Mute Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

Mute Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

The need to disable audio notifications coming from Viber can baffle almost all registered messenger users. Regardless of the operating system of the device where the information exchange system client application is installed, this is possible and is not the only method that can be implemented. The functions that need to intervene to solve the problem in the Android, iOS and Windows environment will be discussed in the following article.

Viber for Android

To ensure that Viber for Android performs its functions silently, users of this version of the service client can activate special options in the messenger itself. In addition, to solve the problem of the article title, a ban can be set on the mobile operating system side of sending audio notifications by the application.

Option 1: The messaging client application

The application through which Viber services are accessed from the Android environment generally allows you to configure the reception of audio notifications from the messenger within sufficient limits for most of its users. By activating the options in the client, it is possible to deactivate the message notifications of all dialogues and groups without exception, as well as deactivate the sounds of individual chats in which two or more users communicate.

All messages without exception

  1. Open Viber and go to "Settings". from the section "More" client application.
  2. Click on . "Notifications". and uncheck the box next to "Outgoing message sounds.".
  3. Next, we open a list of options "Notification sound". and flip the switch "Sound". in position "Disabled".
  4. Now when messages of any kind are sent and received to / from all dialogs and groups, messenger will be "silent".

Separate group.

  1. Go to group chat, whose reception of audio notifications should be temporarily or permanently prohibited.
  2. Call up the group menu by tapping the three dots positioned vertically at the top of the screen on the right. Press "Information"..
  3. Activate the switch "Be quiet". in the group chat settings area. As a result, the audio notifications will stop bothering you and an icon will appear next to the group name "Crossed out horn.".

Dialogue separately.

The developers of the Viber application for Android do not contemplate the possibility of deactivating the melodies that the messenger plays when the participants are active in individual conversations. At the same time, you can stop receiving all notifications by hiding the chat with one or another participant of the messaging system. We have already discussed this possibility in one of the materials on our website.

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Option 2: "Notifications" on Android

The toolkit provided in Android allows users of this operating system to customize the reception of notifications from various applications within a fairly wide range, which can be used to disable the sounds played by the messenger. It should be taken into account that, depending on the version of the most popular mobile operating system, the operation of the module "Notifications". it is organized differently in it. The following example shows how to disable Viber audio notifications installed on a mobile phone running Android 9 Pie.

Users of devices with older versions of the "operating system" should read the article at the following link and act according to the methods suggested there.

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  1. Open "Settings". of the mobile operating system, go to the section "All applications".. Next, in the list of applications installed on your mobile phone Viber. and click on their name.
  2. In the list of parameters on the screen that opens, go to "Notifications"..
  3. Then, in turn, click on the name of the event whose sound accompaniment you want to deactivate, and in the list of options that will open ... put the switch ... "Sound". in position "Out of"..
  4. Close "Settings".Restart the messenger and check the effectiveness of the measures taken.

Option 3: Silent ringtone

By performing the manipulation suggested above, we will prohibit the Viber for Android application from sending and receiving voice messages, but audio / video calls that arrive through the messenger will still be accompanied by music playback. Any feature that separately isolates Viber's audio module really completely is missing from the messenger itself and from Android. Thus, to prevent Viber from playing a melody during an incoming call, you will have to put the whole mobile phone in silent mode or resort to the following "trick".

  1. Download a blank file from the link below in the format MP3. The composition is a technically recorded silence Download silent ringtone for Android
  2. Launch Viber in Android environment and go to "Settings". section applications "More". To open "Notifications"..
  3. Put the check box "Use system sounds." and then tap on "Ringtone"..
  4. Go to the path where the file is located no_sound.mp3, confirm the desire to play this "melody" when calls are received through messenger. Also, to achieve absolute silence when another Vyber user tries to call us by messenger, on the screen "Notifications". you can uncheck the checkbox "Vibration on call".
  5. From now on, incoming calls via messenger will be accompanied by audio playback, but the mobile phone will not play any sound.

Viber for iOS

For the Viber application for iPhone to prohibit the playback of audio files, its users can choose one of the options provided in the client itself, activate the option in "Notifications". iOS, or combine the use of different methods to disable notifications depending on your specific purpose and situation.

Option 1: Messenger client application

By configuring the Viber program for iOS in a certain way, it is possible to configure the messenger with considerable flexibility in terms of receiving audio notifications, but only for messages. The following instructions allow you to turn off the sounds from the iPhone speaker when participants in all conversations or separate conversations, as well as group chats, are active.

All messages without exception

  1. Launch Viber and go to your "Settings". from the section "More".
  2. Click on the item. "Notifications".. Then we press Notification sounds.check the box next to "No." in the list that opens. In this way, we have disabled all audible alerts for incoming messages.
  3. Another method of configuring the messenger so that the audio is not only deactivated when messages are received, but also when they are sent, is to activate the switch "Be quiet". onscreen "Notifications". in the settings of the Viber client app for iOS.

Separate dialogue

  1. Go to the chat with another Viber member and tap their header, that is, the name of the interlocutor at the top of the screen. From the menu that appears, select "Information and configuration"..
  2. On the next screen. "Details". Ir a Notification sounds.. In the list of Choose a sound. click the check box next to the item "No.".
  3. Return to the correspondence screen by pressing the arrow in the upper left twice. Messages within chat will now arrive silently.

In addition to applying the above instruction, to get rid of the audio notifications that are played when a message arrives from an individual messenger user, you can apply the option "Hide"..

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Separate group.

  1. Click the group header on the tab "Cats". delivery courier. Next, open the list of options that apply to group chat by tapping on the name of the association at the top of the screen.
  2. Activate the switch "Be quiet". and then go back to the chat screen. Group member activity sound is now turned off, indicated by the icon next to the chat name.

Option 2: "Notifications" on iOS

To prevent the Viber application for iPhone from responding to receiving and sending messages of any kind by playing an audio file, you can activate one of the functions provided in the mobile operating system.

  1. Open "Settings". iOS. Then go to "Notifications"., find… Viber. in the list of programs, tap on its name.
  2. Flip the switch "Sounds." in position "Out of".. That's it: Vibe audio playback is prohibited when its user receives and sends messages of any kind.

Option 3: Silent mode on iOS

The two instructions suggested above, once executed, will silence messaging events related to receiving / sending messages of any kind. However, audio / video calls received through Viber will still be accompanied by a melody.

There is no method to prohibit Viber on iPhone from playing a ringtone file separately from the operating system, neither in the messenger itself nor in iOS, so if that need arises, you will have to put the iPhone in "Silent mode". With a hardware switch

or by activating the appropriate options in "Settings". Mobile OS.

Viber for Windows

Disabling audio playback when multiple events occur in the messenger, when using the Viber client for PC, is easier than in mobile variants of the application. To solve the task in question, just a few clicks of the mouse are enough to activate one of the program options or to activate a Windows option.

Option 1: Messenger client application

Like clients for mobile operating systems, the Windows variant of the messaging client offers its users various audio management options. These include disabling audio playback when all messages are received and sent, and disabling audio notifications that come from individual group chats.

Turn off all audio notifications

  1. Launch Viber for PC and open the menu "Tools". from the line at the top of the window.
  2. Go to the first item in the list that appears. "Change audio and video settings".
  3. In the window that opens, use the mouse to move the item "Volume" to position «0», that is, create a situation where the bar between the horn icons turns light gray, almost colorless. Then close the window with the settings.
  4. Now the program that provides access to Viber functions from your PC or laptop will work silently.

Separate group.

  1. Go to the group chat whose audio playback you want to prohibit. Click on the icon "I" at the top of the window, next to the name of the messenger user association.
  2. In the area shown on the right, scrolling a little through the list of options with the mouse wheel, we find and activate the switch "Mute notifications" switch..
  3. You can then continue communicating in the group chat: now the sending and receiving of messages within it will not be accompanied by the playback of melodies.

Turn off sounds for all messages but not for calls

  1. In Viber for PC, open the menu "Tools". and from there we go to "Options"..
  2. Click on "Notifications".and then translate the radio button "Play sounds for" to position "Only calls"..
  3. After closing the parameter window "Notifications". achieve a situation where all messages from any sender arrive silently, while incoming audio / video calls via messenger are still accompanied by a melody playing.

Option 2: Windows Tools

It is possible to completely silence Viber on your PC by enabling the operating system to prohibit the application from playing sounds.

  1. Start Viber.
  2. Open the system module. "Volume mixer". on Windows. This can be done from the menu called by right clicking on the icon "Volume". on the taskbar, near the clock.
  3. In the window that opens, move the slider "Volume level" under the name Viber. all the way to the bottom, or click the icon "Sound".thus giving it the brand "Disabled"..
  4. After performing the above window. "Mixer". should be closed. Sounds will not disturb Wyber until Play permission is re-enabled in Windows.


Concluding the consideration of the methods to disable the sounds in Viber for different operating systems, it should be noted that the corresponding functions in the messaging client applications are not always clearly organized. At the same time, in most cases it is still possible to achieve an acceptable situation for a particular user when receiving audio notifications from the messenger.

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