Parallels Desktop 8 or How to run Windows on Mac

There are times when Windows applications must be used on Mac computers. This is exactly what it is for Parallels Desktop, which allows you to use a virtual operating system on your computer and run it without having to restart OS X.

Let's say you use a Mac computer all the time, but for whatever reason, no matter what, you need to start Windows. Well, for example, there was a desire to play a game or work on an application available only for this operating system.

There are several ways to solve the problem. The first, not the most comfortable, is install windows as a second operating system on a Mac. But you will have to restart your computer each time you select the required operating system. A more convenient way is to use an application that launches the desired windows without leaving OS X.

Such solutions are represented by various applications, for example, VMWare or Virtual Box. We will pay particular attention to the best, in our opinion, application of Parallels Desktop, specifically to its 8th version. The program can work with both the new Mountain Lion operating system and Microsoft's flagship operating system - Windows 8. The program supports directx 10, which will be very useful for fans of computer games.

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How Parallels for Mac works

First you need to install the application. Buy a key on the official website of Parallels Desktop, download the distribution kit and you're done.

The installation of the program is quite simple. You just need to press "next" several times and finally "done". After registering and activating the program, you can start using it, that is, create a virtual operating system.

I would like to point out that through the application interface you can download images from Chrome, Ubuntu, Android. Everything installs quickly and works great.

As for Windows, it will take a little longer here because it needs to be purchased and activated. Simply record the path and entrust the installation to the application Parallels Desktop. The whole thing will take about 15 minutes.

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How to run Windows on Mac: Parallels Desktop

There are two options for starting Windows. In the first version, the virtual operating system starts directly in OS X. In the second case, all programs are run using the virtual machine window. The first option is the best.

After installing Windows, in your window you will see the OS X desktop, repeating itself completely. The end result will be a normal working version of Windows, and you don't need to restart your computer to start it up. In addition, it is very tightly integrated with OS X. That is, you start the "shield" while working with the Finder. Or it is possible to install Windows 7 widgets on Mountain Lion. All these features are provided by Parallels Desktop 8.

To do this, you just need to move the desired item to the operating system where it will be used. The program allows you to make extensive use of cross capabilities. All necessary settings will be installed by default, but each user can customize them himself.

The ease of use of Parallels Desktop 8 is awesome. You don't need to constantly restart your computer to get it working on a particular operating system. The most interesting thing is that when working in a virtual machine, there are no brakes. The capabilities of the applications of one operating system can be freely used in another. Let's say that it is quite possible to use both Safari and Internet Explorer at the same time. Or by moving shortcuts from the Windows 8 interface to the Launchpad in OS X, they only slightly change their appearance.

I would like to draw your attention to the Coherence mode, which allows you to access the Start button without seeing Windows windows.

Thus, working with the Apple operating system, we are able to use Windows applications. Therefore, it is not a shame to spend money on the program, because it is completely justified. Because of these funds, we can use OS X-based Windows without restarting. Also, the program can work with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and OS X.

This will be very convenient if you only need to work with two operating systems. And those who like to play games will be delighted to use the powerful Apple laptop for Windows-based games.

It's hard to find mistakes Parallels Desktop 8, It just works!

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