Run "Command Line" on a folder in Windows 10

Method 1: Specify the path

First, let's look at a method that doesn't involve launching the console in a folder, but rather navigating to it directly through the console interface.

  1. Open in "Explorer". the location where you want to start "Command line"., highlight and copy the address that appears on the top line. To do this you can use the keys "Ctrl + C". or the corresponding context menu item.

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  2. Run the console as you like, for example by searching the system (query – cmd).

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  3. Enter a command of the following type and press "Get in"..

    cd путь к папке, в которой требуется открыть консоль

    (in our example it is cd C:\Lumpics)

  4. This completes our task – "Command line". is open in the folder, subsequent commands will be executed in the specified location.

    Keep in mind. If the action you intend to perform requires administrative privileges, you must run the console as a user with the appropriate privileges. How to do this is described in another article on our website.

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Method 2: Context Menu and PowerShell

In previous "ten" versions of Windows, you could open a console in a folder via the context menu, but now PowerShell appears in this item. From this system complement it is also very easy to reach the one that interests us.

  1. Open the folder you want to run in "Command line"., right-click (PKM) on the empty space and select "Open the PowerShell window here.".
  2. Enter the request. cmd and press "Get in".
  3. Although the interface will not change, the exact location you need will open in the console, with support for its command syntax feature.
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Method 3: “Explorer” menu

This method is essentially an alternative to the previous method and differs only in the first step.

  1. Navigating to the desired directory via "Explorer"., to bring up the menu "File".select in it the element "Run Windows PowerShell."and then a similar one in the additional tab that appears.
  2. Enter the command cmd and use the key "Get in". to run it.
  3. As in the previous case, "Command line". will open in the specified location, although it will retain the interface "PowerShell".

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