Recover deleted contacts in Skype

Recover Deleted Contacts on Skype Contacts are a very useful tool to quickly communicate with other users on Skype software. They are not stored on your computer, like chat messages, for example, but on the Skype server. Thus, the user will have access to his contacts even if he connects to his … Read more

How to recover a password for your Skype account

How to recover a password for your Skype account Almost all users, at least from time to time, have been faced with the task of restoring access to some account. Most of the time, the data needed to log in is simply forgotten, but sometimes it can be reset or stolen… Read more

How to delete a contact in Skype. How to do it

How to delete a contact in Skype. How to do it Sometimes you have to cut off communication with certain people. For example, when he gets annoying or when you haven't talked for a long time and you don't see the point in continuing the conversations. To do this, Skype, like other communication applications, has an option to remove … Read more

Change the time in Skype

Change the time in Skype As you know, when you send and receive messages, make calls and perform other actions in Skype, they are recorded in a log with the time. A user can always open the chat window to see when a particular call or message was sent. But can I change the time... Read more

Skype problems: program freezing

Skype problems: program freezing

Skype Problems: Program Freezing Probably the most annoying problem with any program is freezing. Waiting for an application to respond for a long time is very annoying and in some cases, even after a long period of time, its functionality is not recovered. Similar problems occur with Skype. Let's take a look at the main… Read more

Skype won't start

Skype won't start Skype is a pretty harmful program in itself, and as soon as there is even the slightest factor that affects its operation, it stops launching immediately. In this article, we will describe the most common errors that occur during their operation and discuss the methods of their elimination. Method 1: Common Options for… Read more

My Skype microphone is not working. What to do

Skype microphone not working. What to do The most common problem in communication through Skype is a problem with the microphone. It may just not work or you may have audio issues. Learn what to do if your Skype microphone isn't working. There can be many reasons why... Read more

How to delete your Skype call and conversation history

How to delete your Skype call and conversation history

How to delete your Skype call and conversation history Skype is designed to communicate with your friends. Here, everyone chooses a convenient way for themselves. For some, it is video calls or ordinary calls, while others like the text messaging mode more. In the process of such communication, users have… Read more

Sign out of Skype

Sign out of Skype Among the many questions that concern the work of the Skype program, a significant part of users are concerned about the question of how to close this program, or log out of the account. After all, closing the Skype window in the usual way, that is, by doing … Read more

Run two Skype programs at the same time

Running two Skype programs at the same time Some Skype users have two or more accounts. But, the thing is, if Skype is already started, you can't open the window a second time and only one active account will remain. Is it really impossible to launch two accounts at the same time? Yes, you can, but you will have to… Read more

How and where to see your Skype password

How and where to see your Skype password When working on a computer, the most common complaint from users is forgetting the password. Most of the time, you can't see it anywhere in the software. For some programs, special third-party tools have been developed that allow this to be done. But, … Read more

Unblock a user in Skype

Unblock a user in Skype Some users resort to a radical solution when communicating on Skype: block accounts. This is done to prevent another user from sending private messages or making calls to the account being used. However, sometimes this action is done by mistake or is... Read more

Skype issues: camera not working

Problems with Skype: the camera does not work The highlight of Skype is that it offers video calling and web conferencing features. This is exactly what differentiates this application from most IP telephony and instant messaging programs. But what should I do if a user cannot see the webcam… Read more

Skype problems: no sound

Skype problems: no sound One of the most common problems when using Skype is a situation where there is no sound. Naturally, in this case it is only possible to communicate by writing text messages, and the functions of video and voice calls, in fact, become useless. But it's these features... Read more

Restore deleted messages in Skype

Restore deleted messages in Skype When working in Skype, there are times when a user mistakenly deletes an important message, or an entire correspondence. Sometimes deletion can also be caused by various system glitches. Let's find out how to recover deleted messages. Browse the database. Unfortunately, there are no tools... Read more

Create a Skype chat

Create a Skype chat Chat in Skype communication software is one of the forms of correspondence between two or more users. By default, you can start a private conversation with each added contact, but sometimes you need to create a new private chat or form a group with several participants to… Read more

Skype for Business sign-in methods

Skype for Business sign-in methods

Skype for Business sign-in methods Method 1: Connected Microsoft account This option is suitable for users who want to connect the Microsoft account used in Windows 10 to buy or activate Office when they connect to Skype for Business. The software automatically picks up the profile, so you only need to confirm it when… Read more

Skype installation

Installing Skype Skype is a popular voice and video communication program. To take advantage of its functions, you need to download and install the program. Read on to find out how to install Skype. First of all, you need to download the application installation distribution from the official website. Now you can start installing it. … Read more

Sending images in Skype

Sending pictures on Skype Not only can you make voice and video calls or send text messages, but you can also use Skype to exchange files. For example, you can use this program to send photos or greeting cards. Let's find out how you can do it both with the full program for PC and with its … Read more

View old messages in Skype

View old messages on Skype Various circumstances make you remember, and view your Skype correspondence quite a long time ago. But unfortunately, old messages are not always visible in the program. Let's find out how to view old messages on Skype. Where are my messages stored? First of all, let's find out where the messages are stored, because... Read more

How to change your Skype account password

How to change the password of your Skype account To ensure the security of the various accounts and accounts, it is advisable to change your password from time to time. Such a popular program as Skype is no exception to this obvious but very important rule. In our article today, we will tell you how to change the… Read more

How to record audio in Skype

How to record audio on Skype Many may wonder if it is possible to record a conversation on Skype. Let's answer right away: yes, and quite easily. The only thing you have to do is use any program capable of recording sound from your computer. Read on to know how to record a Skype conversation with the Audacity program. … Read more

What to do if Skype doesn't work

What to do if Skype is not working Despite the fact that Skype has long since lost the battle of the messengers and has several more functional and popular counterparts, in the corporate segment it remains unrivaled. This program is frequently updated, continues to be developed and actively supported, changing (for better or worse – … Read more

How to change your Skype account

How to change your Skype account Over a long period of time, some circumstances may change, leading to the need to change your account, name, login in various computer programs. Let's find out what needs to be done to change the account and some other login details in the Skype app. How … Read more

Skype problems: I can't send messages

Problems with Skype: I cannot send messages Among the problems that the user may encounter when using the Skype program, we must mention the impossibility of sending messages. It is not a very common problem, but it is quite unpleasant. Let's find out what to do if I can't send messages on Skype. Solution 1: Check your Internet connection Before… Read more

Skype software: what to do when compromised

Skype software: what to do when compromised The most unpleasant moment when working with any program, which operates with personal data, is its hacking by malefactors. The compromised user can lose not only confidential information, but also access to his account, contact list, correspondence file, etc. What's more, … Read more

How to set up the camera in Skype

How to configure the camera in Skype Creating video conferences and video conversations is one of the main features of the Skype software. But in order for everything to happen as correctly as possible, it is necessary to configure the camera in the program properly. Let's see how to enable the camera, and make its settings for the … Read more

Problems with Skype: difficulties in registering

Skype Problems: Difficulty Signing In Skype offers a wide variety of communication options. Users can organize TV calls, text correspondence, video calls, conferences, etc. through him. But to start working with the application, you need to register first. Unfortunately, there are cases where the registration procedure in … Read more

How to leave a Skype conversation

How to leave a Skype conversation Method 1: Context menu of chats The easiest method to leave a Skype conversation is to use the context menu, which is available for all existing chats. You can perform this task as follows: Start the program and go to «Chats». Find the … Read more

How to create a photo in Skype

How to create a photo in Skype Active Skype users often have conversations by transmitting images via webcam. Sometimes there are interesting things happening on the screen that you would like to capture by creating one or more frames. The feature built into the software or additional downloadable software may … Read more

Skype Language Settings: Change the language to Russian

Skype language settings: Change the language to Russian It is natural for a Russian-speaking user to work in a program with a Russified interface, and the Skype application provides such an opportunity. You can choose your language while installing the program, but it is possible that you make a mistake during the installation. Language settings can... Read more

How to sign up for Skype

How to sign up for Skype Skype software is one of the most popular voice communication solutions with video calling capabilities. Currently, it is actively used by millions of users around the world, and dozens of new accounts are created every day. Usually novice users have questions related to… Read more

Eliminate background noise in Skype

Remove background noise in Skype During a Skype call, it's not uncommon to hear background noise and other extraneous noises. That is, you or your interlocutor can hear not only the conversation, but also any noise in the room of the other subscriber. If this adds to the interference... Read more

Pay Skype Credit

Paying for Skype Credit As you know, not all Skype services are free. There are some that require a payment. For example, a call to a mobile or landline. But, in this case, the relevant question is how to recharge Skype. Let's find out. Step 1: Actions in the Skype window First things first… Read more

To remove the echo effect in Skype

To remove the echo effect in Skype One of the most common sound defects in Skype, and in any other IP telephony program, is the echo effect. It is characterized by the fact that the speaker listens to himself through the loudspeakers. It is clear that it is quite uncomfortable to negotiate … Read more

Skype issues: white screen

Skype Problems: White Screen One of the problems Skype users may encounter is a white screen on startup. The worst thing is that the user cannot even try to enter his account. Let us find out what is the cause of this problem and what are the ways to fix it. Communication failure … Read more

Enable Skype Autorun

Enable Skype autorun This is handy when you don't need to start Skype every time you turn on your computer, it starts automatically. After all, forgetting to turn on Skype, you can miss an important call, not to mention the fact that each time to run the program manually, … Read more

How to unlink your Skype account from your Microsoft account

How to unlink your Skype account from your Microsoft account After Microsoft purchases Skype, all Skype accounts are automatically linked to Microsoft accounts. Not all users are happy with this situation, and are looking for a way to unlink one account from another. Let's find out if you can do it... Read more

Skype Software: How to Organize Your Correspondence History

Skype Software: How to Organize Your Correspondence History In some cases, the correspondence history, or the record of the user's actions in Skype, needs to be viewed not through the application interface, but directly from the file in the that are stored. It is especially urgent when that data is… Read more

Can't hear me on Skype. What do I do?

Can't hear me on Skype. What do I do? Skype is a well-proven voice communication program that has been around for several years. But even with that, problems arise. In most cases, they are not related to the program itself, but to the inexperience of the users. If you wonder... Read more

Add friends on Skype

Adding Friends on Skype Skype is one of the most popular programs for communicating with acquaintances, family, and colleagues. It has all the necessary tools and functions for normal communication, including a buddy system. You add another user to your contact list to find and call them faster. Also, the bills… Read more

Disabling the Skype software update

Disabling Skype Software Update Skype's automatic update allows you to always use the latest version of Skype. Only the latest version is believed to have the widest functionality, and the highest protection against external threats due to the lack of identified vulnerabilities. However, sometimes it happens… Read more

Completely uninstall Skype from your computer

Completely uninstall Skype from your computer You may need to completely uninstall Skype if it isn't installed correctly or isn't working properly. This means that after uninstalling the current program, a new version will be installed on top of it. A peculiarity of Skype is that, after installing it again, it is very fond of "picking up" ... Read more

Why can't I install Skype

Why can't I install Skype Skype installation fails in some cases. You may get a message that the connection to the server cannot be established or something else. The installation finishes after this message. This issue is especially common when reinstalling or upgrading to Windows... Read more

Skype conversation recording

Skype conversation recording

Skype conversation recording Option 1: Program on your computer A Skype call can be a video call or a microphone-only call, in which the parties can only hear each other. For the different types of calls, the appropriate software can be used, obtaining the recording as an MP3 file or as … Read more

Disabling the camera in Skype

Disabling the camera in Skype One of the main features of Skype is the ability to make video calls and video conferences. But, not all users, and not in all cases, like to be seen by strangers. In this case, the question of disabling the webcam becomes relevant. Let's find out how... Read more

Remove advertising on Skype

Remove ads in Skype Lots of people are annoyed by ads, and it's understandable: bright banners that make it hard to read text or look at images, full-screen images that can turn users off altogether. The ads are on many sites. In addition, it has not avoided and popular programs, which in recent … Read more

Problems with Skype: not accepting files

Skype Issues: Not Accepting Files One of the most requested features of the Skype application is the ability to receive and transfer files. In fact, it is very convenient during a text conversation with another user to immediately send him the necessary files. But, in some cases, there are flaws in this function. Let's find out why Skype... Read more

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