Along with this article you will be given the necessary information about the Master Sword so that in that way you know every little detail of said sword, in addition to being able to recognize it in different video games.

master Sword

The Interesting Details

Master Sword Breath of The Wild

La Master Sword or equally popular as the Destroyer Sword of Evil, it is famous for being the ancient sword of the kingdom of Hyrule and a weapon of the Saga of The Legend of Zelda. It is benefited by the power of evil and in many games it is claimed that it is capable of ending the fearsome Ganondorf and his demonic way known as Ganon.

It is directly related to the legend of the Hero of Time and it has become one of the greatest symbols of the Zelda saga, they could see the Master Sword Zelda countless times.

Origin of the Master Sword

It is said that the goddess Hylia was the one who carried out the creation of the tool for the man chosen by the aforementioned to be able to face the Herald of Death; When this sword manages to acquire all the Sacred Flames and you get the approval of the divinity, it is transformed into the Master Sword.

After the creation and use to culminate with the Herald, the sword has managed to be deposited on the pedestal of the Temple of the Presidio. Lastly, the sword and its pedestal were enclosed within a kind of vault in order to protect it.

Different Characteristics

La Master Sword Zelda Breath of The Wild It is known for being a broad, double-edged tool that features a blue or purple shank, although in the A Link to the Past version the handle is generally gold. The Triforce is located at the base of its blade, and the handle has a gem that stands out as it is yellow in color.

On the other hand, within The Wind Waker, the handle and the state of the stone indicate how much level the sword contains. The moment Link first takes the Master Sword, its gem is of a dark tone and the arc which accompanies it remains contracted; after the restoration of the power that the sword contains, it transforms back into its normal characteristics.

Botw Master Sword: The Skills

More than just steel, the Master Sword has the ability to counteract all those who are allied with evil; the magic contained in the sword also seems to counteract a possible deterioration in it. Inside Twilight Princess, the Temple of Time is located in ruins thanks to the different ruins generated over the years, however, the sword and the pedestal are intact when Link finds it in Sacred Grove.

Furthermore, the Master Sword sometimes it has the ability to send a lightning bolt with which enemies can be hurt; likewise, it has the power to unleash the full potential of different elements seen in A Link to the Past. In addition, the sword also protects its bearer from different evil auras, transformations or curses.

Once the sword is achieved in Twilight Princess, Link stops being turned into that wolf image, except when influenced by dark crystal. The sword is also capable of acquiring all the energy in the various presentations in order to increase the level of damage.

You can know other weapons from various video games such as, Frostmourne, a majestic defense tool.

master Sword


Next we will let you know a brief list with some of the appearances of the Master Sword so that you are able to recognize it without any problem.

# 1 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past

Within this video game it can be appreciated for the first time, the sword is located in the lost forest within a structure with a bit of the ancient Hylian language embodied in it. On the other hand, as the game progresses, Link must discover where the sword is to then finish off the dark wizard.

In order to acquire the sword, Link will have to obtain the three pendants of Virtue in three different temples scattered throughout Hyrule.

# 2 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

La Master Sword It is located in the Temple of Time, a place where it functions as a last protection to then restrict the entrance to the Sacred Kingdom, which is known to be the place of tranquility of the Triforce.

In order to get your own sword, Link must take the essential tools to enter the Pedestal of Time located behind the Portal of Time. You must locate three spiritual elements (Emerald of the Kokiri, Ruby of the Goron and Sapphire of the Zora) and get the Ocarina of Time as well as know the song of time.

# 3 The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

In this next option, the Master Sword It is the second and final update to the wooden sword; It is only possible to obtain it in a linked game through the delivery of a type of secret between all the games. On the other hand, the sequence of the trade must be completed.

Upon completion of the first task, Link's wooden sword will begin to become the noble sword, once the objective is successfully completed, said sword will become the noble sword. Master Sword.

# 4 The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

Finally, we can say that the Master Sword found as a secret weapon belonging to the 3th Anniversary Edition for Nintendo XNUMXDS and DSi; is able to be obtained after completing the Realm of Memories, which is a value zone entered for the XNUMXth anniversary edition which features different locations from previous Zelda games.