Spider man Not only is he a superhero of great value that we can see in the movies, there is also the video game, which is presented as an alternative to know his abilities to defeat enemies, get to know him through this article.


Spider man

From Marvel's firm, Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes out there. His fame doubled when he made his appearance in the Avengers saga, which had a secondary but important role.

The video game linked to this character has been promoted for many years, but today the Insomniac Games company created an excellent version released by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2018.

For this first edition, exclusivity was granted to the PlayStation 4 console. It is also the first video game designed by Insomniac and has been widely accepted by millions of users around the world.

Today we are going to describe all the characteristics and how you can handle this famous superhero; in the same way you can have the option of getting video games and their descriptions, reading the following article 5 Best Selling Games 

Description of Spider Man

The game is very similar to the movies that have been issued by the Marvels film firm. In this video game Spider-Man is presented facing the personalities, Peter Parker and Spiderman.

There is also a more technical side, where you must face traditional enemies such as Electro, Vulture, Mr. Negative, Rhino and Scorpion. The interesting thing is the plot of the video game where he has to face another comics participant named Miles Morales.

However, the company has notified that this character is not really a superhero in the video game, but one more element to increase Spiderman's confrontation with his opponents.

Spider Man gameplay

It is considered an open world activity and expertise video game. It is designed in the third person; contextualized in modern New York; the user mostly manages Spider-man in his role as a superhero, however, at certain times in the game he can manipulate Peter Parker as a civilian.

You also have the option of handling Mary Jane in infiltration positions. The game presents a very varied form of combat, where Spider-man is allowed to perform various movements based on his abilities.

Players can control movements such as skimming a chair onto a rocket, enjoying the city environment and habitat. The character also has his arachnid sense, which is a great experience for gamers.

The gameplay also allows access to a series of gadgets, where they can live according to the convenience of the stage. In this way, obtain electric cobwebs to evade exploding grenades, as well as send cobwebs to nearby enemies, leaving them incapacitated for a few moments.

The superhero roams the US capital autonomously. To do this, he uses the cobwebs that allow him to go up and down anywhere. In the game there are suitcases scattered throughout the capital, which must be found by the players to have access to resources and increase skills.


At each level you can obtain particular resources that serve as distraction Power Ups, and abilities to defeat enemies. The different clothes are obtained through achievements; in addition to having the option of being able to customize them.


There are several tasks where players must complete certain missions to achieve their goals and advance in the game. They are enabled as the levels pass; Among the main stages are: Helping a police technician to apprehend criminals who interfere with their radio communications.

Also helping a lady who observes disturbances in a place and there is her friend, who is about to be assassinated. However, you can also appreciate various forms in the missions, where advances in the gameplay are created.


The game has had several expansions, the first call Spider-man: far from home o The City that Never Sleeps: made up of three DLC released on different dates. The first in October 2018, where new missions and challenges were added, as well as new enemies and some variations in the costumes.

We have the second DLC called Turf War, issued in November 2018. In this expansion the changes were based on the theme of the game; however, some missions, crime types, challenges, and trophies were added, which helped improve the gameplay.

The third part was called Silver Lining, and it was offered in December 2018. It coincides with the appearance of the villain Silver Sable who claims his technology, they do not focus on the aspect of renovation or updating of skills and resources.

In the same way we can get extensions like spiderman:homecoming,  some versions called Spider-man: a new universe and one of the most striking spider man far from home named earlier in this article.

Spider-Man development

This game was created in 2014, although there were previously some animations in video games created by other companies but with many limitations. When Marvel decided to create this experience, it approached Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), who requested the creation of this video game.

Consequently, it took approximately 4 years for the project to become a reality in 2016, when it was presented by the Insomniac company at the E3 conference held by Sony that same year.

The game would be released in 2017, but due to some adjustments and configurations the date was changed to 2018, when it was truly launched on the market. Although after its official presentation and until the launch date many situations happened, today it is a reality and it is planned to carry out several expansions.


The game is projected in recent months for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles, pre-installed on them. Later editions, released on Blu-ray format, were featured with a DualShock 4 wireless controller and a download combination for The City that Never Sleeps DLC. 51

There are downloadable versions on various video game platforms. A collector's version has also been issued, which includes the original game and the three downloadable chapters of The City that Never Sleeps series, which include various resources to support the video game.