Skype Language Settings: Change the language to Russian

Skype Language Settings: Change the language to Russian

It is natural for a Russian-speaking user to work on a program with a Russified interface, and the Skype application offers such an opportunity. You can choose your language while installing the program, but it is possible that you will make a mistake during the installation. The language setting may have been changed after some time after the program was installed or someone may have changed it on purpose. Let's find out how to change the language of the Skype application interface to Russian.

How to change the language to Russian in Skype 8 and above

You can enable the Russian language in Skype 8 by making changes to the program's settings after installation. When the program is installed, this cannot be done, as the language of the installer window is determined by the operating system settings. But it is not always what the user needs, and sometimes, due to various errors, the language variant that is not prescribed in the operating system configuration is activated. As most of the time we have to change the language using the English messaging interface, we will consider the procedure by your example. This algorithm can also be applied to change other languages ​​by consulting the icons in the settings window.

  1. Click on the item "More" ("More") in the form of ellipses in the left area of ​​Skype.
  2. From the drop-down list, select "Settings". ("Settings".) or simply apply the combination Ctrl+,.
  3. Then go to section "General" ("General".).
  4. Click on the list "Idiom". ("Language".).
  5. A list will open in which you must select an option «Russian - Russian».
  6. To confirm the language change, press "Apply" ("Apply".).
  7. After that, the interface of the program will be switched to the Russian language. You can close the configuration window.

How to change the language to Russian in Skype 7 and lower versions

In Skype 7, you can not only enable the Russian interface of the messenger after installation, but also select the language when installing the program in the application installer.

How to set the Russian language when installing the program

First of all, let's find out how to set the Russian language when installing Skype. The installation program runs automatically in the language of the operating system installed on your computer. But even if your operating system is not in Russian, or there is some unforeseen glitch, the language can be changed to Russian immediately after launching the installation file.

  1. In the first window that opens, after running the installer, the form with the list opens. There is only one form, so you will not be confused, even if the installation program opens in a language that you are completely unfamiliar with. In the drop-down list, find the value "Russian".. It will be in Cyrillic, so you will find it without problems. Select this value.
  2. Upon selection, the interface of the installation program window will immediately switch to Russian. Then click the button "I agree".and continue with the Skype installation as normal.

Change language in Skype preferences

There are cases where you need to change the interface of the Skype software while it is already running. This is done in the application settings. We will show an example of language change to Russian in the English interface of the program, since in most cases, users change the language from English. But you can also do the same procedure with any other language, since the order of the navigation elements in Skype does not change. Therefore, if you compare the interface elements in the English screenshots below with the elements in your Skype instance, you will be able to change the language to Russian without any problem.

You can change the language using two methods. If you use the first option, in the Skype menu bar, select "Tools". ("Tools".). In the list that appears, click the item "Change language" ("Language selection".). In the list that appears, select the name "Russian (Russian)"..

Afterwards, the application interface will change to Russian.

  1. Using the second method, click the item again "Tools" ("Tools".), then in the drop-down list click on the name "Options ..." («Settings ...»). Alternatively, you can simply press the key combination "Ctrl +,".
  2. The settings window opens. By default it should reach the section "General configuration" ("General configuration"), but if for some reason you get to a different section, go to the one above.
  3. Next, next to "Set the program language to", open the drop-down list and select the option "Russian"..
  4. As you can see, right after, the program interface changes to the Russian language. But for the settings to take effect, and not return to the previous ones, do not forget to press the button "Save"..
  5. After that, the procedure of changing the language of the Skype interface to Russian can be considered complete.

The procedure for changing the Skype interface language to Russian was described above. As you can see, even with minimal knowledge of English, changing the English version of the application to Russian, in general, intuitively understandable. But if we use Chinese, Japanese or other exotic languages, it will be quite difficult to change the appearance of the program so that we understand it. In this case, we just have to compare the navigation elements presented in the previous screenshots, or simply use the "Ctrl +," to go to the settings section.

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