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Mute incoming sounds

You can choose to disable sounds within a communication session through your personal conference settings or by using the full participant list management tools. The considered configurations are available in all existing versions of the messenger and are practically indistinguishable from each other in terms of characteristics.

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Option 1: Computer

If you're using a Windows device, you can forcefully disable any incoming sound in Zoom using a special function in the main toolbar. Other solutions that require changing the operating system settings are best left as a last resort, if for some reason the internal means are insufficient.

Method 1: Conference Management

    1. To remove the incoming audio signal within a conference started, at the bottom of the screen, hover your mouse over the button «Mute / Mute» button.tap the up arrow icon and select from the popup menu "Silence the computer.". This will instantly mute any input and output devices within the program in question.
    2. By acting as the creator or co-host of the session, it is possible to take advantage of additional settings. To do this, open the full list of "Participants". Using the corresponding button, place the mouse cursor on the line with the person's name and press "Be quiet"..

    1. Also, there is a function available at the bottom of this section "Turn off all sound"The "Mute All" function is identical to the previous option, but it applies to all participants at the same time. In addition, it is also possible to block the possibility of each participant turning on the microphone independently until the end of the conference.

Note that microphones that have been deactivated in this way cannot be activated again without the wish of each participant. This does not apply to the first point, where input and output devices can be reactivated simply by pressing "Connect". on the bottom panel.

Method 2: Program Settings

    1. Unfortunately, the general settings of the program do not allow you to completely mute the interlocutors, but you can take advantage of several options. First of all, to do this, open "Settings". using the gear icon in the tab "Home". and go to page "Sound"..
    2. Here in the category "Speaker". can change the level "Volume" using the appropriate slider, setting it to the lowest possible value. It is also possible to change the playback device via the dropdown list, which in certain circumstances will help to get rid of the incoming audio signal.

Other options focus only on microphone operation and do not allow automatic disabling of input and output devices, as in the mobile version. Therefore, the solution in the first section of the manual is the most relevant.

Method 3: System Settings

    1. Another way to disable sound in Zoom boils down to changing system settings, which can affect a specific program as well as any other application. You can start using "Volume mixer".by right-clicking the speaker icon on the taskbar and selecting the appropriate item in the pop-up window.
    2. To perform the task at hand, locate the column "Zoom". и "Zoom Meetings" and at the bottom of the window, tap the button with the speaker icon. If done correctly, an additional red icon will appear and any incoming data will be instantly muted.
    3. If the desired results are not obtained, it is possible to resort to the complete disabling of the playback device, which will affect all applications equally. To do this, use the menu mentioned above to navigate to "Sounds."open tab "Reproduction"right-click on the speaker thumbnail and use the option "Deactivate"..You can similarly get rid of the audio via "Device administrator".which will produce an identical result. The only difference will be that re-enabling it in the second case will normally require a system reboot.

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Also, let's not forget simpler solutions like physically muting the speakers, which is quite easy to do on a computer. Alternatively, you can check the other methods in the link above if the steps above didn't work.

Option 2: Mobile device

On mobile phones, regardless of system, it is possible to disable audio in the same way as on PC, but with many more restrictions due to the nature of the Zoom app and platform. As a rule, the tools available directly during the conference are sufficient for this, while other methods are optional and do not always lead to a complete audio deactivation.

Method 1: Conference Management

    1. Of all the tools available during a conference, the first thing worth mentioning is the hands-free function, which is deactivated with the speaker icon in the upper left corner of the application. Using this option redirects the audio signal to the polyphonic speaker, which significantly reduces the volume, but does not help eliminate sounds completely.
    2. If simply muting the speaker is not enough and you want to completely mute the speaker, tap "Read more" in the bottom bar and in this menu select "Be quiet".. If the procedure is successful, another button will appear on the same panel that can be used to turn audio back on within the conference.
    3. Each participant with the status "Organizer". you can disable the microphones of other users at your discretion, which is also considered a solution to the problem at hand. To do this, touch the button "Participants". in the bottom bar, on the page with the same name, select a specific user and in the popup press "Be quiet"..
    4. In addition to individually muting certain participants, it is possible to disable the microphones of all the interlocutors at once, which is done from the same user list page. In this case, just press "Mute all" on the menu "..." and confirmation in an additional window.

Pay special attention to the slider “Allow participants to include their own sound” at the bottom of the window, since in case of deactivation, no user will be able to reactivate the microphone without personally contacting you or changing the settings. In turn, you can tell if the microphone has been correctly deactivated by the crossed out microphone icon in the caller list in front of the person's name.

Method 2: Application Settings

The internal configuration of the app in question allows you to automatically disable the speakers when you enter the conference, except in those conversations that you have created yourself by inviting other participants. To disable this feature, use the bottom panel to go to "Settings"., open "Conferences". and select «Automatic sound connection». in a separate category.

Then check the box next to "Off". and you can exit the settings with an arrow or a link "Done".. Accordingly, the parameter position mentioned at the beginning of this section of the manual will be set automatically and the speaker and microphone will need to be turned on independently if desired.

Method 3: System Settings

Unlike on a computer, on mobile phones it is not possible to completely disable incoming sounds from a particular application, but there are some steps that can be taken. It is worth paying attention to the general volume control, which will be limited to a certain minimum value when the conference is active, and to several additional options.

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Unfortunately, most of these solutions will get you nowhere, because you can't restrict access to the speaker in the app's settings like you can for the microphone. That said, if you're using the Android operating system, there may be third-party tools installed that act as a volume mixer.

mute microphone

To disable streaming from your device during a conference, just use the special button located on the left side of the bottom panel of the app. Also, the microphone can be disabled simultaneously with the speakers by opening the menu "Read more" and touch the option "Silent" option or disable the function "Automatic sound connection" in the settings.

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Any change in microphone status will be visible to everyone in the conference, but no one, including the meeting host, will be able to forcefully unmute the sound. At the same time, the leader of the session can mute the microphone with the automatic lock of the ability to turn it on.

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