Restore Google Play Store on Android

Restore Google Play Store on Android

On Android mobile phones and tablets, Google Play Market offers the ability to search, install and update various applications and games, but not all users appreciate its usefulness. So, accidentally or deliberately, this digital store can be erased, after which, in all probability, you will have to restore it. Exactly how this procedure is done, and it will be described in this article.

How to restore Play Store

The article brought to your attention will specifically talk about how to restore Google Play Market in cases where it is missing from your mobile device for some reason. If the application does not work properly, has errors or does not start, we strongly recommend that you read our general article, as well as the entire section dedicated to solving problems related to it.

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If by recovering you mean accessing the Store, that is, entering your account, or even registering to use its functions later, surely the following links will be useful to you.

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Whenever the Google Play Store has permanently disappeared from your Android mobile phone or tablet, or that you (or someone else) has deleted it in some way, proceed with the following recommendations.

Method 1: Enable a disabled application

Therefore, in the fact that the Google Play Store is not on your mobile device, you and I are safe. The most trivial reason for this problem may be its disconnection through the system settings. Therefore, you can restore the application in the same way. This is what you have to do for it:

    1. When opening "Settings".go to section «Applications and notifications»and there to the list of all installed applications. The latter usually has a separate element or button, or it may be hidden in the general menu.

    1. Find Google Play Store in the list that opens; if it is there, there is probably an inscription next to its name "Disabled".. Touch the name of this application to open its details page.
    2. Press "Enable".after which the legend will appear below your name "Installed". and it will start updating the application to the current version almost immediately.

If the Google Play Store is not on the list of all installed applications or, on the contrary, it is there and it is not deactivated, proceed with the recommendations indicated below.

Method 2: Show a hidden app

Many of the launchers offer an option to hide the applications, so that you can get rid of their shortcut on the home screen and in the general menu. Maybe Google Play Market has not disappeared from your Android device, but was simply hidden, by you or someone else - it is not so important anymore, the main thing is that now we know how to get it back. It is true that there are quite a few lunches with this feature, so we can only offer a general algorithm of actions, but not a universal one.

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    1. Open the launcher menu. Most of the time this is done by holding your finger in an empty area of ​​the home screen.

    1. Select the item "Settings". (o "Parameters".). Sometimes there are two such items: one leads to the application settings, the other - to a similar section of the operating system. For obvious reasons, we are interested in the first one, and most of the time it is complemented by the name of the launcher and / or an icon other than the standard one. In a pinch, you can always look at both items and then choose the right one.
    2. Once inside. "Settings".and find the item "Appendices". (o "Applications menu".or anything else close in meaning and logic) and navigate to it.
    3. Scroll through the list of available options and find there "Hidden applications". (other names are possible, but of similar meaning), and then open it.
    4. In this list, search for Google Play Market. Take an action that involves undo hiding - depending on the characteristics of the launcher, it could be clicking a cross, unchecking a box, a separate button, or an additional menu item.

After following the steps above and returning to the home screen and then to the applications menu, you will see the Google Play Store that was previously hidden there.

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Method 3: Restore a deleted application

If, in the process of following the recommendations above, you have ensured that the Google Play Store has not been disabled or hidden, or you have initially realized that the application in question has been removed, you will have to take care of literally restoring it. It is true that without having a backup created when the store was present on your system, you will not be able to do so. The only thing you can do in this case is to reinstall the Play Store.

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The actions required to restore such an important application depend on two main factors: the device manufacturer and the type of firmware installed on it (official or custom). Thus, in the Chinese Xiaomi and Meizu install Google Play Market can be installed from the store integrated into the operating system. With these devices, as well as a few others, an even simpler method will work - a trivial download and unzipping the APK file. In other cases, you may need to have Root rights and a custom recovery environment (Recovery), or even a reflash.

To find out which Google Play Store installation method is right for you in particular, and more specifically for your mobile phone or tablet, study carefully the articles that we provide in the following links, and then follow the recommendations that are suggested in them .

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For Meizu mobile phone owners
In the second half of 2018, many owners of mobile devices of this company faced a massive problem - in the work of Google Play Market crashes and errors began to occur, applications stopped updating and installing. In addition, the store may even refuse to start or require Google account login, not allowing login even in settings.

There is still no guaranteed effective solution, but many mobile phones have already received updates in which the bug has been fixed. The only thing that can be recommended in that case, provided that the instructions in the previous method have not been used to restore the Play Store, is to install the latest firmware. Of course, this is only possible if it is available and has not yet been installed.

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Emergency measure: Factory reset

Most of the time, the uninstallation of pre-installed applications, especially if they are services of the Google brand, entails a series of negative consequences up to the partial or even total loss of the operation of the Android operating system. Therefore, if you cannot restore the uninstalled Play Store, the only possible solution is to reset the mobile device to factory settings. This procedure involves a complete deletion of user data, files and documents, applications and games, and will only work if the Store was initially present on your device.

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Restoring Google Play Market on Android if it has been disabled or hidden is not too difficult. The task is much more difficult if it has been erased, but even then there is a solution, although it is not always easy.

We are glad that we were able to help you resolve the issue.

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