The other user when logging in to Windows 10: how to fix it

Some users find that "Other User" (or Other User) appears on the welcome screen and is prompted to enter username and password, but login does not take place when logging into Windows 10. Most often, the problem occurs after restoring Windows 10 to its original state or after turning on a new laptop or PC for the first time.

This tutorial details how to fix the situation and why Another User may appear on the Windows 10 login screen.

Why does the Other user appear on the login screen and what to do in this situation

The official Microsoft site on this page reports the following information about the problem: The appearance of Another User on the login screen may be due to the dwm.exe system process not being started or it was run before the system has entered the "Winlogon" state (login).

The following method is suggested as a solution on the official website:

  1. On the lock screen, hold down the Shift key.
  2. While holding down the key, tap the power button in the lower right corner and select Restart.

The method is a bit strange, as the following steps do not appear on the official website, and after such actions, you get in the Windows 10 recovery environment. However, you can try it, the only thing is that after the two steps mentioned, follow the third one: click "Continue". Quit and use Windows 10 ″, maybe the next run will fix the problem.

An additional action suggested by Microsoft is to turn off the computer or laptop by pressing and holding the power button for a long time (indicate 30 seconds) and turn it on again. This option might make sense to give it a try.

I will add other possible actions on my part:

  1. Try entering only the correct username and password (exactly the password, not the PIN code). Note: If you have a Microsoft account, you must enter the corresponding email address as the login. If the login fails, pay attention to the error message you get, it could help you understand what the problem is.
  2. If the problem has appeared after some other action than a factory reset, once in the recovery environment as described above, try using the system restore points (Troubleshooting - Advanced Options - System Restore ).
  3. Sometimes entering safe mode works, after which the problem is resolved. To enter safe mode: hold down the Shift key, press Reboot, go to Troubleshooting - Advanced Options - Boot Options and press Reboot. After that press 5 or F5 (enable safe mode with network drivers loaded). Read more: Windows 10 Safe Mode.
  4. You can try to enter the recovery environment, Troubleshooting - Advanced options - Command prompt (if it asks for the password for the "Administrator" user, do not enter anything, just press Enter), create a new user at the command prompt. system and give it administrator rights (How to create a Windows 10 user, also in the command prompt), and after restarting, try to choose (if possible) this user in the login screen and enter with him. If there is no user selection option, the login in safe mode may appear as in the previous point.

In case the login by entering the correct username and password goes well, but you see "Another user" again every time you log in, when you log in, run the registry editor (Win + R - regedit), go to


If this section contains the parameter DontDisplayUserName and its value is 1, double click on it and assign a value of 0. Similarly, for the parameter dontdisplaylastusername. Then close the registry editor and restart your computer.