Moving to American YouTube

Moving to American YouTube


It will not be a secret to anyone that YouTube video hosting works differently for each country. Depending on the language of the state, the peculiarities of the legislation, trends and regional news, user feeds can differ dramatically in different countries. In this article, we will show you how to switch to the US version of YouTube from various devices.

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Watching YouTube for the US

Interest in American YouTube often arises after seeing translations of any video. In the United States, this platform is a more widespread and ubiquitous phenomenon. English-speaking YouTube will be especially relevant for people who are planning or have already started to learn the language. You can switch to the US version of video hosting from a computer or from a smartphone. Let's consider both options so that any user can use the instruction they need.

Method 1: PC version

If you are used to watching videos on the site through a computer and have traveled with a device at least once, you have noticed that when you connect in a hotel, YouTube changes a bit. This is due to the fact that the site uses an IP address to recognize your geolocation. If you change it to the address of another country, several videos may be blocked or, on the contrary, other videos will appear in the recommended ones. However, to switch to American YouTube via computer, while in any country, you just need to follow the instructions below.


    1. Login to the site with your username and password.
    2. In the upper right corner, you will find your avatar. If you don't have an avatar installed, a circle will appear with the first letter of your name. Click on it.
    3. Scroll through the open window to the field «Country» .


  1. Click in this field and select "USA." from the list of all countries. If you want, you can also go and see what YouTube looks like in different states. The list is constantly updated.

After completing these steps in the Trends section, you will be able to see the most popular videos in the states of America. Videos from English-speaking YouTubers will occasionally appear in related videos and recommendations.

You can change the country in your unlimited number of YouTube account. However, it should be noted that many content creators place restrictions on viewing videos in certain regions. The new rules introduced on YouTube have had a significant impact on the work of American channels. Consequently, some of the content was not only disabled for monetization, it was also blocked.

Method 2: mobile apps

The official YouTube applications for Android and iOS allow you to use all the functions of the service, as well as change the settings as you wish. It will not be difficult to get into the US version of video hosting. Let us consider in detail the instructions for each operating system.


Option 1: Android

When buying a smartphone that runs on the Android operating system, the user in most cases immediately receives a device with a package of Google services, including YouTube. If for some reason you don't have this proprietary app, you can find out how to install it from the link below.

Download YouTube for Android

  1. Open the YouTube app and go to the settings section. You can do this by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Click the button "Settings" , which is at the bottom of the list.
  3. Go to section "General" .
  4. We found the element "Location" . In the latest Android update, it is found immediately before switching to safe video viewing mode.
  5. Select «EE. USA » From the list and click on the circle next to it.

Your settings are automatically saved and will stay that way until you radically change your location. You can change the country back to Russia or any other in exactly the same way.

Option 2: iOS

The country change process in the YouTube iPhone app is practically no different from its Android counterpart. It should also be remembered that if you use the same video hosting account on different devices, the location change in the settings will be displayed everywhere.

Download YouTube for iPhone

  1. We open the application on the phone and go to your personal account by touching your avatar in the upper right corner.
  2. Look for the button "Settings" and click on it «.
  3. In the first section "YouTube" we found the line "Location" , where your country is indicated.
  4. In the list of all countries, we find the «EE. USA » What we need and we click on it.

Changing the country in your YouTube account settings allows you to expand your limits and learn something new: watch trending videos, recommendations and popular videos in another language. Given the ease of switching to the US version, we recommend using it from time to time and seeing what is popular in other countries.

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