The laptop shuts down during the game

The laptop shuts down during the game

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The laptop shuts down during the game

The problem of a laptop turning itself off during a gaming process or other resource-intensive tasks is one of the most common among laptop users. As a rule, shutdown is preceded by a strong heating of the notebook, fan noise, possibly "brakes." Therefore, the most likely cause is exactly the overheating of the laptop. To prevent damage to electronic components, the notebook automatically shuts down when a certain temperature is reached.

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You can read more about the causes of overheating and how to fix this problem in the article What to do if your laptop gets too hot. Here is some brief and general information.

Causes of heat

Today, most notebooks are quite high performance, but often the internal cooling system cannot handle the heat generated by the notebook. In addition, the ventilation holes in most cases are on the bottom of the laptop, and since the distance to the surface (the table) is only a couple of millimeters, the heat generated by the laptop simply does not have time to dissipate.

The following simple rules should be observed when using the notebook: do not use the notebook by placing it on an uneven soft surface (such as a blanket), it must not be placed on your lap, in general: it must not block the ventilation holes on the bottom of the notebook . The easiest way to handle the notebook is to use it on a flat surface (for example, a table).

Laptop overheating can be signaled by the following signs: the system begins to "slow down", "hangs", or the laptop shuts down completely - the system's built-in overheating protection is activated. As a general rule, after cooling down (several minutes to an hour), the notebook fully recovers its performance.

To make sure that your laptop shutdown is due to overheating, use specialized utilities such as Open Hardware Monitor (website: This program is free and allows you to control temperature, fan speed, system voltage and download speed. Install and run the utility, and then launch the game (or the crashing app). The program will log system metrics. This way you can clearly see if the laptop is actually shutting down due to overheating.

How to deal with overheating?

The most common solution to the problem of overheating when using a laptop is to use an active cooling stand. This type of support has built-in (usually two) fans, which provide additional elimination of the heat generated by the machine. Many types of these mounts are currently on sale from the most popular manufacturers of cooling equipment for mobile PCs: Hama, Xilence, Logitech, GlacialTech. In addition, these mounts are usually equipped with options, for example: USB port splitters, built-in speakers and the like, which will give the laptop more comfort. The price of these stalls usually ranges from 700 to 2000 rubles.

This stand can also be made at home. You just need two fans, some makeshift material like a plastic gutter to connect them to make the frame of the stand, and a little imagination to shape the stand. The only problem when making a homemade stand may be the power supply for those fans, as it is more difficult to derive the necessary voltage from the laptop than from, say, a system unit.

If, even with the use of a cooling pad, the laptop keeps shutting down, you probably need to clean its internal surfaces of dust. Such contamination can cause serious damage to your computer: in addition to reducing performance, it can cause system elements to fail. Cleaning can be done on your own when your laptop's warranty period has expired, but if you don't have enough skills, it's best to turn to professionals. This procedure (blowing the laptop with compressed air) is carried out in most service centers for a nominal fee.

For more information on laptop dusting and other preventive measures, see here: https: //./greetsya-noutbuk/

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