Skype won't start

Skype won't start

Skype it is a very harmful program in itself, and as soon as there is a minimum factor that affects its operation, it stops launching immediately. In this article, we will describe the most common errors that occur during their operation and discuss the methods of their elimination.

Method 1: Common Options to Resolve Skype Startup Problem

Let's start with the most common options, which solve 80% of cases of Skype performance problems.

  1. Modern versions of the program are no longer compatible with older operating systems. Users using Windows operating systems lower than XP will not be able to run the program. For the launch and operation of Skype to be more stable, it is recommended to have a system no older than XP, updated to the third SP. This set ensures the availability of the supporting files required for Skype.
  2. Most users trivially forget to check internet availability before logging in and out, causing Skype to not log in. Connect to a nearby Wi-Fi access point or modem, then try to boot again.
  3. Make sure your password and username are correct. If you forget the password - you can always restore it through the official website, in the shortest time to regain access to your account.
  4. It happens that after a long time of inactivity of the program, the user misses the release of a new version. The policy of interaction of the developers with the user is such that the rather obsolete versions do not want to run at all, saying that the program must be updated. There is no way around it - but after the update, the program starts working as usual.

Tutorial: How to update Skype

Method 2: Reset Settings

The most serious problems occur when a user profile becomes corrupted due to a failed update or the launch of unwanted software. If Skype won't open at all or hangs when starting on new operating systems, you need to reset its settings. The reset procedure differs depending on the software version.

Reset Skype 8 and above

First, let's explore the process of resetting settings in Skype 8.

  1. First of all, make sure that the Skype processes are not running in the background. To do this, call "Task Manager". (key combination. Ctrl + Shift + Esc). Go to the tab where the running processes are displayed. Locate all items with the name Skype., highlight each one in sequence and press "Complete the process.".
  2. Each time you will have to confirm your action to stop the process in the dialog by clicking the button "End process" button..
  3. Skype settings are in the folder "Skype for desktop". To access it, check Win + R. Then enter the field that appears:


    Click the button «OK».

  4. Open "Driver". In the address book "Microsoft". Locate the folder "Skype for desktop". Right-click and select an option from the list of options "Rename"..
  5. Give any arbitrary name to the folder. You can, for example, use this name: "Skype for Old Desk".. But anything else will do, as long as it is unique in the current directory.
  6. After renaming the folder, try to start Skype. If the problem was caused by a corrupt profile, the program should activate without problems this time. After this, the main data (contacts, last correspondence, etc.) will be extracted from the Skype server to the new profile folder on your computer, which will be created automatically. But some information, such as conversations from months ago or before, will not be available. If you want, you can retrieve it from the renamed profile folder.

Reset Skype 7 and lower

The reset algorithm for Skype 7 and earlier versions of the application differs from the above scenario.

  1. You need to delete the configuration file that is responsible for the current user of the program. To find it, you must first enable the display of hidden files and folders. To do this, open the menu "Starts".and at the bottom of the window, look for the word "hidden". and select the first item "Show hidden files and folders". A window opens in which you have to go to the end of the list and activate the display of hidden folders.
  2. Then we open the menu again "Start".and in the same search, type % appdata% skype. The following window will open "Explorer".where you should find the shared.xml file and delete it (before deleting it you must close Skype completely). After restarting the shared.xml file will be re-created - this is normal.

Method 3: Reinstall Skype

If the above options have not worked, you need to reinstall the program. To do this, from the menu "Start". Write in. "Programs and components" and open the first item. In the list of programs, find Skype, right-click and select "Uninstall".Follow the instructions in the uninstaller. After uninstalling the program, you have to go to the official website and download a new installer, and then install Skype again.

Lesson: How to uninstall Skype and install a new one

If a simple reinstallation has not worked, in addition to uninstalling the program, you also have to delete the profile at the same time. In Skype 8 this is done as described in 2 method.. In Skype version 7 and earlier, it is necessary to completely uninstall the program together with the user profile, which can be found at C: N-user_nameNde_AppDataNLocal и C: N-users_nameNofDataNofNback (assuming that the hidden files and folders from the previous point are activated). You will need to locate and delete the Skype folders in both locations (this should be done after uninstalling Skype itself).

Tutorial: How to completely uninstall Skype from your computer

After this cleanup, "we will kill two birds with one stone": we will eliminate the presence of both software and profile errors. Only one will remain: on the side of the service providers, that is, the developers. Sometimes they release versions that are not entirely stable, server bugs appear and others that are fixed after a few days by releasing a new version.

This article has described the most common errors that occur when downloading Skype, which can be resolved on the user side. If there is no way to solve the problem yourself, it is recommended that you contact the official Skype support.

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