The pain of Samsung or, while the sales of the iPhone 6 start

Let the salesmen taunt Samsung it will remain for centuries in the bowels of the world wide web, so that the whole world can see what it is to "screw up" incessantly in its prophecies and the times that they make a fool of themselves.

So, despite all the attempts to accuse the Cupertinos of plagiarism, despite the attempts to defame the leaders apple Illusory betrayal of the principles of Jobs - there is a kind of mass hysteria in the world. The queues are not reduced, people stay, batches of mobile phones instantly disappear from the shelves. People are wishing for themselves iPhone 6 and as soon as possible, preferably to be the first (in the country, state, county, city, neighborhood) to own a new mobile phone.

Shoppers live in queues for weeks, spend nights on the sidewalk, all because they really want a new gadget from apple. It is a rare event in a competitor's field. It is up to the scientists to speculate on the meaning of these consumer marathons, but we can only sketch the general atmosphere of the sales launch and each will draw their own conclusions.

Tokyo, Japan

Due to problems with the sales launch in the Middle Kingdom, users rushed from there to various countries, not wanting to wait a few months to update their device. Huge numbers of Chinese could be found in the AppleStorewhere satisfied residents of the Middle Kingdom got in line before the Japanese.

Jin-sik Kim, a young man from South Korea, was one of the first to arrive. He endured the hardships for days until managers in blue shirts unlocked the door and allowed the queue to enter the store on September 19. Jin-sik Kim came to iPhone with a larger screen than the iPhone had iPhone 5s.

In Tokyo there were at least 1.000 buyers during the launch and a dozen members of the media interviewing and filming the happy owners. iPhone 6. Yukio Malo, one of the first people to get their hands on the new mobile phone, realized that the device is much thinner and lighter than he thought.

Sydney, Australia

The queue was so great that it surrounded the store and only there, 50 meters from the entrance, it froze. As in the rest of the world, people did not move from their seats, waiting patiently for the store to open and chatting with their neighbors in line or with journalists. Local entrepreneurs carried food and drink around the store, offering those who wanted to eat for a small fee. In Sydney we also saw people from China, either by chance or by deliberately visiting the country during the mobile phone launch.

In Brisbane, the store was invisible behind the crowd. In Melbourne, shoppers formed a long queue the day before the sale was launched.

Vancouver, Canada

In Vancouver, a queue formed 64 hours before the iPhone 6 on the counters. The Chinese were not lacking either: a resident surnamed Chen brought his entire family to the opening, including distant relatives, as well as friends and neighbors (Vancouver has a large Chinese community). The man does not admit it, but it is obvious that not everyone wants iPhone 6Many of the purchased gadgets will be sent to the Celestial Empire (to relatives or for sale).

Chen reports that he has been in the queue for three days. He and his family have prepared carefully: he has brought folding chairs, drinking water, and various little necessities. According to the Chinese, he likes the products so much applethat it was hard to imagine someone standing in line in front of her.

Paris France

Some 600 people were waiting for the store to open. According to the police officers on duty in the immediate vicinity, last year the number of buyers during the launch iPhone 5s it was one hundred and fifty less. Shane Gray didn't go shopping himself; his wife and son were in line beside him. The Gray family arrived at the store 15 hours before it opened. The head of the family explained to journalists that he came only for the big screen iPhone. Many in the queue agree with him.

What is this mass shopping pilgrimage really about? apple - a worldly desire to update your mobile phone; a thirst to show isolation by being at the forefront of purchasing a "brand name" item; a devotion to the company's products and corresponding gratitude for their work; or a morbid indoctrination?


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