The best translator extensions in Opera

The Internet is an area of ​​life for which there are no borders between States. Sometimes you have to browse materials from foreign sites in search of useful information. It is good to know foreign languages. But what if your language skills are of a rather low level? In this case, special programs and plug-ins for translating individual web pages or text fragments help. Let's find out which translation extensions are the best for Opera browser.

Installing a translator

But first, let's see how to install the translator.

However, all plug-ins for translating web pages are installed following roughly the same algorithm, as are other extensions for the Opera browser. First of all, go to the official Opera page, to the plugins section.

There, we do a search for the extension required by the translation. Once we have found the required element, we go to the page of this extension, and we click on the big green button «Add to Opera».

After a short installation procedure, you can use the translator installed in your browser.

The best extensions

Now let's take a closer look at the extensions that are considered the best Opera browser plugins for web page translation and testing.

Google Translator

One of the most popular plugins for online text translation is considered to be Google Translate. It can translate both web pages and separate pieces of text pasted from the clipboard. Thus, the plug-in uses the resources of the service of the same name of the Google company, which is one of the leaders in the field of electronic translation, and provides the most correct results that every similar system cannot do. The Opera browser extension, as well as the service itself, support a large number of translation directions between different world languages.

To get started with the Google Translate extension, click on its icon in the browser toolbar. In the open window you can enter the text and carry out other manipulations.

The main disadvantage of the plugin is that the size of the processed text must not exceed 10000 characters.


Another popular Opera browser extension for translation is the Translate extension. Like the previous extension, it is integrated into the Google translation system. But, unlike Google Translate, Translate does not install its icon on the browser toolbar. Simply, when you go to a site whose language is different from the one set as "native" in the extension settings, a frame appears suggesting to translate the web page.

However, this extension does not support text translation from clipboard.


Unlike the previous extension, the Translator extension can not only translate a web page in its entirety, it can also translate individual pieces of text on it, as well as translate text from the operating system clipboard pasted into a special window.

One of the advantages of the extension is that it allows you to work not only with one online translation service, but with several at the same time: Google, Yandex, Bing, Promt and others.


Since it is not difficult to guess from its name, the Yandex.Translate extension is based on the Yandex online translator. This extension performs translation by hovering over a foreign word, selecting it, or pressing the Ctrl key, but unfortunately it cannot translate entire web pages.

After installing this plugin, "Search in Yandex" is added to the context menu of the browser when any word is highlighted.


The XTranslate extension, unfortunately, cannot translate individual website pages either, but it is capable of translating not only words, but even the text of buttons located on websites, input fields, links and images with the passing of the cursor. . At the same time, it supports three online translation services: Google, Yandex, and Bing.

In addition, XTranslate is also capable of playing text aloud.


The ImTranslator plugin is a true translation combo. By integrating with the translation systems of Google, Bing and Translator, it can translate between 91 languages ​​of the world in all directions. The extension can translate both single words and entire web pages. Among other things, the extension has a comprehensive built-in dictionary. There is the possibility to reproduce the audio of the translation in 10 languages.

The main drawback of the extension is that the maximum amount of text that you can translate at one time does not exceed 10000 characters.

We have not told you about all the translation extensions used in the Opera browser. There are many more. But at the same time, the mentioned plugins will be able to meet the needs of most users who need to translate web pages or texts.

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