed, which, regardless of the setting, should be instantaneous. If this does not work, most likely the screen of the device has been replaced by a low-quality counterfeit, and such an iPhone cannot be considered original.

Method 5: Parts and Service History

The latest version of iOS 15, with compatibility with seven, independently logs individual device part replacements and repair events using unique component numbers, making it much easier to identify faults without the need for third-party software. . To take advantage of this function, you must first update the operating system in the corresponding settings section.

Once this is fixed, open system settings, go to category "Basic". and expand the section "About the device.". It is here, under the block "History of parts and maintenance". it will indicate both current problems with the drive and notes on replacements and repairs performed.

If this category is missing, it may indicate that the device is original without any defects. Otherwise, you can assess the risks yourself and accept the defects, as it is extremely difficult to find such an old model in fully usable original condition.

Method 6: Third Party Software

Also, you can use third-party programs like 3uTools, which display complex information about the device for easy verification. This solution would be a great alternative to the previous one, for example, if the maker of the fake has managed to fool the system tools.

Download 3uTools from the official website

  1. Download and install the software from the official website using the link above. Next, you need to connect your iPhone 7 to the computer and allow the data to be read.
  2. On the main tab "Device"., find and use the link that appears on the right side of the window "Show device report". This should result in a fairly extensive diagnostic report on the replacement and repair part.
  3. If the unit is completely original, within the column "Test Result". There will be a legend next to each item "Normal". Otherwise, the label may change and indicate non-original components, without regard to the possibility of individual parts being replaced by Apple Authorized Service Centers.

Method 7: Service Center

The last thing that can be done to detect a counterfeit is to go to a technical service center for diagnosis. Of all the options, this is the slowest and most expensive solution, but it guarantees 100% accuracy.

Download apple support on the App Store

You can find the addresses of service centers on the company's official website or in the Apple Support app. In the latter case, you can also contact an expert beforehand to discuss the device review and its cost.