Pages do not open, you can not go to contact and classmates

Pages do not open, you can not go to contact and classmates

There are three generally similar articles on this site, the subject of which is indicated in the title above.

In most cases, the reason why some site (or all at once) does not open is due to errors in the hosts file or some other network parameter caused by malware or not-so-malicious software. Be that as it may - the comments on the 3 articles suggest that you should have written about a tool like AVZ that will restore the hosts file to its original state, clean up the static routes, and perform other actions, which in most cases will be enough to your favorite social media pages to reopen.

Update: If you have Windows 10, try the Windows 10 network settings reset method.

System recovery using AVZ antivirus utility

You can download the latest version of AVZ here. I should point out in advance that the application of this utility is much broader than that described in this article. Here we consider only the correctness of the network configuration, due to incorrect or malicious intervention in which classmates, contact and other pages are not opened in browsers.

Once you have downloaded the AVZ utility, run it as an administrator. From the main menu, select File - System Restore. To be sure, System Restore isn't what you'd expect from standard Windows tools - it's all about resetting important settings to operating system defaults.

You will see the Restore system settings window. Set all the checkboxes as in the picture and press the button «Perform the marked operations». Once the program informs you that everything is done, close it, restart your computer and try to open the problem page again. Most likely it will open. Even if it doesn't, you'll at least save time by running Notepad to edit hosts, entering console commands to clear static routes, and other actions.