Remove the white background in Photoshop

Remove the white background in Photoshop

Almost all Photoshop jobs require clipart - individual design elements. Most of the public domain cliparts are not on a transparent background, as we would like, but on a white one.

In this tutorial, we are going to talk about how to get rid of white background in Photoshop.

Method one. The magic wand.

To remove the background, simply click on it and once it is highlighted, press OF.

The selection is deselected by clicking outside the canvas or using the hotkey CTRL + D.

Method two. The magic eraser.

This tool removes all pixels of similar tint from the clicked area. No additional action is required.

Method three. Overlay mode.

This method is only suitable if the background color is only slightly different from white and does not have a defined texture. We will apply the blending mode "Multiply". And if the background is much darker or has a bright hue, the image colors may be distorted.

A perfect example of applying this method:


These were the fastest and most convenient ways to remove white background in Photoshop. If you can't get rid of the background qualitatively, you have to use object clipping manually.

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