Malware Removal in Reason Core Security

Malware Removal in Reason Core Security

Today there are many types of scanners that search for and remove malware, adware, and potentially unwanted software (see Best Malware Removal Tools), given the urgency of these types of threats and the fact that many antivirus 'treats' them relatively favorably.

Reason Core Security is another of these scanners that allows both simple scanning and real-time control of the appearance of unwanted programs. This short review covers the Reason Core Security antimalware utility, its additional features and capabilities.

Using Reason Core Security

Reason Core Security is available in both the free version without activation (some features will not be available after the trial period, but the scanner and the removal of unwanted programs work correctly) and the paid version. Updated: Comments report that threats have been found, but need to be activated to remove them. However, there is no paid version of this particular product available at this time, which is discussed in more detail in the section on downloading the app.

Unlike other potentially unwanted programs search tools (such as AdwCleaner), Reason Core Security requires a mandatory installation on your computer (does not conflict with existing antivirus programs), while prescribing itself to perform a real-time scan. (can be changed in the settings), and automatically scans your computer for threats when it is first started.

The utility then independently monitors your computer for malware and unwanted programs, allowing you to run the scan manually, either by running the program or separately for files and folders using the corresponding context menu item.

In addition to directly removing malware, Reason Core Security has the following functions (I list only a few of them, the most interesting in my opinion):

  1. Checking the programs and scheduler jobs in autorun in Applications - Autorun. The interesting thing is that, unlike other autorun utilities, Reason Core Security immediately indicates whether a particular autorun item poses a threat. It can also be useful: Windows 10 Autorun.
  2. Similarly, the Browsers tab allows you to see a list of Internet search providers, extensions, and home pages with information on whether they can be dangerous.
  3. You will see the same thing under “Applications” – “Uninstaller”. Here you can both uninstall programs just installed on your PC or laptop, and assess whether they are unwanted by Reason Core Security. The best uninstall programs.
  4. In IoT, you can perform a network configuration scan and get a list of devices on the network. In case the devices on your home network are not sufficiently protected against external threats, you will receive a notification about it.

For the rest, the utility does not differ too much from many other similar products: there is also a quarantine and the possibility to add exceptions, startup settings and program operation. Among the useful ones, a fairly detailed and clear help on each item (click on the question mark in the upper right corner to open it). All of this is in Russian and I am sure any of you can easily understand the play.

How to download Reason Core Security and uninstall the program if necessary

Although the Reason Core Security utility continues to be updated and supported by the manufacturer, it has disappeared from the official website Also, the site itself now redirects to a new official address -, which does not offer a simple threat scanner, but full antivirus (and here we have a better option, see Best Free Antivirus).

As a result, downloading Reason Core Security requires third-party sites. And the safest of them is probably the page dedicated to Internet threats on the official Yandex site - (wrote about this page in the article Yandex writes: your computer may be infected).

While studying the utility, I found that many people wonder how to uninstall Reason Core Security. In my test, the removal was completely successful using standard Windows tools:

  1. Open control panel (in Windows 10, use taskbar search to do this).
  2. Go to "Programs and Components" or "Uninstall Programs". (depending on the view selected in the "View" field).
  3. Select Reason Core Security from the list of installed programs and click "Uninstall".
  4. Wait for the uninstall process to complete (in the early stages it may appear that the process has frozen, but it doesn't, please wait), and then make sure to restart your computer. You can then check and delete, if available, the "Reason" folder under "Program Files".