Methods to find groups in Skype

Methods to find groups in Skype

Method 1: Built-in search function

There are two different methods to search for groups in Skype and the first is to enter their name through the built-in search bar. To do this, it is necessary to know the proper name and have an account in the program.

  1. In any of the sections, use the search bar at the top. Click on it to open a form with all the people and group chats.
  2. To facilitate your search, go directly to "Groups". to set the proper filter settings.
  3. Activate the field Search for groups.clicking with the left mouse button on it and starting to write the name of the community of interest. Note that the groups you've already joined appear at the bottom and you don't need to search for them.
  4. Check the results and go to group chat to start chatting.
  5. You can join the conversation and start messaging right away.

Keep in mind that the other participants in the conversation will be notified immediately that you have joined, and therefore they will be able to greet you or address you. You, on the other hand, will only start to see your message history from the moment you join, and the previous information will not be available in its entirety.

Method 2: Invite link

This method of searching for a group only requires the average user to follow the received link, which must come from the originator of the conversation or other members of the group. This option would be optimal if you can't use search or don't have a Skype account. First, let's review the standard membership option.

  1. Ask for a link. To do this, the community administration will have to activate the corresponding option in the conversation settings.
  2. The link can be found via "Collaborators".where to press "Add people"..
  3. The creator or other participant must click the button "Link to join the group.".
  4. It only remains to copy it to the clipboard and send it to be invited.
  5. Now that you have the necessary link in hand, paste it into your browser's address bar or simply go through the messenger where the email came from.
  6. A notification will appear indicating that you must open the Skype application, which is what you must confirm.
  7. The corresponding conversation will appear immediately in the application, and joining it is automatic, which you will know when reading a new message from the system.

On the other hand, consider following the same link for users who do not have a Skype account and do not want or need to create one. Guests can also join the community and send messages.

  1. After following the link in your browser, click the button «Join as a guest».
  2. Enter your name with which you will appear in the list of members and then confirm your membership.
  3. The web version of Skype will open, where you can start communicating immediately, and a message will appear at the bottom saying that the join was successful.

If you are new to the show, it is a good idea to read how to interact with it more, if you need to. You can do this in our separate article at the link below, which guides you through the basic processes for using Skype.

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