Find and download music on Telegram

Find and download music on Telegram

Method 1: Bots

Like other messaging features, the search and listen to music feature is available through dedicated bots. They work in all versions (both in dedicated clients for Windows and Android and in web applications that can be used through a browser) and the principle of use is the same for each one, the only difference is in the user interface. interaction.

Important! Most of these bots are not available for the iOS version of the app and the macOS client on the App Store due to apple restrictions.

For our example, we will apply the Windows client.

  1. There are quite a few bots of this type, and we will use one of the most popular, called Sound2Bot. Enter your name in the search box, and then click the position that corresponds to the one marked on the screenshot below.
  2. Once you have found the bot, click on the dialog with it "Run"..
  3. The machine in question is quite functional: you can use it to find the songs that are currently popular among users, check playlists or mixes, and find music from the VK social network. Of course, the regular title search is also available. You can use the latter by clicking on the corresponding button.
  4. Next, enter the title of the song you are looking for in the message box, optionally with the name of the artist, and send it to the bot.
  5. In a few seconds, the bot will display the search results. There is no sorting, so the search results list contains both the originals of the searched song as well as various versions or remixes.
  6. By default, the bot displays a limited number of entries, so don't get upset if the search doesn't return anything at first glance: scroll through the results message and click "Go for it"..
  7. Review the clues found based on the algorithm from the previous step. Sooner or later the version you need should appear among them. When you find it, click on the appropriate position to continue.
  8. Wait a few seconds for the bot to prepare the track, then it will appear in the dialog.
  9. Click the arrow below the file icon to download the audio.

    Once the procedure is finished, right-click on the message and select “Save audio file as…”..

    The system dialog will appear. "Driver". – specify where to save the song there, give it your own name if you don't like the default option, and then tap "Save"..

  10. In the Android version, you will have to press the three dots and select "Save to music.". This saves the track to the default music directory, which is usually the folder Music in the root directory of the main memory or the SD card.
  11. Other bots like Sound2Bot work in a similar way, so the instructions above will work for them as well.

Method 2: Channels

An alternative to the use of bots, channels are communities whose administrators and/or members can upload any file to them, including music tracks.

  1. Our site already has instructions on how to properly search for channels on Telegram – read them before proceeding to the next step.

    Keep in mind. Some channels are subject to apple restrictions on iOS and macOS client versions, so users of these operating systems are advised to use the web versions of Telegram WebK or Telegram WebZ!

    Read More: How to Search for Channels on Telegram Windows, Android, iOS

  2. Once you've navigated to the appropriate channel, browse through the posts. A user-friendly administration provides tools to browse and search for specific posts. In the example we're using, the latter is implemented by hashtags in the pinned post – click on them to access the list.
  3. The example channel admin has sorted the entries by genre and artist – scroll through the list and click on the desired result.
  4. In the desktop client for Windows, the found ones are shown on the left side – check them and go to the post with the track you want.
  5. The steps to download music to your device are similar to steps 9-10 in the method above.
  6. Normal search is also available: press the corresponding button in the channel dialog.

    Then enter the name of the desired track in the search box; if a match is found, the dynamically generated results below will appear.

  7. The use of channels is a good alternative to bots, but keep in mind that the tastes of the publishers may not match yours and that in a specific one you may not find suitable music.

Method 3: Music from VK

Noteworthy is the functionality of searching and downloading music stored on the VK social network.

  1. To use the corresponding functions, you will have to add yourself a bot called @vkmusic_bot – The procedure is similar to that described in mode 1.
  2. Start the dialog with the bot to get started.
  3. The first message will be a brief instruction on how to use the app - please read it. So to search for a specific song, click on the command "/song" or enter it manually in the message box.
  4. Next, write the name of the song you are looking for and send the message to the bot.
  5. A list of detected tracks will appear: there is a specific list (a maximum of 10 items are shown), selection buttons and a jump to the next results. For example, we need the original version of the song we are looking for: in the list of results it is at number 6. Consequently, to proceed with its download, click on the button «6».

    Track download is possible in the same way as with the other bots.

  6. Search by artist is implemented in exactly the same way, only instead of the command "/song" used "/artist".

Unfortunately, this bot cannot connect to the user's VK page.

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