Tab lock in Internet Explorer

Tab lock in Internet Explorer


Pinned tabs are a tool that allows you to keep the web pages you want open and navigate to them with one click. They cannot be accidentally closed, as they open automatically every time the browser is started.
Let's try to figure out how to put all this into practice for the Internet Explorer (IE) browser.

Tab lock in Internet Explorer

It should be noted that in IE there is no direct option to "Add page to favorites" as in other browsers. But it is possible to achieve the same result

  • Open Internet Explorer (using IE 11 as an example)
  • In the right corner of the web browser, click the icon Service in the form of a gear (or combination of keys Alt + X) and in the menu that opens select Browser properties
  • In the window. Browser properties plug General Low. Web type the URL of the web page you want to bookmark or click Presentif the desired site is currently loaded in the browser. You don't have to worry about the home page being prescribed there. New entries are simply added under that entry and will work the same as pinned tabs in other browsers
  • Then click the button Applyand then Ok
  • Restart your browser

In this way, a functionality similar to the "Add page to favorites" option of other web browsers can be implemented in Internet Explorer.

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