Swappie: how it works and reliability (and an exclusive SWAPPIE COUPON!)

swappy is known in many countries for buying Refurbished iPhone. Its story begins in 2015 when, in FinlandIts two founders, Sami and Jiri, following a scam suffered when buying a mobile phone, decided to open an online "market" for the sale of reconditioned iPhones.

What was a market, today is a true electronic commerce with a great team of experts, capable of providing iPhone like new from a hardware / software point of view with many free warranty, return (money back) and shipping with express courier. But if you want to know more, here is everything you need to know about swappy:

Swappie: our test

Swappie: is it reliable?

Swappie was founded in 2015, located at FinlandIt is an idea of ​​Sami and Jiri who, as a result of a scam suffered in the purchase of a used mobile phone, decided to open their own "market" where to ensure the purchase of reconditioned mobile phones to their users in total. security and honesty.

swappy is now a popular ecommerce site where you can shop Refurbished iPhone (eye, "reconditioned", not "used."). This means that smartphones are tested and reconditioned hand in hand with experts and under advanced quality controls, which in fact allow the site to also offer a 12 months warranty on all devices.

Unlike the many scam sites and sellers found on the net, buying from. swappy is synonymous with guarantee since it has behind a team of experts in the field who are precisely in charge of offering products of excellent quality accompanied by service, warranty and refund.

To find out more opinions from users who have already tried Swappie, here is the dedicated page at Trustpilot! In addition, as we will see shortly, Swappie is a site that - also for that reason can be defined as reliable - accepts secure payment methods With which you can track an order number, a summary or an invoice.

Payment Methods

After choosing your mobile phone, you can proceed to the section check (adding additional services if you wish), where you will find a screen similar to the one you see below. In it you can choose your payment method desired, in which you will also find information about it.

In the order summary you will have essentially four payment options: PayPal, Debit / credit card, payment in installments or cash on delivery. Therefore, you can also select the cash on delivery option (for the more shy), but as we will see shortly the guarantee conditions offered by the site are more than enough to sleep peacefully.

Regarding the credit card payment method, Swappie is affiliated with the following circuits American Express, VISA (like PostePay, for example) and Maestro (like MasterCard), so there will be no problem for the vast majority of users.

Also offered is installment payment (for orders up to a maximum of 600 euros) and the Cash on delivery with UPS (up to a maximum of € 450). If you don't know it, PayPal is a payment system that allows you to open an account on the Internet or connect your credit cards to the service and pay for any order with practically one click. PayPal itself will then withdraw the money from your card or account and pay for the order. transfer it safely to the site, so that there is no risk of being robbed and to do everything immediately.

Shipping & Returns

Swappie will ship your device relying primarily on two courier companies: DHL and UPS. Shipping takes place between 1 and 4 days after your order. Once the shipment is confirmed by emaildelivery will be made according to the schedules provided by the courier service, which are usually between 1-4 days (working days, so Saturday and Sunday are excluded).


El tracking code It is sent when the courier receives the package. If you have not received the email yet, you can contact the customer service by email to [email protected] indicating the order number and your name. The same applies if you must have:

  • Shipping problems: If your package has not arrived within 5 days of shipment, check that the tracking does not show irregularities and contact the carrier (DHL or UPS) for more information. Obviously, there are always the online and email support tools mentioned above that can help you.
  • Package damaged on delivery: Is the package damaged or does it show signs of tampering on delivery? Reject it or sign it with reservationThen contact Swappie immediately to explain the incident via email ([email protected]) or through online service for assistance.

Refund: money back

All mobile phones purchased at swappy can be returned within 14 days of delivery. If you want to return the product you just have to contact the site within 14 days of delivery: even if you get a reply a few days late, the date your message was sent will be considered.

Devices must be returned in the same condition they were received. You can make the return by filling in the return form and using the return label included in the package (so make sure you don't throw away anything that comes in the package upon delivery). In case these items do not arrive with your package or if you have any questions about the return, please contact the customer service for all the materials you need.

Warranty and assistance

Swappie always offers a guarantee of their own called Swappie Guarantee. This lasts for 12 monthsand it applies to all iPhones free. As its own service, the guarantee offered by Swappie is faster and more comprehensive than Apple's warranty on new phones, because it covers almost everything except the mechanical damage.

You can then choose extend the warranty to 3 years selecting the corresponding option at the time of payment. 12-month service includes free battery guarantee in case of damage (although of course normal battery wear and tear is not covered). Other services that are not included in the warranty are:

  • The warranty does not cover breaks or cracks on the screen.
  • The warranty does not cover software-related defects.
  • The warranty does not cover the removal of viruses or malicious programs from your phone.
  • The warranty does not cover damage resulting from the use of an ungrounded power outlet to charge the phone.
  • The warranty is voided if the cables are cut or the appliance is opened.
  • The warranty does not cover damage sustained by the product during shipping if it is due to the negligence of the carrier. Devices must always be protected and properly packed.
  • The warranty is void if the serial number or IMEI of the phone has been removed or made illegible.
  • The warranty does not cover indirect or purely financial damages caused by product failure, such as loss of files.
  • The warranty is voided if the screen / home button / camera or other parts break due to improper use, such as a drop or bump.
  • The warranty is void if a product purchased from Swappie has been repaired by the customer himself or by a third party.
  • The warranty is void if the device is damaged by moisture.

Repair service

Thanks to the quick repairSwappie warranty repairs are completed within a maximum of 14 days from the receipt of the device by the repair service. In some cases, such as national holidays, the repair process may take longer.

To ensure that the appliance is repaired in a reasonable time, the quality of the appliance, the availability of spare parts, the extent of the damage and other special technical specifications must also be taken into account.

Grades of Refurbished iPhones at Swappie

But let's get to the point, the Refurbished iPhones At Swappie! Now that we have seen the reliability and services that the site offers, we can focus on the products for sale. swappy expressly sells refurbished iPhones, which are used (or defective) devices that are taken and 'reformed»(With good 52 technical checks) that is, restored to a condition «as new"Except for the cosmetic condition.

  1. Grade A ++ (Like New): Perfect technical and aesthetic condition. The phone is indistinguishable from a new one.
  2. Grade A + (highest grade)Excellent condition, both technical and aesthetic. It may have some small imperfections that differentiate it from "Like New".
  3. Grade A: Very good condition from a technical point of view. Cosmetically, there may be more visible defects than Grade A + (body and / or screen scratches / stains). However, these cosmetic defects do not affect performance at all.
  4. Grade B: Very good condition from a technical point of view. There may be cosmetic defects visible to the naked eye, but they do not affect performance. The competitive price reflects the suboptimal aesthetic condition.
  5. Grade C: Very good condition from a technical point of view. It shows visible signs of wear and aesthetic defects more pronounced than the other grades.

Exclusive DISCOUNT CODE (-10 €)

Use the discount code ik4.es during the purchase process, you will be entitled to a immediate discount of € 10. on the total amount of your purchase that appears in the cart at the time of purchase. check!


Obviously, multiple discount codes cannot be used at the same time, but you can reuse the coupon For future purchases!

Sell ​​your iPhone on Swappie

At Swappie you can also sell your iPhone. You can get a estimate than Swappie would be willing to pay for your device and fill in the sales form through the corresponding section of the website. After filling in the sales form, it will be possible to print the shipping label (prepaid by Swappie) and send it to free via DHL from all over Italy.

Regarding the payment, Swappie makes the payment directly through wire transfer. Before sending the smartphone, of course, you will have to reset it taking into account disable "Find My iPhone" and your account iCloudOtherwise, Swappie will not be able to accept the phone.

Upon receipt of the Mobile Phone Swappie will perform some controls on device to confirm or deny what you have declared about their aesthetic / technical conditions and, later, you can make the transfer to your bank account.

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