Open hidden chats in Viber for Android and iOS

Open hidden chats in Viber for Android and iOS

When activating certain options in Viber, some users do not think about how they will interact with the messenger in the future. So, once you have hidden one or more conversations or group chats from unauthorized people who have access to the device, you may later ask yourself a question: how to find the 'hidden' and continue to correspond with this or that participant from service. This article describes how to open a hidden chat in Vyber for Android and iOS.

How to open hidden chats in Viber for Android

If you belong to the audience of Viber for Android users, follow these steps to find and open hidden chats and groups.

    1. Open messenger or go to "Cats".if the Viber app is already running.
    2. Press the icon. "Look for". in the upper right corner of the screen. In the field that appears, enter the value of the PIN code assigned as the password to access the hidden correspondence.
    3. After entering the last digit of the PIN, messenger will automatically show you a list of chats and groups that the system has hidden from prying eyes at your previous address. Tapping the header of any conversation on the list will open a screen where you can continue communicating.

  1. Advanced. If there is no need to hide the dialogue or group chat later:
    • Open the hidden conversation options menu (the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen) and select "Information"..
    • Scroll through the list of functions and press "Make chat visible". The system will then ask you to enter the access code again - do so, then the dialog will be excluded from the hidden list and displayed in the tab "Cats"..

Unknown PIN

What to do if you forget the password to access the hidden chats? To get out of these situations the developers of the messenger have provided a function to reset the secret combination, but the user will have to forget about the possibility to see the content of the hidden dialogs and groups after following the instruction, because they will be eliminated:

  1. In running messenger, go to "Plus".tapping their name at the bottom of the Viber for Android screen. Scroll through the list of features and open "Settings"..
  2. Click on "Privacy".and then open the menu "Hidden chats".. Press "Reset PIN".
  3. Confirm the system's request to irretrievably erase the information contained in the hidden correspondence by tapping "YES"..
  4. This completes the password reset operation, and all hidden chats will have to be recreated.Read more: How to create a hidden chat in Viber for Android

How to open hidden chats in Viber for iOS

Users of Viber for iPhone to open previously hidden conversations and group chats should follow almost the same path as in the Android environment: there are practically no differences in the algorithms for accessing the hidden correspondence between the mobile applications.

  1. Start messenger on your iPhone and open "Cats". Applications.
  2. Press "Look for". and enter the value of the four-digit hidden chat access code in the field.
  3. After entering the last digit of the PIN code in the messenger search field, a list of titles and chat groups that were previously hidden from prying eyes will be displayed. You can open any conversation and continue exchanging information with another Viber user.
  4. Optional. If the need to hide the header of a particular chat in Viber for iPhones is gone:
    • Go to the hidden conversation and open the menu of options applicable to it by tapping the heading (name of the caller) at the top of the screen. Select option "Information and configuration"..
    • After clicking on "Make chat visible". on the menu "Details". and enter the PIN code, the dialogue or group chat will be moved from the hidden list to the tab "Cats". delivery courier.

Unknown PIN

If you lose the secret combination used to access the hidden chats in Viber for iOS, you will have to accept the loss of the information that was transmitted and received as part of the conversations that were previously hidden. Reset the PIN by following this path:

  1. Call the menu "Plus". In Viber on the iPhone. As you scroll through the list of items, you will find "Settings". - go there.
  2. Open section "Privacy".and then click on the function name "Hidden chats".
  3. Next selection. "Reset PIN" and confirm your intentions by tapping "Yes". under the request of the system that appears.
  4. That's it - once the hidden chats are completely destroyed, and in the future the dialogues and groups can be 'hidden' by entering a new secret combination of digits in the activation process of the corresponding option.Read more: How to create a hidden chat in Viber for iPhone


As you can see, the principle of getting access to hidden correspondence on Viber messenger is very simple. Both Android and iPhone users should have no difficulty opening chats hidden from prying eyes: the main thing is not to forget the PIN code.

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