Run two Skype programs at the same time

Run two Skype programs at the same time

Some Skype users have two or more accounts. But, the point is that if Skype is already started, you cannot open the window a second time and there will only be one active account left. Is it really impossible to launch two accounts at the same time? Yes, you can, but you will have to take some additional actions. Let's find out what they are.

Running multiple accounts on Skype 8 and higher

To be able to work with two accounts simultaneously in Skype 8, just create a second icon to launch this application and configure its properties accordingly.

  1. Ir a "Desk". and right-click on it (PCM). In the context menu select "Create". and in the additional list that opens, scroll to "Shortcut"..
  2. This will open a window to create a new shortcut. First of all, you need to specify the address of the Skype executable file. In the only field in this window, enter the following expression:

    C:Program FilesMicrosoftSkype for DesktopSkype.exe

    Warning. In some operating systems it is necessary to go to the "Program files". key "Program Files (x86)".

    Then click "Next"..

  3. Next, a window will open in which you must enter the name of the shortcut. Preferably, this name should be different from the name of the Skype icon that you already have in "Desk". - so you can tell them apart. For example, you can use the name "Skype 2".. After naming, click "Done"..
  4. The new shortcut will then appear in "Desk".. But this is not all the manipulation that needs to be done. Click on PCM on this icon and from the list that appears, select "Properties"..
  5. In the window that opens, in the field "Object". To an entry that is already there, add the following data after the space:

    --secondary --datapath "Путь_к_папке_профиля"

    Instead of a value "Folder_file_path" requires you to specify the directory location of the Skype account you want to use to sign in. You can also specify an arbitrary address. In this case, the directory will be automatically created in the designated directory. But the most common is that the profile folder is in the following path:

    %appdata%MicrosoftSkype for Desktop

    So you just have to add the name of the directory itself, for example «Profile2». In this case, the general expression entered in the field "Object". in the properties window of the shortcut, it will look like this:

    "C:Program FilesMicrosoftSkype for DesktopSkype.exe" --secondary --datapath "%appdata%MicrosoftSkype for Desktopprofile2"

    After entering the data, press "Apply". и "AGREE"..

  6. Once the properties window is closed, double-click with the left mouse button on your newly created icon in "Desk"..
  7. In the window that opens, click on the button "Let's go.".
  8. In the next window click "Sign in with a Microsoft account.".
  9. A window will open in which you will have to provide a username such as an email, a phone number or the name of the Skype account, and then click on "Next"..
  10. In the next window, enter the password for this account and click "Log in"..
  11. The second Skype account will be activated.

Running multiple accounts on Skype 7 and lower versions

Running a second account in Skype 7 and earlier programs follows a slightly different script, although the gist remains the same.

Step 1: Create a shortcut

  1. First of all, it is necessary to completely exit Skype before doing all the manipulations. Next, you need to delete the Skype shortcuts found in the "Desk". Windows
  2. So, you have to re-create the program shortcut. To do this, click "Desk".and in the list that appears, go through the following items one by one "Create" и "Label"..
  3. In the window that appears, you must type the path of the Skype executable file. To do this, click "Browse…".
  4. Usually the main file of the Skype software is located in the following path:

    C:Program FilesSkypePhoneSkype.exe

    Specify it in the window that opens, and then click "AGREE"..

  5. Next, we click the button "Next"..
  6. In the next window, enter the name of the shortcut. As we have more than one Skype shortcut, to differentiate them, we are going to name the shortcut "Skype1". Although, you can call it whatever you want, as long as you can tell the difference. Press the button. "Done"..
  7. Label created.
  8. There is another way to create a shortcut. Call the Run window by pressing the key combination Win + R. Enter the expression there "% Programfiles% / skype / phone /" without the quotes, and then click the button "AGREE".. If you get an error, replace the parameter in the input expression with "program files" en "Programfiles (x86)".
  9. Then we navigate to the folder that contains the Skype program. We click on the file Skype. right-click and in the window that appears, click "Create Shortcut"..
  10. After that, a message appears saying that a shortcut cannot be created in this folder and asks if it should be moved to "Desk". Press the button "Yes"..
  11. The shortcut appears in "Desk".. The name can also be changed for convenience.

Which of the two previous ways to create a shortcut to Skype to use, each user decides for himself. This fact is not of fundamental importance.

Step 2: Add a second account

  1. Then click on the created shortcut and, from the list, select the item "Properties"..
  2. After activating the window. "Properties".and then we go to the tab "Shortcut".if it is not on it immediately after opening it.
  3. Add a value in the "Object" field to an existing entry "/secondary"but at the same time don't remove anything, just put a space before this parameter. Press the button "AGREE"..
  4. In the same way, we create a shortcut for the second Skype account, but give it a different name, for example "Skype2".. Also add a value to the "Object" field of this tag "/secondary".

You now have two Skype shortcuts to "Desk".You can run both at the same time. In this case, of course, the registration data of different accounts is entered in the windows of each of these two open instances of the program. If you wish, you can create even three or more of these shortcuts, thus obtaining the possibility of running an almost unlimited number of profiles on a single device. The only limitation is the size of your PC's RAM.

Step 3: Automatic launch

Of course, it is very inconvenient to enter the registration data: username and password each time a separate account is started. This procedure can be automated, that is, by clicking on a certain shortcut to immediately start the account selected for it, without having to make entries in the authorization form.

  1. To do this, reopen the properties of the Skype shortcut. In the countryside. "Object".after value "/secondary", insert a space, and add the expression according to the following pattern: "/ Username: ***** / password: *****"where the asterisks, respectively, your username and password of a particular account in Skype. Once entered, press thebutton. "AGREE"..
  2. We do the same with all the Skype shortcuts we have by adding "Object". registration data of the respective accounts. Don't forget to precede the sign everywhere "/" put a space.

As we can see, although the developers of the Skype program did not foresee the launch of multiple instances of the program on the same computer, this can be achieved by making changes to the parameters of the shortcut. In addition, it is possible to configure the automatic start of the necessary profile, without entering the registration data each time.

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