Picpick is one of the best free screen capture software for Windows

In various article comments on the site, readers have mentioned Picpick freeware as one of the best Windows 11, Windows 10, and other versions of the screenshot utility. I hadn't come across this utility before, so I decided to take a look at it.

This article is about the features of Picpick, where to download the Russian version of the program, and additional information that may be useful. A similar free program, but contains screen recording functions: ShareX.

How to download and install Picpick for free, Russian language in the program

The Picpick screenshot tool is available free of charge for personal use. You just have to follow the following steps to download and install:

  1. Click the "Download" button on the official website https://picpick.app/ru/
  2. Under "For Home" click the "Download" button to download the software installer or, if you wish, download a portable version to work without installation.
  3. When downloading the installer - run the downloaded file and follow all the installation steps, there are no special features.

Once completed, it only remains to run the program.

How to Picpick in Russian

The first time Picpick is started, regardless of the Windows language, it can start with an English interface. To enable Russian:

  1. Open the "Options" section.
  2. In General, select "Russian" in the language field and press "OK" - this will give you a Picpick in Russian.

I highly recommend that you explore the rest of the program's settings as well, once the interface has switched to Russian.

Use Picpick to work with screenshots

If you've ever used similar screen capture software (and even if you haven't), you shouldn't have a problem using Picpick. Or in the File menu (the main window when starting the program):

Or in the menu of the program icon in the notification area (after installation the program is automatically added to Windows autostart):

Select the desired action in "Screenshot":

  • Full Screen - Full screen capture
  • Active window
  • Window element - When hovering the mouse pointer, the elements of the window will be highlighted, click on the desired one and your snapshot will be created
  • Scrolling window - to create a screenshot of a scrolling window, for example a website or a browser window with many files
  • Highlighted area, fixed area, arbitrary area - to take a snapshot of the corresponding area of ​​the screen

The same actions can also be performed using keyboard shortcuts. You can read about them or change the shortcuts in the corresponding section of Picpick's settings.

By default, after creating a screenshot, Picpick's built-in image editor opens automatically (if not required, the behavior can be changed in the settings under "Capture"), where simple editing actions can be performed in the screenshot before saving:

  • Resize, trim.
  • Add an image, a text, fill individual areas or move them.
  • Add simple effects to the entire screenshot or selected area (for example, if you want to blur part of the image).

After editing it, you can save the file on your computer (you can also configure automatic saving in the corresponding Picpick configuration section) or use the Publish tab to send it to the cloud, by email, to some external program, to a server FTP, to Microsoft Office programs.

Among the additional features of the program:

  • Built-in color palette and color detection under the mouse pointer.
  • Expand the screen area
  • Determine the exact coordinates of a point on the screen
  • Measuring distances and angles on the screen
  • Draw on screen

In short, the program is pleasant to use and reasonably functional. If this kind of screenshot work is something you do often, I highly recommend you give it a try, you might like Picpick.