iPhone or iPad began to speak, How to turn off?

Some users accidentally discover a strange “glitch” on their idevice. iPhone Number o iPad start talking. He speaks for something, but with his voice he duplicates the elements that the user touches. Everyone around him begins to hear what menu the owner of the device enters and what item he chooses.

In fact, this is not a bug or a "firmware crash" as it happens after activating the special function » voiceover «.

Disable voice control on iPhone or iPad

Apple is carefully crafting all of its own products, and iOS is no exception. Special functions for people with disabilities have been added to the system. One of these functions is the voice notification of the actions performed. Help visually impaired users to control their actions in the graphical interface of iOS.

Disable and Enable VoiceOver on iPhone

voice over it is activated by pressing the Home button three times. Those who are not aware of this feature may accidentally activate it while trying to open the multitasking menu. To completely disable the duplication of voice commands, just follow a few simple steps:

  • Go to item «General» in the app setting standard;
  • Open the “Access” menu universal";
  • To disable voiceover;
  • At the bottom, disable actions by triple-pressing the «Home«.

Note that other accessibility options are also set in this menu. Here you can activate a contrasting color scheme, enlargement of elements on the screen or access to the guide. We hope this article will help beginners to master iOS and update the knowledge of experienced users.