Save a photo from the Viber messenger to the memory of an Android smartphone and an iPhone

Save a photo from the Viber messenger to the memory of an Android smartphone and an iPhone


When using Viber, there is often the desire and sometimes the need to save the photo sent by the interlocutor in the storage of an Android smartphone or iPhone for later use for various purposes. Such a content copy of the messenger is not only possible, but is also easily implemented by any of its users, and the article provides instructions on how to do it in practice.

How to Copy Photos from Viber to Phone Memory

The methods of solving the article title problem that are applicable in the Android and iOS environment are different, therefore the processes of saving photos on the smartphone and iPhone controlled by the "green robot" are described below. separated.


To copy photos from Viber for Android to your device, you can do it in two ways. The first of the methods proposed below is more preferable if there is a need for a one-time or periodic storage of individual images received through the messenger, and the second involves automating the process of downloading all the photos from the chats to memory. of the smartphone. .


Method 1: "Share" option

To successfully complete the following instructions, you will need one of the Android file managers with the ability to download files from the Internet. Of the solutions listed in the article at the link below, ES Explorer, Solid Explorer, Total Commander, X-plore File Manager are suitable.

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By the way, the necessary functionality is built into many "To explore" pre-installed on modern devices (eg Xiaomi Mi Explorer), therefore you may not have to install any additional applications. The following example demonstrates how to copy a photo from Viber to the device memory using Solid Explorer .


  1. Install, if it has not been done before, the file manager for Android from Google Play Store.In any case, once we launch the "To explore" , in order to give you access to the storage of the smartphone, that is, we press "LET" in the request window that will appear when you open the application for the first time.


  2. We launch Viber and go to the chat (dialogue, group, community, it does not matter), where there is a photo to save.
  3. Then by tapping on the photo thumbnail, open its full screen view and tap the icon "Share" at the top of the screen, or by long pressing the image preview in chat, open the menu and select the Option "Share" in the . 
  4. In the area «Select an action» that is displayed at the bottom of the screen , we find the file manager icon and touch it.
  5. Then go to the path to save the photo in the "Explorer" open and click "To select" ( "Save" ).
  6. After some time, the graphic file is in the specified directory.

Method 2: automatic download

Despite the fact that Viber for Android does not provide a specialized option that involves saving the image directly, the process of copying the photos received through the messenger to the device's memory is carried out automatically, unless the user deactivates the corresponding setting.

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  1. Open the messenger and follow the path "More" - "Settings" - "Data and multimedia" .
  2. We check the presence of a mark in the checkbox in front of the parameter "Autoload via Wi-Fi" and we activate the option if it is disabled. If it is necessary to download photos to the device memory when the smartphone is connected to the mobile Internet, we additionally enable « Download automatic in the GSM network » .
  3. From now on, all the photos sent by other members of the Viber messenger will be automatically uploaded to the device memory when they are opened and viewed. You can access content uploaded this way by going to any file manager along the way. viber/media/Viber Images.


Viber photo copying for iPhone is carried out according to somewhat different principles from Android environment, due to the closed file system of iOS devices. When implementing our plans in an Apple OS environment, one of two approaches can be applied.

Method 1: save to gallery

The easiest way to get a photo from a Viber chat for storage or other manipulations is to save it to the gallery. The operation is carried out as follows.

  1. We open a chat in Viber for iOS, where the photo that interests us has been sent.
  2. In addition, there are two possible scenarios for the development of events, depending on the method of sending the saved image:
    • With a short tap on the photo thumbnail in the correspondence, we switch to full screen image display mode. Then click on the option name "Save" available at the bottom of the screen, or we call the menu "Send" on the full screen photo viewer screen and touch the item «Save to gallery» .
    • In a situation where the sender of the image transmitted it through the messenger as a document, that is, instead of the preview of the photo in the chat, the name of the file is displayed, we touch it and wait for it to be complete the download. . Then click the message area with the attached file again, which opens a full-screen view of the photo. "Share" at the top of the screen on the right and select "Save Picture" in the area with a list of actions applicable to the file.


  3. That's it: the image was copied from Messenger and you can access it through the program "Fotos" pre-installed on iOS.

Method 2: autosave

In order not to repeat the previous manipulation every time it is necessary to save the photo received through the messenger, in Viber for iPhone, you can activate the option to automatically download the type of content in question to the memory of the device.

  1. Launch Viber and from the tab "More" go to the «Configuration» of the Program. From the list of parameter sections, select "Multimedia" .
  2. Set the switch «Save to gallery» in position "Activated" . We determine the storage period of the multimedia files by touching the corresponding item and choosing the value of the period until the automatic deletion of images from those offered by the program. Optionally, enable or disable the function «Automatic content download» , which affects traffic consumption when the iPhone is on mobile data networks.


  3. As a result of the settings made in the previous step, all the photos sent to Viber are automatically saved in the gallery and are available from the program "Fotos" . In this case, you don't even need to open the chat where the message image came from, the upload occurs before you see the message in the messenger.


It can be stated that the recipient should not have any particular difficulty when copying photos sent via Viber to the memory of the smartphone. The methods to save images of the messenger are very simple and its execution is available from any Android device and modern iPhone.