Set a password in Google Play Store

Set a password in Google Play Store

Method 1: Third Party Applications

There are quite a few third-party solutions on the Google Play Store that offer the ability to set a password in apps. Many of them can be used to solve our problem today, and some of them even do it automatically, after a little customization. Let's look at one of them below as an example.

Download AppLock from Google Play Market

    1. "Install". on your Android smartphone using the link provided above, and "Opens". yours.

    1. Select your preferred closing method. This will apply to both AppLock and other programs that you want to secure.
    2. Establish security. Therefore, the pin code, password or pattern key will have to be set and pressed first. "Create".and then re-enter to confirm. The fingerprint start-up is activated simply by moving the corresponding switch to the active position. The latter is possible as long as this blocking option is already configured in the system.
    3. Press "Save" to move to the next step.

    1. Select a question from the test, indicate the answer to it and press again "Save".

      Final report: Specifying this data is necessary in case you forget the master password and need to restore access directly to AppLock.

    2. You then give the app the permissions it needs to function properly. First select "Allow drawing on the application".and put the switch in the active position next to «Show on top of other applications»..

      Then select "Allow access to usage statistics"

      to proportionate "Access to usage history"..

    3. After configuring the AppLock, unlock it using the method selected in the third step and press Okau. to access the main menu.
    4. No additional action is required on your part: the most important applications for the system will already be protected by password, and Google Play is among them. To verify it, try to run it; you will have to unlock it first.
    5. To remove the protection from Market or any other application completely, start AppLock, click on the tab in its main window "Locked". Simply touch the icon to the right of the item's name: it will immediately disappear from the list.

We have already written in another article about other programs that allow you to set a password both in Google Play Market and in any other software used on your Android mobile device.

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Method 2: System Settings (some manufacturers)

In some manufacturers' smartphones that use their own Android operating system cases, there is pre-installed software to protect the programs, which allows you to set a password to also launch the Play Market. Among these devices are Xiaomi (MIUI), Meizu (FlymeOS), ASUS (ZEN UI), Huawei (EMUI). Most of the time, the necessary tool has a fairly obvious name "Password protection".and you can find it in the settings. The algorithm of use is the same in most cases, and you can read it in more detail in the material presented at the following link.

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Set payment restrictions and password

The main task in which it may be necessary to put a password in Google Play Market is the need to prohibit not so much its launch in general, but rather specific actions - limit access to certain content or prohibit random purchases and subscriptions. If you need to protect the tent mainly from children, you can and should activate and configure the function "Parental control".as we have previously written in another manual.

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If the main objective of the protection of Play Market is to prohibit unauthorized purchases and subscriptions, simply check if a password has been set to confirm these actions and if it has been set correctly.

    1. Launch the Google Play Store, open its menu (touch the three horizontal bars in the search bar or slide your finger from left to right across the screen) and open "Settings"..
    2. Scroll through the list of available options to the block "Personal". and then tap on the item "Authentication on purchase"..
    3. In the window that appears, select how often a password will be required to confirm purchases. There are the following options:
      • «For all purchases on Google Play on this device»;
      • "Every 30 minutes".;
      • "Never"..

      We recommend opting for the first one, since it is the only one that guarantees that nobody can pay for anything in the Google application store without your knowledge.

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By setting up authentication when buying from the Google Play Store, you will not provide complete protection for this app, but you will eliminate the most undesirable option: unauthorized spending. For a stricter lock, you should use the standard function "Parental control".or install one of the third-party blocking programs. As a last resort, you can try to cancel an accidental purchase.

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