Translate by image with Google Translate

Of all the translation services available today, Google's is the most popular and at the same time the highest quality, as it offers a large number of functions and supports any language in the world. However, sometimes it is necessary to translate a text from an image, which in one way or another can be done on any platform. In the instruction we will describe all aspects of this procedure.

Translate by image in Google Translate

We are going to see two options to translate the text of the images, both through a web service on the computer and through the official application on the Android device. Here we must consider, the second option is the simplest and most versatile.

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Method 1: Website

The Google Translate website does not currently offer a default text translation option for images. To perform this procedure, you will have to resort not only to the specified resource, but also to some additional services for text recognition.

Step 1: Retrieve the text

  1. Prepare in advance an image with the text to be translated. Make sure the content is as clear as possible to get a more accurate result.
  2. Next, you need to use a special program to recognize the text in a photo.

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    As an alternative and even more convenient option, you can turn to online services with similar capabilities. For example, one of these resources is IMG2TXT.

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  3. On the service site, click on the download area or drag and drop an image with text on it.

    Select the language of the content you want to translate and click "Download"..

  4. Afterwards, the text from the image will appear on the page. Compare it carefully with the original and, if necessary, correct any mistakes made during recognition.

    Then select and copy the content of the text box by pressing the key combination "CTRL + C". You can also use the button «Result of the copy»..

Step 2: Translate the text

  1. Open Google Translate using the link below and select the corresponding languages ​​from the top bar.

    Go to the Google Translate website

  2. In the text box, paste the previously copied text with the shortcut key "CTRL + V". If necessary, confirm the automatic error correction taking into account the linguistic rules.

    In any case, the desired text in the preselected language will then appear in the right window.

The only significant disadvantage of the method is the relatively imprecise recognition of text from low-quality images. However, if you use a high resolution photo, there will be no translation problems.

Method 2: Mobile App

Unlike the website, the Google Translate mobile application allows you to translate texts from images without the need for any additional software, using the smartphone camera. To perform the procedure described, your device must have a camera of medium quality or better. Otherwise, the function will not be available.

Go to Google Translate on Google Play

  1. Open the page through the link provided and download. After that, you have to launch the application.

    At the first start-up, you can make settings, for example by deactivating "Offline translation"..

  2. Change the translation languages ​​to match the text. You can do it through the top bar of the application.
  3. Now, under the text input field, click the icon with the caption "Camera".. The image from your device's camera will then appear on the screen.

    To get the final result, simply point the camera at the text to be translated.

  4. If you need to translate the text of a previously taken photo, tap the icon "Import". on the bottom panel while the camera is on.

    On your device, locate and select the desired graphic file. The text will then be translated into the specified language similar to the previous version.

We hope you have been able to achieve the result, since the instructions for this application end here. In the meantime, don't forget to explore the Android translator features on your own.


We have reviewed all the available options for translating text in image files using Google Translate. In both variants, the procedure is fairly straightforward and therefore problems only occasionally occur. In this case, as well as for other questions, please contact us in the comments.

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