If you want to know the tricks for Starcraft PC, you are in the right place. We will take you to know the fastest procedures to achieve stable progress, follow us.


Starcraft PC

The updates of this game for computers also called Brood War, comes with a series of tools allowing players to obtain various skills and resources. These cheats starcraft pc They are activated using a series of keys and codes that help to win the battles in the most incredible ways.

Today we bring you some recommendations and the most important ones to make your gaming experience the most interesting. To activate them you just have to press "Enter" on the PC keyboard while you are on the game screen and a box will open, there you must place the number or code of the trick you want.

If you want to exit, you just have to press "Enter" on the keyboard again and that's it. To deactivate them, just carry out the same action and it will be totally inactive, until you unlock it again.

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For campaign mode

The following cheats only work in campaign mode and cannot be triggered in multiplayer either; so if you activate it in another game situation you will not have access to them, use the code as indicated here:

  • What's mine is mine: you get 500 minerals, if you introduce them several times you can have infinite mineral
  • Medieval man - grants you all research skills.
  • Modify the phase variance - you have the ability to build everything for free.
  • Show me the money: you get 10.000 minerals and gas, place it several times to have them unlimited.
  • Operation cwal: allows you to construct units and buildings as well as carry out immediate research.
  • Breathe Deep: grants you 500 units of Vespene gas
  • Staying alive: you keep playing after you have lost.
  • The gathering: They give you infinite energy in each of the units, remember that spells and abilities do not consume energy.
  • Radio free zerg: is a hidden song that when sung by the mind dominates everything around it and works only in the Brood War expansion, when you play with the zerg.
  • Nogues: This word is used to activate psionic abilities.
  • There is no cow level - You get instant victory.
  • Something for nothing - You acquire all free Upgrades.
  • War ain't what it used to be: You can remove the fog of war that appears on the map.
  • Game over man map: You lose immediately, not recommended.
  • Power overwhelming: Each unit becomes invincible, enemy damage does not cause disturbances.
  • Black sheep Wall: you can see the complete map, you can activate and deactivate them whenever you want.
  • Food for thought: Obtain unlimited resources, with them you design units higher than the population limit, which can reach up to 200.
  • Ophelia: Activate the mission change.

Let's see some tricks using changes and configurations that the player wants or needs:

  • protoss # (you change the # for the mission digits), in the Brood War expansion the "x" is placed in front of the race. Example: xprotoss2
  • terran # (you modify # by the mission number), in Brood War "x" is placed in front of the race. Example: xterran2
  • zerg # (You replace # with the mission digits), for Brood War put "x" in front of the race. Ejm: xzerg2
  • Sheep cold water: cool all units.

StarCraft Remastered Cheats

The next version cheats starcraft 2 pc It also offers some tricks in the single player mode, you just have to press "Enter" on the computer keyboard and put what is indicated, then press "enter" again and that's it.

  • show me the money: You earn 10.000 minerals and gas.
  • medieval man: You get all the potentialities of development.
  • modify the phase variance: You can overcome the technology tree and design whatever you want.
  • whats mine is mine: The benefit is 500 minerals.
  • breathe deep: You earn 500 gas.
  • staying alive: You continue participating unlimitedly.
  • operation cwal: you design faster.
  • noglues: You limit the contrary to using psionic storm.
  • food for thought: The maximum of 200 resources.
  • black sheep wall: see the whole map.
  • protoss # (# = mission): Beat the Protoss level.
  • terran # (# = mission): You jump the Terran level.
  • zerg # (# = mission): You pass Zerg level.


Other tricks

You can also get some other strategies to increase your level and skills, in some cases you can get impressive skills and resources.

  • Power overwhelming, God.
  • Heal me, the selected group explodes.
  • Pieru, all units are accessed.
  • Noglues, neutralize the magic of the opponents.
  • Medieval man, free upgrades in units.
  • Food for thought, make units.
  • Modify the phase variance, all buildings can be raised.
  • Operation CWAL, create units and buildings in record time.
  • Ophelia, employ the level change. Then place the level you want to reach.
  • Man over game, the game wins.
  • Breathe deep, 500 gas.
  • Something for nothing, power all improvements.
  • There is no cow level, you finish the mission you are taking.
  • Whats mine is mine, you get 500 ore.
  • Black Sheep Wall, you can see the full map.

Recommendations for Starcraft PC

The simplicity in the application of the tricks allows you to gain an advantage towards your enemies. If you want to obtain victory, apply them consciously; We do not recommend using them too much so that you do not lose interest in the game.

Develop your own skills without activating the cheats. Make a combination of both so that the gaming experience is the most suitable; Remember that this game can give you a lot of satisfaction if you know how to organize skills and resources.

If you scatter and overload the actions with many tricks, logically you will get delays in the actions and you will be able to slow it down. Get starcraft 2 free download in full spanish for PC and forms of game where you feel more comfortable, the multiplayer mode does not allow to apply these tricks; Likewise, it is also important to mention that the codes must be placed as is, without the need to write the capital letter.

All these tricks are used on computers with Windows and Mac OSX operating systems. In this way, its application in other operating systems is not guaranteed; We recommend using them in the aforementioned software, a good game development is achieved without the need to apply other or processes.