Set the computer's sleep timer in Windows 8

The timer is a very practical function that will allow you to use your device more intelligently, because this way you will be able to control the time you spend on your computer. There are several ways to set the time after which the system will shut down. You can do this using only system tools or you can install additional software. Let's consider both options.

How to set the timer in Windows 8

Many users need a timer to keep track of time and also to prevent their computer from wasting energy. In this case, it is much more convenient to use additional software products, because the system tools will not give you as many tools to work with over time.

Method 1: Shutting Down Airytec

One of the best programs in this plan is Airytec Switch Off. With it, you can not only start a timer, but also set the device to turn off when all downloads are finished, log off after a long absence, and much more.

The program is very easy to use, because it has a Russian localization. Once started, Airytec Switch Off minimizes to the tray and does not disturb you while working on your computer. Find the program icon and click on it with the mouse: the context menu will open, where you can select the desired function.

Download Airytec Switch Off

Method 2: Wise Auto Shutdown

Wise Auto Shutdown is also a program in Russian that will help you control the operating time of your device. With it, you can set the time after which your computer will shut down, restart, enter hibernate mode, etc. You can even create a daily schedule for the system to work according to.

Working with Wise Auto Shutdown is quite easy. When starting the program, in the left menu you have to choose what action you want the system to perform and in the right menu you have to specify when the selected action should be performed. You can also activate a reminder 5 minutes before turning off the computer.

Download Wise Auto Shutdown for free from the official website

Method 3: Use system tools

You can also set the timer without using additional software, but using system applications: the dialog box "Run". o "Command line"..

  1. Use a keyboard shortcut. Win + R[The telephone rings] "Run".. So write a command like this:

    shutdown -s -t 3600

    where 3600 is the number of seconds the computer will shut down (3600 seconds = 1 hour). Then press "AGREE".. Once the command is executed, you will see a message that tells you how long it will take for the device to turn off.

  2. С "Command line". all actions are similar. Call the console in whatever way you know (for example, use the Finder) and then type the same command there:

    shutdown -s -t 3600

    If you need to disable the timer, type "Run". command:
    shutdown -a

We have seen 3 ways to program a timer on your computer. As you can see, using Windows system tools is not a good idea. Using additional software can make your job easier. Of course, there are many other programs to work with over time, but we have chosen the most popular and interesting ones.

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