TS Magic Player for Opera: Easy-to-use extension to watch torrents online

Technology evolves at a dizzying rate. If before, multimedia torrents were seen online without downloading them to the computer and someone could be surprised, now it is common. Nowadays, not only torrent clients have this feature, but even browsers have received a similar opportunity through the installation of special plugins. One of the most popular tools of this type is TS Magic Player.

This browser extension works on the basis of the well-known Ace Stream application, to perform its main tasks, using the built-in torrent client. With the help of this add-on, you can listen to audio files and watch torrent videos without downloading them. Let's find out how to install TS Magic Player for Opera, and how to use it to browse torrents.

Installing the extension

The most challenging element when using TS Magic Player is the installation process of this extension. You will not find it in the official add-on section of the Opera browser. So you will have to go to Ace Stream website to install TS Magic Player. The link to download the extension is at the end of this section.

But that's not all, to install TS Magic Player you will have to do a previous installation of Ace Stream Web Extension.

So, let's go to the TS Magic Player installation page and click the "Install" button.

A message appears saying that you must install the Ace Stream web extension first. Click the "Install" button in the dialog box.

But since this extension has not been downloaded from the official Opera website, a box appears suggesting to go to the Extension Manager to activate the Ace Stream web extension. To do this, click on the "Go to" button.

Go to the Extensions Manager, find the Ace Stream Web Extension and click the "Install" button next to it.

The extension is installed in the browser and, after installation, the Ace Stream icon appears in the Opera toolbar.

Now go back to the TS Magic Player installation page to complete the installation of this script. Again we click on the "Install" button.

This will take us to a new page. Here we also click on the "Install" button.

Then, to check if the script is installed, we click on the Ace Stream icon. As you can see, the Magic Player item appears in the list of installed scripts.

To temporarily suspend Magic Player, just click on its name in the Ace Stream window. After that, the icon will turn red. To restart the script, click this icon again.

Install TS Magic Player

Magic Player's work

Now let's take a look at the TS Magic Player script, directly, at work. Go to one of the torrent trackers.

As you can see, when the script is activated, the TS Magic Player icon appears. Click on it.

This launches the player, which plays the music from the torrent online.

Disabling and Uninstalling TS Magic Player

To deactivate or uninstall Magic Player, you must go to the extensions manager through the main menu of Opera.

Find the Ace Stream web extension. Click on the "Settings" button.

We come to the configuration of the Ace Stream web extension, in which the TS Magic Player script is installed. From there, go to the "Installed Scripts" tab.

As you can see, there is Magic Player in the list of installed items. Check it and open the "Apply this action to all selected scripts" window. As you can see, you can disable the script, run it, update it, export it, and delete it. Once you have selected the desired action, click "Start".

Although the TS Magic Player item needs some tweaks on installation, it is nevertheless a great tool for watching and listening to online video or audio torrents.

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