Share the Internet via Wi-FI, USB and Bluetooth from a Samsung phone

Almost all Android phones have the ability to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB, and Samsung smartphones are no exception. These instructions detail how to distribute the Internet from the Samsung Galaxy to the computer, laptop or other phone by all available methods. The examples use a Galaxy Note with Android 10, but it will also be the same in other current models.

If you are interested in the same for pure Android devices without the One UI features, it is covered in a separate guide How to stream Internet via Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / USB on Android.

How to distribute Internet from Samsung Galaxy via Wi-Fi

The easiest way to distribute the Internet from your phone via Wi-Fi to your computer, laptop, tablet or other smartphone. Please note that mobile internet (received from your service provider) can only be distributed via Wi-Fi, the process itself is as follows:

  1. On your Samsung smartphone, go to Settings - Connections - Mobile Hotspot and Modem.
  2. At the top, turn on "Mobile hotspot." If they tell you that you have to disable Wi-Fi to do this, accept (as we cannot deliver the existing Wi-Fi connection this way, as I mentioned above).
  3. To change the network name, find out or change the password, click on "Mobile Hotspot" and enter the required data instead of the standard ones.
  4. After that, you can connect to the wireless network created from any other device and use your phone's mobile internet from them.

Some nuances that may be important in the context of the distribution of the Internet over Wi-Fi from the phone:

  • Do not forget that the Internet requires that the mobile is connected and active to work.
  • Some companies in some tariffs block the possibility of distributing mobile Internet from your phone to other devices.
  • If you need to quickly connect another phone to the Internet, you can tap the QR code icon at the top right of your Samsung mobile hotspot settings and scan the generated code with another smartphone.
  • If your plan has limited traffic, be aware that connecting your PC or laptop to the hotspot you created could quickly exhaust it (for example, if operating system updates start to download).

Internet distribution from a smartphone to a computer via USB

Unlike the previous method, by connecting the Samsung phone via USB to the computer or laptop, not only mobile internet can be distributed, but also the obtained network can be accessed via Wi-Fi connection using the smartphone as an adapter. Wifi. The steps will be the following:

  1. Connect your phone with a USB cable to your PC or laptop.
  2. Once connected, go to your phone's notification area and tap the USB connection notification.
  3. Select "USB modem".
  4. Windows or another operating system will configure the new device (your phone as a modem).
  5. In your computer's connection list (Win + R - ncpa.cpl.) a new Ethernet connection will appear. If it is disabled, right-click and select Enable.
  6. If the network is still "Off", on your phone, go to Settings - Connections - Mobile Hotspot & Modem, disable and then enable the USB modem item again, the network will be enabled and the Internet will be available.

Share Internet via Bluetooth

And the last method: use the Bluetooth connection. Its main disadvantage is the relatively low connection speed, as well as the unstable operation (and sometimes the inability to connect) for many users. The procedure will be as follows:

  1. On your Samsung phone, go to Settings - Connections - Mobile Hotspot and Modem.
  2. Activate the Bluetooth modem.
  3. Connecting via Bluetooth from another device, and in the case of Windows 10, simply pairing the device through Settings - Devices may not work. After that, you will have to click with the right button of the mouse on the Bluetooth icon of your computer, select "Join personal network" (or go to the Control Panel - Devices), click with the right button of the mouse on your smartphone in the device list and select "Connect via" - "Access point" or "Direct connection". You may be asked to allow connection in your phone's Bluetooth modem mode.
  4. In the list of available connections (which you can open via Win + R - ncpa.cpl) you should see an active "Bluetooth network connection".

Samsung phone as a Wi-Fi modem or adapter: video instructions

Generally, Wi-Fi or USB sharing on Samsung phones usually works without a hitch. The Bluetooth connection is not always smooth, but hopefully if you need it, everything will work.