Loading OpenGL Drivers

Loading OpenGL Drivers

Important information

OpenGL technology is now supported by all major graphics card manufacturers (AMD, NVIDIA, Intel) and the software required to make it work is supplied as a driver package. To get the necessary software, all you have to do is install the latest version. It should also be noted that the technology, although somewhat outdated, continues to evolve, and not all video adapters are compatible with the latest releases.

Method 1: The video card manufacturer's website

The best method to obtain the required software kit is to download it from the vendor's website, as this ensures 100% compatibility and avoids software problems.

Option 1: NVIDIA

To download the NVIDIA video card drivers from the company's official website, proceed as follows

Open the NVIDIA website

  1. From the main resource menu, select "Drivers".. If none appear (for example, due to the small size of the browser window), you can find it by clicking the three bars in the upper left corner.
  2. The driver filter tool will appear by a number of parameters, such as product type and series, operating system, and download language. Set your preferred values ​​and then tap "Look for"..
  3. In a few seconds, the tools on the site will prepare a suitable result. However, keep in mind that it sometimes fails; to check, open the tab "Compatible Products" tab. and make sure your video card is listed.
  4. After checking compatibility, click "Download now".

    Read the disclaimer on the next page and press again "Download now"..

  5. After downloading the installer, run it and install the drivers, following the instructions on the screen.
  6. You can also automate the driver selection process by using a service that scans your system and selects the most compatible package itself. You can find all the details of how to use this solution in the following instructions.

    Further information: Installing Graphics Card Drivers Using NVIDIA Web Service

    You can also use the GeForce Experience application to automatically download a known-quality driver package that can be installed with just a few clicks.

    Further information: Driver Installation with NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Option 2: AMD

The procedure to download the video card drivers from the Reds official website is as follows:

Go to the official AMD website

  1. Use the main menu option "Drivers and support".
  2. Use the selection tool to specify your video card and press "Send"..
  3. If there is software available for the target GPU for different operating systems, select the desired one by clicking the corresponding line to expand it. In our case it is a Windows operating system.

    Then just click "Download"..

  4. Directly the drivers for AMD graphics cards come with proprietary software, the version of which depends on the supported operating system: for Windows 10 it is Adrenalin Edition, Windows 8.1 - Crimson Software, Windows 8 and 7 - Catalyst Control Center. The procedures for using these programs are different for each version.

    Read more: Installing drivers for AMD graphics cards via Catalyst Control Center / Adrenalin Edition

Option 3: Intel

You can also download the drivers for the built-in and external video cards from that manufacturer's official website.

Go to the Intel website

  1. Open the website by clicking the link above, and then click "Medium". - "File Download Center".
  2. Scroll down the page to the product list, where the item is selected "Graphics".
  3. The company has recently changed the structure of the site, so it will be necessary to filter the results further. On this page, click the item "Filter"..

    Here you have to click on the link "Graphics Adapters".

    Then select a family of video cards,

    and then the specific series, then press «OK» to get results.

  4. Check the list of found, select what you want and click the button "Downloads" on the corresponding line.
  5. Download the software and install it on your computer.

Method 2: Driver Finder

If for some reason official sources are not available (for example, your video card is too old), special driver search programs - solutions that have a built-in database of service software for a variety of devices, or It is located on the server, from where it is downloaded - they can help. There are quite a few such tools - the most functional and convenient are presented in the following selection.

Read more: Best Driver Installers

As for the right tool for this task, DriverMax is worth a look - it has the most comprehensive database of specific drivers for video cards, including older ones such as the GeForce GTS and Radeon HD 4 series ** *.

Read more: Updating your graphics card drivers with DriverMax

Method 3: Hardware Identification

Drivers for modern cards with OpenGL support can also be obtained using a hardware ID, which is a unique sequence of certain keys corresponding to the device. The procedure is to get the desired combination and use it in a special software search resource, such as DevID. The details of both steps have already been covered by one of our authors, so we recommend reading his guide at the link below.

More information: Finding drivers by device ID

Method 4: System Tools

In situations where all of the above methods are not applicable, the remaining option is to use snap-ins from the operating system, in this case Windows. Since version 7, they have built-in tools to search and find drivers on their own, including those containing OpenGL components. It is important to remember that, for this very task, operating system tools should only be used as a mandatory measure, as most utility software is almost guaranteed to be out of date.

Further information: Driver installation with standard Windows tools

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