We invite you to enjoy the following article about Monster Hunter World, where you can find the most relevant information about this video game so striking and fun to play, especially if you like the action genre.


Lunastra Dragon from Monster Hunter World

What is Monster Hunter World about?

It is the sixth game belonging to the Monster Hunter franchise created by Capcom and released in the year 2.018 under the action and role-playing genre.

Monster Hunter World was published mainly for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but due to the large number of users who used other platforms, their developers released this video game for Windows.

In the year 2.020, its developers offered this video game totally free to their fans in Japan with PlayStation Plus 4, as a campaign for the inhabitants to stay at home until the global pandemic ended or was controlled.

But what makes it so striking? When playing Monster Hunter World we find large landscapes or environments, a cooperative mode between up to four players that can be found in various countries of the world and movements on the map without major setbacks.

Its plot focuses on the investigation of a group of subjects to the journey that the old dragons make, every ten years through the ocean to the new world.

Monster Hunter World Features

  • Hunter role: By selecting this game mode, users are sent on an expedition to investigate a new continent called "New World."
  • Active ecosystem: The video game is characterized by using wildlife and the environment to gain more advantage, an excellent example is when two monsters challenge each other to take an object to the correct place where it belongs.
  • Launch in several countries: This title was launched to the market to unite all the hunters of the world through the cooperative multi-region game that it offers.
  • Online games: An excellent opportunity for the difficult battles that a single player cannot overcome, having the opportunity to group several hunters to help him in the hunt with the help of a help flare that the game server can throw at the other competitors.
  • New team: By eliminating or defeating a monster, you will have the opportunity to obtain materials to make armor and equipment obtaining more advantages to meet and go against enemies.
  • Subdue the creatures: Throughout the game you will be able to observe beasts or creatures that inhabit this place and which you can use to cause localized damage to yourself.
  • Can be played constantly: Each player can move across the map from one side to the other while transitioning from day to night.
  • The Lafarillos: They perceive the scent that each monster emanates, indicating its nearby location and other information.
  • Slings: They are basic tools for hunters, allowing you to collect nuts and stones to have more weapons and obtain a greater probability to perform maneuvers that distract your enemies.
  • The mantles: These can be used to attract monsters, resist attacks, stealth, glide, etc.
  • Comrades Felyne: They have the ability to learn the language of other monsters to make them your allies, as well as to maintain communication with tribes of Grimalkynes, which will serve you in the hunts.

Requirements to play Monster Hunter World on PC

  • This video game requires a Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 64-bit operating system.
  • Your Intel Core i7 3770 3.4GHz, Intel Core i3 8350 4GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X processor.
  • Contain a RAM memory of 8GB and 48GB of free space for the proper functioning of the video game.
  • Own a 1060GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3 or 570GB AMD Radeon RX 4 graphics card.
  • Your sound card is DirectX 9.0c or higher.

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Image captured from the game Monster Hunter World

What are the characters that you can get in Monster Hunter World?

Zorah Magdaro

It is the main monster of the Monster Hunter World adventure, it has a volcanic shell, it usually sees the Extinction Dragon face to face, it travels with a specific course and reason and generally destroys everything in its path.

El Comandante

This character is the one with the most authority of those who make up the New World commission of inquiry. Specialized veteran who leads this commission with the greatest sense and judgment possible, although at times he is surprised by the daring and ambitious plans of the other subordinates.

The Manager

These characters are in charge of collecting data and working as a team with hunters to increase the quality and projection of the investigation commission. Their motto is "When in doubt, take a bite!"

The Field Team Leader

He was born in the New World, he is the grandson of the commander and the main member of the field team, since he has a lot of knowledge about the dangers that hunters face within this territory.

Tricks that you can keep in mind in your game

Here is a list of the main tricks that may interest you in this incredible game:

Sharpen the weapons

Your weapons are the most important instruments that you must keep in your sight to be able to defend against monsters, so having sharp weapons you can generate more damage to your enemies.

The correct way to do this is to go to your inventory by stepping on LB or L1 and then right or left, then select the stone to sharpen. Press X on your Xbox One or the square and start the procedure.

Before Hunting

Before going hunting, keep in mind to visualize the supply box to obtain some free or important object for the mission and make some food for you to have in your camp, this will give you the opportunity to earn bonuses to make a difference in the battles.

However, the meals can be acquired by selecting one in your bonus to be able to advance quickly in the game.