Save Viber messages in Android, iOS and Windows environments

Save Viber messages in Android, iOS and Windows environments

Many Viber users periodically have the need to save the history of sent and received messages during their time on the service. Let's consider what techniques the messenger developers suggest to create a copy of the correspondence for Viber users using Android, iOS and Windows devices.

How to save Viber correspondence

Since the information transmitted and received through Viber is stored by default exclusively in the memory of users' devices, the need to make a backup copy is justified, since the device may be lost, malfunction or be replaced by another after some time. The creators of Viber have provided in the client applications for Android and iOS the functions that provide the relatively reliable extraction and storage of the messenger information - they should be used to create a copy of the correspondence history.


Saving correspondence in Viber for Android can be done in one of the two easiest ways. They differ not only in the algorithm of their application, but also in the final result, so depending on the final requirements, they can be used separately or, conversely, together.

Method 1: Backup

With the following instructions, you can ensure that your messaging information is always backed up and restored virtually instantly in the Viber app at any time. The only thing you will need to create a backup, in addition to the Android client, is a Google account to access the cloud storage of "Corporación del Bien", since Google Drive will be used to store the copy of the messages that we will create.

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    1. Launch the messenger and go to its main menu by tapping or sliding the three horizontal bars at the top of the screen, on the right. Open the article "Settings"..
    2. Go to the section "Bill". and open it to the element "Backup"..
    3. In the event that the parameter page that opens says "There is no connection to Google Drive"…Do the following:
      • Click on the link. "Adjustments.". Then enter your Google account access data (email or phone number), press "Next"., enter the password and confirm it.
      • Study the license agreement and accept its terms by clicking "To accept".. In addition, you will have to give the messaging application permission to access Google Drive by pressing ENABLE. within the framework of the corresponding application.

      But much more often, the ability to backup your correspondence and save it to the cloud is immediately available when you visit the settings section of the messenger of the same name.

      Therefore, we simply click on "Create a copy." and wait for it to be prepared and uploaded to cloud storage.

    1. Optionally, you can activate the option to make an automatic backup of the information in the future without your intervention. To do this, select the item "Create backup"., set the switch to the position corresponding to the period of time in which the copies will be created.

Once the backup parameters are defined, there is no need to worry about the security of the correspondence made in Vibere - if necessary, you can always restore this information in manual or automatic mode.

Method 2: Retrieve a file from your correspondence history

In addition to the method of saving the content of conversations discussed above, which is rather intended to provide long-term storage and retrieve information in critical situations, Viber for Android has a feature that provides its users with the ability to create and obtain a file with all the messages sent and received through the messenger. This file can be easily transferred to any other device by third party applications.

With the release of version 10.6 of the Viber app for Android, the ability to access the function discussed below from the messenger menu has been removed. Since then, to put the procedure described below into practice, it is necessary to activate the option every time in the client configuration by resorting to a certain "trick" (the first point of the following instruction)!

    1. Open any browser for Android, enter in its address bar: and make the transition. Users who are reading this article from their mobile phone can simply touch the link above. This will start Viber messenger with the settings section already open "Calls and messages."where the element we need is located.
    2. Press «Send message history». and wait for the system to form a file with the information. When you have finished reading the courier data and creating the package, a menu will appear to select an application that allows you to send or save a copy of the correspondence.
    3. The best option to receive the created file would be to send it to your own email or send you a message on any messenger.

      Let's use the first variant, for this we will click on an icon of the corresponding application (in our example it is Gmail), then in the mail client open in a line "TO". enter your address or name and send the message.

    4. The messaging data extracted and saved in this way can be downloaded from the email client to any available device, and then the necessary actions can be taken with it.

For more details on working with files of this type, see the last part of the article on solving our problem today in a Windows environment.


Viber for iPhone users, like the preferred Android members of the previous service, can choose one of two ways to copy correspondence made through the messenger.

Method 1: Create a backup

The developers of the iOS version of Viber, in collaboration with Apple, have created a simple and efficient system for backing up messenger data to the cloud, which is available to any iPhone owner. For successful operation according to the instructions below, the mobile device must have an AppleID, as the backed up information is stored in iCloud.

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  1. Open Messenger on your iPhone and go to the menu "Plus"..
  2. Next, scrolling a little up in the list of options, we open "Settings".. The function that allows you to create a backup copy of the correspondence history is found in the settings section "Bill".and go to it. Press "Backup"..
  3. To start an immediate copy of all messages received and sent to iCloud, tap Create now.. Then wait for it to finish packing the correspondence history into the file and send the package to the cloud service for storage.
  4. To avoid redoing the above steps in the future, you should enable the option to automatically back up your messenger information at a specified time interval. Touch the item "Create automatically". and select the time interval in which the copy will be made. Now you don't have to worry about the security of information received or transmitted through Viber for iPhone.

Method 2: Recover a file with a correspondence history

In the versions of Viber for iOS that were released before April 2019, the function that allows extracting information from the messenger was enabled to save it on any device that is not even involved in the process of using the service, or to transfer the data to another user. In new versions of the client application, this option has been "hidden" from users, but it is still possible to use it.

  1. Click this link from your iPhone or open any iOS web browser and go to entering it manually. Confirm the request "Open this page in Viber."when hitting "Opens"..
  2. Executing the point of the previous instruction will start the messenger, showing the screen "Calls and messages."where is there a choice «Send message history».that was not shown before. Press the name of the function.
  3. On the screen that opens, in the field "TO". Enter the email address of the message archive recipient (you can enter your own). Edit optionally "Affair". of the letter to generate and its body. To complete the letter transmission procedure, press "Send"..
  4. A package with your Viber correspondence history will be delivered almost instantly to its destination.


The Viber client for Windows, designed to access the service functions from a computer, does not include all the functions provided in the mobile versions of the application. Access to the options for saving correspondence is not provided in the desktop version of the messenger, but the message file and its contents can be manipulated on the PC, and most of the time it is most convenient.

If the need arises to save the message history in the form of file (s) on the PC disk, as well as to view the information extracted from the messenger, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Send a file containing a copy of the correspondence to your own mailbox applying "Method 2". From the recommendations that involve saving Viber messages in the Android or iOS environment and suggested earlier in the article.
  2. Access your email from your computer using any of your preferred methods and download the email attachment that you sent to yourself in the previous step.
  3. If there is a need not only to store, but also to view the correspondence history on your computer:


The functions discussed in the article for saving Viber correspondence may seem insufficient for specific purposes or impractical for users of the messenger. In this case, the proposed methods are all solutions to the article title problem and have been implemented by the creators of the service and their client applications. It is not recommended to use third-party software tools to copy the message history of a messenger, because in this case no one can guarantee the security of the user's information and the absence of the possibility of access to it by unauthorized persons.

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