Make hidden chats visible or remove on Viber

Make hidden chats visible or remove on Viber


After hiding a conversation or a Viber group from prying eyes, some messenger users later face difficulties in returning such correspondence to its normal state and deleting it. Actually, these operations are not difficult, and in the following article you will find the instructions to perform them from Android and iPhone.

How to remove hidden chat on Viber

It is known that the creation of hidden conversations is only available in Viber apps tailored to run on Android and iOS and cannot be implemented using the messaging client for PC. The same goes for reverse hiding a conversation or group of operations. Since smartphone owners running the "green robot" and those who prefer iPhones observe a slightly different interface from Viber client applications, let's consider the solution of the problem expressed in the article title of the devices mentioned separately. .


To stop using hidden conversations and group chats in the Viber app for Android, you can follow the steps below.

Method 1: Make the chat visible

The first method to get rid of previously hidden conversations is to convert them to normal conversations and groups.

  1. Start the messenger, go to the list of hidden conversations and open the one you want to make visible Read more: How to open the hidden chat in Viber for Android
  2. Open the hidden chat menu for now by touching the three dots that are above the correspondence area on the right, touch on it "Information"..
  3. Scroll up the panel with the information and options displayed as a result of the above instruction, and then click on the role name at the bottom of the panel "Make chat visible".. Then enter the PIN code set to protect the hidden conversations against unauthorized access.
  4. As a result, the aforementioned manipulated chat will disappear from the hidden chat list and it will become a completely normal Viber conversation.

Method 2: Delete a hidden chat

If you do not plan to continue chatting in the hidden chat and you want to delete the information accumulated in it, do the following.

  1. Perform steps 1-2 of the above instruction, that is, open the "invisible" dialog box or group to destroy and then invoke its parameter panel.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list of options applicable to correspondence, press the name of the item «Delete the chat».. Then confirm the courier's request by pressing DELETE. in your window - after this action the hidden conversation will be irretrievably deleted.
  3. Of course you can "Make chat visible".as described in the previous tutorial of this article, and then apply the effective instructions, for normal conversations and groups, to erase data to it: Read more: How to delete chat in Viber for Android

Method 3: Delete all hidden chats

In a situation where you need to get rid of all previously hidden chats and groups at once, as well as destroy their content, activate the PIN reset function, which is used in Viber to access the list of "hidden" correspondence on the device. Username.

  1. Open Viber and go to "Settings". of the application by selecting the element of the same name in the tab "Plus". Applications.
  2. Go to the options category called "Privacy".. Then open the section "Hidden chats"..
  3. On the screen that appears, press "Reset PIN". To complete the operation of clearing all hidden dialogs and groups along with their content, confirm your intention by tapping "IF" below the application that appears on the mobile phone screen.


In Viber for iOS for those who decide to stop using the feature Hidden chat. Users have three options to accomplish the intended goal. Depending on the end goal, to solve our article title issue with iPhone, please follow one of the instructions below.

Method 1: Make the chat visible

The most obvious method to remove a hidden conversation or group from a messenger is to put them in normal state. In this case, all information transmitted and received in the "invisible" conversation is saved.

  1. Launch the Viber application on your iPhone and go to the chat you have previously hidden. If you don't remember or don't know how to access the "hidden" conversations, use the recommendations in the article on our website:

    Read more: How to open hidden chat in Viber for iOS

  2. Bring the screen «Information and configuration» in the menu that opens after touching the contact's name, or swipe the message area to the left.
  3. At the end of the list of information and features that opens, there is an item "Make chat visible" - touch it. To complete the operation of converting the chat from hidden to normal, enter the four-digit PIN code that closes access to correspondence.
  4. That's it: after exiting the settings, you will be able to continue exchanging information in the conversation or group that is no longer hidden, and in the future the header of the converted conversation will be found in the tab "Cats". Viber for iPhone.

Method 2: Delete a hidden message

If there are no plans to continue with hidden correspondence, and the messages sent and received in it are worthless and your history needs to be erased, one of two approaches can be taken.

  1. To delete it completely, follow the instructions suggested earlier in the article to remove the "hidden" status of the correspondence that has become unnecessary, and then remove the resulting regular chat using one of the "standard" methods described in the material. available at the following link: Read more: How to delete chat in Viber for iPhone
  2. If you only need to delete the content of a hidden chat:
    • Open the conversation and open the menu "Information and configuration"..
    • Scroll up the list of functions and tap on the last item in the list. "Clear talk.". Confirm the destruction of all sent and received messages within a dialogue or group by tapping "Delete all messages." At the bottom of the screen.

Method 3: Delete all hidden chats

In case you need to destroy all the hidden chats and delete their content in one go, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the section "Plus". messenger on your iPhone and then open "Settings"..
  2. Press the name "Privacy". in the Viber settings category list. Then go to "Hidden chats"..
  3. Now select the function "Reset PIN" - this function consists of changing the password to access "hidden" conversations and, at the same time, destroying all existing but hidden correspondence. Confirm a request from a courier by clicking below it "Yes".. This completes the operation of deleting the "invisible" chats, but in the future to be able to create them you will have to devise a new access password and provide it to the messenger.


As you can see, it is quite easy to remove the hidden chat in Viber by removing the ban on access to correspondence in normal mode and / or deleting it. The considered procedures are available to be applied by everyone, even novice messenger users.

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