Show the presentation in Zoom on different devices

Show the presentation in Zoom on different devices

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Option 1: Computer

There are many ways to deliver a Zoom presentation on a computer, using Zoom's individual messaging features. "Screen Demo"available as part of an initiated conference. The easiest option is to select a pre-opened PowerPoint file using a suitable Microsoft Office application or similar program.

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If you don't have the right software on your device, you can use online services like Google Presentations as an alternative. Another useful software feature that you can use to transmit an image from your iPhone without the corresponding application is the screenshot using "Air Play"..

Option 2: Mobile device

The official mobile messaging client for Android and iOS is almost indistinguishable from the previous option in terms of the number of tools to organize and make a presentation. In this case, you can start broadcasting by pressing "Share". in the bottom bar, and then select the appropriate document format in the pop-up window.

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On mobile devices, it is best to use pre-created presentations in "PPTX" and placed in local storage one way or another. If this option is difficult, you can use online services such as the aforementioned Google Presentations, selecting a suitable and, above all, compatible file.

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