Fix "Google Play Services application has stopped" error on Android

Fix "Google Play Services application has stopped" error on Android

Google Play Services is one of the standard components of Android that allows the operation of branded applications and tools. If there are problems with its operation, it can negatively affect the entire operating system or its individual elements, so today we will tell you about the most common error related to the Services.

How to fix the "Google Play Services application has stopped" error.

This Google Play Services error occurs most often when trying to configure one of the standard applications or use a specific function of it. Indicates a technical problem caused by a loss of communication in one of the communication steps between the specific application and the Google servers. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but in general cases, the process of fixing the problem is not difficult.

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Method 1: Check the date and time

A correctly set date and time, or rather, automatically determined by the network, is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the entire Android operating system and of those of its components that access the servers, receive and send data. Google Play services are one of them, so an error in their operation can be caused by a badly configured time zone and associated values.

    1. В "Settings". from your mobile device, go to "System".and from there select "Date and Time"..

      Final report: Section "Date and Time" can be presented in a common list "Settings".It depends on the version of Android and the device used.

    2. Make sure that "Network date and time."as well as "Time zone". they are determined automatically, that is, they are "pulled" by the network. If this is not the case, put the switches next to these items in the active position. Article «Select time zone». it should stop being active at this time.

    1. Logout "Settings". and restart the unit.

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Test the action that caused Google Play services to stop working. If it happens again, use the following suggestions

Method 2: Clear application cache and data

All applications, both standard and third-party, throughout their use, are filled with junk from unnecessary files, which can cause failures and errors in their operation. Google Play services are no exception. Perhaps your job was suspended for this very reason, and therefore you and I must fix it. For it:

    1. Ir a "Settings". and open the section «Applications and notifications»and, from there, navigate to the list of all installed applications.

    1. Look for Google Play Services on it, tap this item to go to the overview page, where select "Storage"..
    2. [Click the button] "Clear cache."and then "Management of places".. Press "Clear all data" and confirm your action in the pop-up window.

As in the previous case, perform a reboot of the mobile device and then check the error. Most likely it will not happen again.

Method 3: Delete the latest update

If clearing the temporary data and cache from Google Play Services did not help, it is worth trying to revert the application to its original version. This is done as follows:

    1. Repeat steps # 1-3 from the previous method, and then redo «About the application»..
    2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select the only item available in this menu - «Delete updates».. Confirm your intention by pressing "AGREE". in the window with the question.

      Final report: Menu item. «Delete updates» can be represented as a separate button.

    3. Restart your Android device and check if there are any problems.

If the error "The Google Play Services application is stopped" will continue to happen, you will have to move on to erase data more important than the cache, temporary files and updates.

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Method 4: Delete your Google account

The last thing you can do to combat the problem we are seeing today is to delete the Google account that you are currently using on your mobile device as the main account and re-enter it. We've covered how to do this a number of times in articles on a related topic in Google Play Market troubleshooting. Below is the link to one of them. The main thing is that you make sure that you know your username and password for your account before following the recommendations that we offer you.

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The interruption of Google Play services is not a critical error, and the cause can be fixed quite easily, as you and I were able to see for ourselves.

We are glad that we have been able to help you with the problem.

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